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Select Match Reviews: Darwin

Matches from EVOLVE 143 01/17: 1.FIP Florida Heritage Title: Jon Davis(c) vs Troy Hollywood ** 3/4 2.Avery Taylor vs Santana Garrett ** 3/4 3.No DQ: Briggs vs Greene ***1/2 Thoughts: The WWNLive YouTube provided us with some content from their recent show, so let's take a look. Up first, Hollywood got a tiny bit of fire in, but largely this was Jon being a dominate beast and essentially an extended squash. In all, a solid encounter and enjoyable enough working as a decent showcase for Davis but skip it unless you have some attachment to the names involved. Next, some Santana action. Always nice seeing her pop up. Like the previous match, this was pretty one sided but Garrett did come off looking rather good as a result, I suppose. Nothing must see, again, unless you have a connection. Hopefully the main event is better...? Luckily, it was. There was a nice amount of fire here and they used the stipulation well enough. EVOLVE has a history of making DQ matches fun, a

Select Match Reviews: MXJAPFIN

Matches from NJPW Presenta CMLL Fantastica Mania 01/20: 1.LIJ(SHINGO,BUSHI,EVIL) vs Tanahashi, Dulce, Yuya *** 2.Mexican National Trios Titles: NGD(Sanson,Cuatrero,Forastero) vs Hermanos Chavez, Titan ***1/4 3.NWA World Middleweight Title: Caristico(c) vs Cavernario **** Thoughts: Ending the tour on a high note! CMLL did a lot last year to piss me off while AAA largely continued to rise up the ranks of not only top lucha feds but top global promotions in general. That said, these Fantastica Mania shows remain a personal favorite of mine and I still do have a deep love for the company in general, even if it can be a bit love/hate at times. There roster is just too stacked and always capable of excellence when properly motivated. They were exactly that here. Up first, Los Ingobernables de Japon took on the ace of the universe, CMLL's big new exotico, and...Yuya. SHINGO was, not that long ago, my favorite wrestler in the world. His New Japan run is finally getting off

Select Match Reviews: Oro de Japon

Matches from NJPW Presenta CMLL Fantastica Mania 01/19: 1.NGD (Sanson, Cuatrero, Forastero) vs Hermanos Chavez, Titan ***3/4 2.NWA Historic LHW Title: Stuka(c) vs Okumura ***1/2 3.CMLL Heavyweight Title: UG(c) vs Kojima ***1/2 Thoughts: The pulls from this one started with a great trios battle and a match that featured one of the big ongoing stories from this year's tours and modern CMLL in general. I always praise NGD as one of the best units in wrestling when they're motivated and they certainly were here. The tecnicos were game, too. The other two matches I checked out were title defenses. Stuka Jr put up the NWA World Historic Light Heavyweight Championship in the first one, taking on Okumura. Admittedly, I would like to see the belts defended more against NJPW talents instead. Stuka Jr versus someone like Ishimori instead. I had very little expectations for this but had seen a few people rave about it so, why not give it a go... Chaotic in nature, providing fo

AEW Dynamite 02/05 Review

Matches: 1.Mox vs Ortiz *** 2.SCU vs Best Friends ***1/2 3.Baker vs Yuka **1/2 4.The Elite (Omega,Page,Bucks) vs Lucha Bros,Butcher & Blade ***3/4 5.Kip vs Janela *** Thoughts: Before we start the episode, this week let's first look at the rankings in a different way than normal. MEN'S Champion: Jericho 1.Mox 2.Cody 3.PAC 4.Omega 5.Guevara WOMEN'S Champion: Riho 1.Nyla 2.Shida 3.Stratlander 4.Baker 5.Kong TAG TEAM Champion: Omega, Page 1.SCU 2.Bucks 3.PnP 4.Dark Order 5.Best Friends I figured it'd be worth posting them here for those wanting to see them alongside the review. Weird choice? Maybe... Anyway, show time! I dig the 50/50 style AEW tends to showcase and I liked the opener more as a result of that style than I would if it had been a squash. Good start and the after-match eye for an eye angle was very well done. The guest commentary work was well done, too. The follow up was a very good tag match with good energy and

AEW Dark #18 Review

Matches: 1.Cutler,Kiss vs Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy,Marko) **3/4 2.Shida vs Mel *1/4 3.Omega,Riho vs Kip,Ford ***1/2 4.Best Friends vs Spears, Delaney *** Thoughts: I was having issues sleeping, so let's look at this week's episode of Dark... The opener this week was fairly decent with the right team winning. As a Dungeons & Dragons fanatic, I love Brandon's gimmick top to bottom and he seems to be getting better in-ring. I'm curious how he'll fit in the Dark Order when they pull the trigger. Note that the gimmick has been growing on me as I start to see more threads laid out, but I still think the implementation has been a bit iffy. It's seemingly starting to get better...fingers crossed. The latest therapy session with Brandi was included next, with more hallucinations tacked on for fun. Blue Sock Monkeys ARE evil, so... This led into the second match of the night, with Hikaru Shida once again suffering through a Nightmare Collective angl

Select Match Reviews: Former Cruiserweight Champion Showing Why WWE Wasted Him

Match from IMPACT Wrestling 02/04: 1.Hijo del Vikingo vs TJP ***3/4 Thoughts: Remember when TJP won the Cruiserweight Championship and then shortly after it felt like WWE turned him into another face in the crowd? Yea, well he's clearly regaining his confidence finally. It helps, admittedly, when you're facing off against one of the most innovative workers in the business and a true rising star, like Vikingo. This was a great overall battle between the two and worth checking out. Click the highlights above if you can't find the full match. Get Vikingo in stateside and working TV much more often! After, the North attacked the luchador.

NWA Powerrr #17 Review

Matches: 1.Cross vs Konley *** 2.NWA National Title: Stevens(c) vs Murdoch *1/2 3.Storm, Drake vs Jocephus, Mims ** 4.NWA Women's Title: Thunder Rosa(c) vs Allysin Kay *** Thoughts: I loved the old intro and actually prefer it but the new one is pretty fun. Plus, seeing Cody in the background was interesting. Tim Storm gets some studio time to kick this week's episode off officially, getting a nice, "Momma Storm" chant. He calls the fans family and then moves on to putting over Lattimer from Strictly Business. He's asked about retirement rumors but shuts them down. This moves to a brief encounter with Lattimer and Kamille and then a fake Momma Storm coming out for cheap comedy. Good start to the segment, but a shitty end-half. Starks worked commentary for the next one. I love that they brought Cross back in. I love that he got the nod over Konley, too. This felt completely different than what you usually see on NWA Powerrr. I liked the energy and the

Select Match Reviews: Familia en Japon

Matches from NJPW Presenta CMLL Fantastica Mania 01/17: 1.Titan vs Forastero ***1/2 2.Family Tag Tournament Finals: Hermanos Chavez vs NGD (Cuatrero, Sanson) ***3/4 Thoughts: One of my favorite, annual wrestling traditions, FantasticaMania has evolved a bit over the years and now is largely becoming a glorified version of CMLL's regular shows that just happens to be taking place in Japan. Note that this isn't a true complaint and more of an observation. This show featured two matches that specifically caught my eye. The first was a singles match between Titan and Forastero and the outcome was a borderline great encounter between the two. Both are underrated performers. The second saw NGD, the best lucha heels in the world when they want to be, win this year's Family Tag Tournament by besting Angel de Oro and Niebla Roja in a great, all action sprint. I'll have more from the tour soon but these two were certainly worth checking out!

MLW Fusion #95 Review

Matches: 1.No Ropes, No Holds Barred: Gotch vs DBS ***1/4 2.MLW Middleweight Title: Reed(c) vs Drago ** 3.Marshall vs MJF **1/2 Thoughts: First things first, I want to give a major shout out to MLW for their new partnership. IMPACT made NOAH pick sides last year and MLW got the shaft. Sadly, that happens a lot to them. It was a great move to align with Dragon Gate now, and I am very excited to see where this goes. Note that visas can be an iffy thing, especially right now as 45 continues to use fear mongering tactics that have already proven to effect visas from time to time. Someone tell Smith that's not how to use quotation mark fingers. I'm glad to see him getting to showcase the style he excels at, by the way. Utilizing the fact that they had a barbed wire ropes match on last week's episode/this set of tapings to set this up was very smart. So, I missed when Teddy left, by the way. Is the Hart Foundation 2.0 basically done now? They seem to have suggested they

Being the Elite #189 Thoughts

Turns out Matt Jackson's new gimmick is Super Kick Barista. Also, Baker's cheap heater at Tony hit home for him. As someone who drinks several cups of coffee a day, let me just say that Baker can go eat a can of beans. Anyway, shitty weird sayings in jest aside, Matt then is called a child and mocked for his booboo face by his brother because we can all be dicks sometimes. A trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame takes up a small chunk of time from this week's run. Then, Kaz and Sky found a Dark Order mask in CD's bag. So, there's that... Apparently every time the Bucks see Tony they call out, "Hulk Hogan, you can go to hell", which is what I think every single person should do now going forward as long as he graces us with his presence. Private Party had a moment, with a reminder that no one shall call PnP their old names ever again. Closing things out, we see Page's run in from last week with drunk commentary tacked on. Hey, Matt....d