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WRESTLE-1 TV #146 Review

Episode Card: 1.Kono, Pegaso, Hijo Pantera vs Inaba, Seigo, Niki + 2.Seiki vs HAJIME + 3.Ito vs Honda + 4.Koju, Kondo, CYRUS vs Infants Terribles(Ashino, Kodama, Kuma) + 5.HEAT vs Tonsho ++ 6.Andy Wu, Doi, Ganseki vs Kaz, Ito, Sayama + 7.Alejandro vs Fujimura ++ Thoughts: Tour Sunrise 01/18 coverage on this one, featuring Cruiser Fes tournament action as an added bonus. While nothing was bad on this one, though most did feel completely forgettable, there were a few noteworthy takeaways such as HEAT and Alejandro moving on plus a post-match attack after match number three. You can skip this one if you're not a diehard fan, but it was a solid look nonetheless.

Lucha Time The Beginning 01/17 Review

Matches: 1.Vertigo vs Mr Warrior **1/4 2.Alex Black, Punk Clown vs Insolito, Kratos **3/4 3.Oro Negro vs Charro Negro vs Epydemius ***1/2 4.Medico Brujo, Muerte Extrema, Sick Boy vs The Mummy, Celta, Redemido *** 5.Hijo del Espectro vs Baby Xtreme ***1/4 Thoughts: I'll always try to give some recognition to a promotion making an effort, and I've been waiting for this to upload since reading about it in a recent Lucha Blog entry . Sadly, a lot of these lucha startups don't go anywhere or fade away randomly out of nowhere, like Lucha de Barrio, but let's stay positive and take a look at this debut episode of Lucha Time! I'm still hoping for more Dragon Gate MX shows, by the way... The show starts with The Mummy getting ganged up on by Azreal and his crew before some tecnicos come help him get the upper hand. First thing I noticed was the setting. They're using a dimly lit warehouse, which is always nice. The second is that the show could use some h

Select Match Reviews: What's in the Box!?

Match  from DDT New Year Dramatic Itabashi Series 01/18: 1.ALL OUT (Takeshita,Iino,Akito) vs DISASTER BOX (HARASHIMA,Ueno,Yoshimura) ***3/4 Thoughts: The DDT roster once again pumped out a great throwaway match with this one. More than that, we also found out after that Iino plans to bring in Chihiro as a tag partner to challenge Nautilus for the KO-D Tag Titles after pinning Yoshimura. An added bonus was a tease that Chihiro may even join ALL OUT if they prove to be a good tandem. Nothing here to dislike, really. Just a strong, six-man DDT house show match that built nicely and made everyone look good.

Select Match Reviews: Gate Keeping the New Year

Match from Dragon Gate New Year Gate 01/15: 1.Open the Twin Gate Titles, Vacancy Tournament Final: R.E.D.(BxB,KAZMA) vs Team DG(Ben-K,YAMATO) ****1/4 Thoughts: Following 2019, Dragon Gate has splintered into a natural progression building off of their big storylines from last year. The promotion is largely split with roster members being either Team Toryumon, Team Dragon Gate, or with R.E.D. with all three doing battle which promises to consume most of this year's plots. I'm intrigued and optimistic. The best I can tell right now, the units look like this: -Team Dragon Gate: YAMATO, Ben-K, Kzy, KAI, Jason Lee, Strong Machine J, Dragon Dia, Santa Maria, Punch, Okuda, Munoura, Yoshioka, Shiba, U-T, and Mondai Ryu -Team Toryumon: Ultimo Dragon, Doi, Yoshino, Dragon Kid, Susumu, Horiguchi, Saito, Kanda, Fujii, YASSHI, Kagetora, Arai, K-Ness, Super Shisa, Shachihoko Machine, Ichikawa, Shachihoko Boy -R.E.D.: Eita, BxB, Big R, Yoshida, KAZMA, Ishida, HYO, Diamante No

Select Match Reviews: Winter Joshi Princesses

Match from TJP Winter Wonderful Harmony 01/18: 1.Miyu, Rika, Mizuki vs Maki, Noa, Pom ***3/4 Thoughts: Above is digest highlights from the entire show. You can find this full match covered here on DDT Universe . Love was apparently the deciding factor in this one, according to Rika, at least. Her team work with Mizuki was enjoyable, if nothing else. Miyu also looked, as usual, like a fucking star here. Omega needs to bring her in ASAP, because she's exactly what AEW needs. For a throwaway match, this was truly great stuff and a reminder that TJP deserves your attention!

DTM, The Best Racing League You Aren't Watching

The other day, I was browsing through YouTube using the keywords, "full race ,long" in attempt to find something fun to watch with my kiddos. I haven't cared much for NASCAR for a few years, loosing interest in general with their brand of racing and I was specifically looking for something different. Well, I stumbled upon DTM in the process and we fell in love with what we found. Enough so that I wanted to give a cheap plug here in the blog for anyone reading who might be in the same place that I am. Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, or DTM for short, is a German touring cars series that utilizes a silhouette style car and features races at European tracks and courses. Here's their schedule for 2020. Round Circuit Race 1 Race 2 1   Circuit Zolder ,  Zolder 25 April 26 April 2   EuroSpeedway Lausitz ,  Klettwitz 16 May 17 May 3   Igora Drive ,  Priozersk 30 May 31 May 4   Anderstorp Raceway ,  Anderstorp 13 June 14 June 5   Autodromo Nazionale Monza ,  Mo

Select Match Reviews: Revolutionary Hearts

Matches from IWRG Revolucion 01/19: 1.Puma de Oro vs Lunatik Xtreme vs Relampago *** 2.IWRG Rey del Ring: Demonio Infernal(c) vs Fuerza Guerrera Next Gen *** 3.Strong Hearts (CIMA,T-Hawk,Lindaman) vs Emperador Azteca, Toxin, Super Nova ***1/2 Thoughts: Jump about 25 minutes in to start where I did. Like the Skywalker match before it, I had to check out the Strong Hearts in IWRG, too. While I was at it, though, two others caught my eye. Up first, three-way action between three underrated workers. Nice flow and pace in general, with some big spots before Puma de Oro stole a win to close it. Not must-see, but a nice, quick battle that worked well enough. Second, we got the next chapter in a battle I've seen growing this month in the last two IWRG review posts between Demonio Infernal and FGNG. There was some intensity in the starting section and they decided to get cute with a false finish that led to Infernal successfully retaining. For a next-chapter kind of contest, t

Select Match Reviews: Merciless Masks

Matches from CMLL Sin Piedad 01/01: 1.CMLL World Tag Titles: Caristico, Mistico(c) vs NGD (Cuatrero, Forastero) ***1/2 2.Apuesta: Dulce Gardenia vs Kawato ***1/4 Thoughts: Jump about an hour and thirty minutes into this one to start with at the same place I did. CMLL's first special of the year was met with relatively lukewarm reception, perhaps due to the roster taking it a bit easy knowing some of them were heading to Japan soon after. Either way, these two caught my eye and I had crossed fingers they'd at least be worth seeing. The first was actually pretty good, though neither team seemed to be hitting full gear. It speaks to the talent of these four dudes when they can still put in for a fun outing despite that, I suppose. Besides, everyone loves the cum crusher finisher and a good destroyer party, right? NGD remain one of my favorite groups in all of wrestling but the tandem of Mistico and Caristico deserves some praise. The main event was interesting. Kawato

Select Match Reviews: My Name is Skywalker

Matches from IWRG Revolucion 01/12: 1.Shun Skywalker, Demonio Infernal, Capo del Norte vs Relampago, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Fuerza Guerrara Next Gen ***3/4 Thoughts: Shun Skywalker, known well by fans of Dragon Gate, is on an excursion in Mexico right now and looks to be working Arena Naulcapan heavily during his stay. That's very good news for me. So, obviously I'm going to go out of my way to see his debut for IWRG. It even features the underrated Relampago! Quick note, but neither this show nor the one I just posted a review from had that big of a crowd which is a bit sad to see. The attendance varies greatly, though. Just know that if I'm ever in that area, for whatever fucking reason, I'm catching every IWRG show that's ran during the window. Skywalker was booked rudo here and he leaned nicely into it, showing an edge that I'm hoping he develops further to utilize when he returns to Dragon Gate. Heck, I know most want him to unit up with Ben-K,

Select Match Reviews: On the River

Match from IWRG Ria de Reyes 01/05: 1.Dragon Bane, Hijo de Canis Lupus, Demonio Infernal vs Septimo Dragon, Puma King, Fuerza Guerrera Next Gen ***3/4 Thoughts: Getting through some recent IWRG stuff tonight. Jump about an hour into the video for the match. Considering the promotion, the location, and the names involved, this was exactly what I expected in a good way. Everyone got their shit in, they all looked like they were having fun, and the action had a good flow. In all, it was simply a great trios match and something worth checking out!

The Villain Marty Scurll Exclusive Interview with Stu Bennett Thoughts

NWA has posted a 30 minute sitdown interview with Stu and Scurll, and it's pure entertainment. They cover what the NWA means to them as Brits, their history together, Marty getting a giant hole in his leg from a moped accident, and much more including the elephant in the room. Honestly, I'd rather not give anything away and I suggest fans of Scurll and/or the NWA to click play on this one, sit back, and just enjoy!


Ring of Honor posted this video today titled, "LIFEBLOODS FUTURE". It's a tad misleading, though as I expected answers and got more questions instead. Haskins says he's moving forward and has the ROH World Championship in his sights, saying he's looking to get back to what he (and Tracy) came to ROH to do. But, that's just a semi-vague description of what Mark wants to do and actually sounds more like a singles job than anything a team would do. The fact that Tracy Williams is the only other dude in the video also seems to suggest what I've come to the conclusion on, which is Bandido has moved on from the group, leaving just these two as the last sole members of Lifeblood. I guess we'll just wait and see, but I really think one of 2019's biggest mistakes from ROH was not doing more with the group and I hope they start making adjustments in 2020.

AEW Dynamite: Rock n Wrestling Rager 01/22 Review

Matches: 1.AEW Tag Titles: SCU(Kaz,Sky) (c) vs The Elite(Omega,Page) ***3/4 2.Baker vs Priscilla **1/2 3.Jurassic Express vs Inner Circle(Jericho,PnP) ***1/2 4.MJF vs Janela **3/4 5.PAC vs Mox ***1/2 Thoughts: Another special edition of Dynamite, and I love the tone and setting of this one. The opener was great, with a steady pace building up nicely as they were given a lot of time to run with. They are clearly going the long-game route with Page's turn, which is fine if the matches keep turning out as good as they are. The teases continued, with a few friendly fire shots and Page going to celebrate on his own. This is the first title change in AEW, it took place on a cruise ship, and it was generally just entertaining stuff! I'm seeing AEW in a few weeks live and would love a Sky versus Omega singles match, for the record... The follow up was decent, and it was cool seeing Kelly in AEW again. She was seen during the All Out Buy In Casino Battle Royal. The big tak

Select Match Reviews: 2 Queens

Match from Hurricane Pro-Queens of the Ring 2: 1.Hurricane Pro Women's Title: Heather Monroe(c) vs Priscilla Kelly **1/2 Thoughts: Quick plug for the Title Match Wrestling channel that this pull comes from. They post some good stuff, and I wanted to give them some free PR for those who read this blog. Note that the whole event that this match comes from can be seen on the channel, here . Now, on to the match. I've seen little from Hurricane Pro, but I've heard more and everything has been positive, which is nice. It was a tad sad seeing such a tame crowd, though. The contest meandered a tad and was just generally far from being great, but it had its moments and was decent for what it was. Skip it, but check out the channel.

Rock n Rager Bonus Match- Janela vs Fenix Review

Match from AEW 01/15 Miami Tapings: 1.Joey Janela vs Rey Fenix ***1/4 Thoughts: AEW gave us a nice bonus match before Dynamite this week, and it's a good one! For a throwaway singles contest, it still came off as a big deal and they worked hard. I thought they hit right below recommendation levels, but it's a minor thing and, if you're waiting for Dynamite to start this is a good primer. I'm surprised it wasn't on Dark, but it is what it is. Note that reports suggest Fenix looked banged up after, which you kind of see at the end. Fingers crossed that he's fine.

AEW Rankings + Thoughts (01/22)

No time to dive too deep this week as I'm heading out for the day, but here's this week's AEW rankings and brief thoughts for those keeping track! MEN'S DIVISION Champion: Jericho 1.Moxley 2.PAC 3.Cody 4.Omega 5.Guevara Thoughts: I like the rankings being released the day of/before Dynamite better than the old style. They also need to ensure the Control Center stuff isn't released after Dynamite any more. Anyway, PAC and Mox meet tonight which is the big story. Guevara and Cody are kind of non-players all things considered right now, dealing with their own things and Omega is doing stuff with Page. WOMEN'S DIVISION Champion: Riho 1.Nyla 2.Shida 3.Stratlander 4.Kong 5.Baker Thoughts: One step forward, one back for the division as Nightmare Collective have become a focal point. The whole thing is a bit of a mess and the rankings, as a result, mean little to nothing to me right now. Hard to get excited when they ruined a Kris/Riho defense. T

Interesting History #2: Nazi Loving Jews

You know those people that claim they can't be racists because they have a black friend despite the fact that they clearly are racist? Yea, life is strange. Those types of strange happenings are far from new and, likely, not just a glitch in the Matrix. People still believe that theory, right? Anyway, Nazis are bad. We can agree on that, right? If not, you opinion is literally invalid and you can feel free to leave. Assuming you're still here and that no one who actually visits this blog had to leave upon that request, let's move on with the point. Have you ever heard of the Association of German National Jews? They figured that if they were nice enough to the Nazis, they would be accepted as Germans first, Jews second. Notice their little club name even follows that logic. Their leader was sent to the camps in 1935. Let that serve as a reminder that wolves sometimes are just wolves. For more info, click here .

NWA Hard Times Preview

On January 24th, NWA will present Hard Times. The show serves as a new chapter in NWA, and an exciting one. ROH has already done a lot of smart moves this year and I'm, for the first time in a while, excited about their future. NWA, having dropped them prior to the debut of Powerrr, made a statement when they revived the partnership a few weeks back and it's already making a mark. So, let's take a look at the show and dig in a bit. CARD & PREDICTIONS 1.ROH vs NWA: Aldis vs Flip With the ten pounds not being on the line, unless they change that now and were only holding off to avoid giving away the outcome of the Morton defense, I think we might see a surprise victory here. It's still a long shot and would likely see Scurll interfere, but it's still a possibility and one that would paint an interesting picture moving forward. We'll have to wait and see, but this match should be the best of the night and I smell some huge angles being set up, too. 2.N

NWA Powerrr #15 Review

Matches: 1.Thunder Rosa vs Steelz NR 2.Lattimer vs Murdoch NR 3.No DQ: Kay vs Belle **3/4 4.Last Chance Gauntlet **3/4 5.NWA World Title: Aldis(c) vs Morton *** Thoughts: Supersized, special edition episode this week as we head toward Hard Times. This is also, apparently, the season two finale. Interesting layout choice, to say the least. Remind Gibson of how tapings work, by the way. The first match saw Thunder Rosa and Steelz in a short, but sweet, battle. All action, and I am excited to see where they're going with Thunder and their women's division in general. Aldis announces he's working that upcoming free ROH show, Free Enterprise, plugging it. Royce and Mae came out and get studio time. Meh. Next, we saw Lattimer attack Murdoch early and dominate for two minutes before eating a flash pin. We run down the Melina/Kay angle, get some build for the Hard Times match, and then a match between Melina's crony, Marti Belle, and Allysin Kay. Fairly de

AEW Dark #16 Review

Matches: 1.Diamante vs Big Swole **3/4 2.Jurassic Express vs Strong Hearts (Cima, T-Hawk, El Lindaman) ***1/2 Thoughts: If I hadn't mentioned it before, I love the Taz hiring. I also love Diamante and the Strong Hearts being booked on this episode of Dark. Let's dig in. The opener wasn't the best thing ever, but a fun, little match that featured chanclas being used as a weapon. Perfectly fine stuff, and refreshing to see a women's match without Nightmare Collective bullshit attached. The closer this time around saw Jurassic Express take on the always awesome Strong Hearts. #SH brought their key three for this one, and I actually do hope we get them in more often. The Elite versus Strong Hearts, please! This was very good, laid out about how I expected, and everyone got their little moments to shine. Dark this week was pretty entertaining and went down very easily. Check it out. Overall Rating: 70/100%

AEW Dynamite: Road to the Bahamas Thoughts

I love the production work on these. We get a look at the Cody/MJF angle, an awesome sit down with PAC, a nice, emotional Jungle Boy package, and then a look at the episode card for this week's special edition of Dynamite. We're getting: -Inner Circle (Jericho, PnP) vs Jurrasic Express -AEW Tag Titles: SCU (Sky,Kaz) (c) vs The Elite (Omega,Page) -Janela vs MJF -Priscilla vs Baker -Mox vs PAC Looks like a great episode on paper. Click play if you want a nice teaser.

Being the Elite #187 Thoughts

Things start with Kenny and the Bucks calling and signing "Marty". Have to address the elephant in the room, right? A good Janetty call out is always entertaining and I love that plot this episode. I agree that Coffee is paramount. The Librarian angle evolved to its next stage, which is what everyone wants. That's right, they are now being repackaged as Jehovah's Witnesses. Luchasaurus dealing with Cima nightmares, like half of the Dragon Gate roster still does to this day. I hear they offer counseling to anyone who can win the Open the Dream Gate belt. Marko and Sammy both need some counseling of their own. Oh, and props to Scurll, and ROH, for already making most of the big changes everyone asked them to make for a year. Notice how quickly the good PR is starting to come back?

Select Match Reviews: Lucha Air Royalty

Matches from CMLL 01/14: 1.Reyes del Aire, Cibernetico **** 2.Mephisto vs Mistico ***1/2 Thoughts: I'm a sucker for a good cibernetico, and this first pull was indeed a good one. The field was made up of Drone, Templario, Cometa, Kawato, Principe Diamante, Akuma, Black Panther, Hijo del Signo, Star Jr, Virus, Esfinge, and Disturbio. As deep as their roster is, that's some of their top talents that didn't go to Japan all in one match, so it's understandable why it turned out so well. The extended dive spamming section following the feeling out portion really pushed this one upward. They transitioned nicely enough into eliminations, while keeping the high flying highlights coming throughout. There was a lot of subtle excellence on display, too and enough meat on the bones that any lucha lover will appreciate this one. Once we got down to the final two, it elevated once more to the point that I can easily recommend this fantastic contest to any wrestling fan in ge

ONE Championship Weekly + 01/16 Review

Episode Card: 1.ONE Muay Thai Flyweight Title: Rodtang(c) vs Haggerty ***3/4 2.Stamp vs Puja **1/2 3.ONE Strawweight Title: Naito(c) vs Pacio *** (NE4R) Thoughts: A New Tomorrow, the first show of ONE's 2020 calendar, begins to receive coverage here. Up first, we get championship action starting in the third round. Note that I loved what I saw so much that I went ahead and watched the full fight, which you can find here . The rating above is reflective of the full fight, but if you only have time for the episode version, it's still enjoyable. Great stuff, full of excitement! The champ has every right to be cocky. Up next, Stamp's latest bout and one using mma rules. It didn't last long. She's on her way to holding Kickboxing, Muay Thai, AND MMA gold in ONE! Stamp fucking dominated here, making Puja look like an absolute joke of an opponent in the process. Her technique was fantastic but the one sided nature did keep this from must-see territory outside o

Select Fight Review: Irishman Cometh

Fight from UFC 246: 1.McGregor vs Cerrone NR Thoughts: I watch very little UFC these days, but this one caught my eye and earned my attention. Conor was already an infamous legend of the octagon, dominating the Featherweight and Lightweight divisions, calling his own shots along the way. Here, he stepped back in after a hiatus of not giving a fuck to try out the Welterweight division. He dominated, again. If I was working that division, I'd be dropping or gaining pounds quick. Props to the Notorious one!

Select Match Reviews: Go Gold Six

Match from Pro Wrestling NOAH Global Jr League 01/11: 1.AXIZ, Kumano vs Kaito, Yone, Taniguchi ***1/2 Thoughts: New GHC Heavyweight Champion, Go Shiozaki, teamed up with AXIZ teammate, Nakajima, and Kumano here to take on Kaito, Yone, and Taniguchi in six-man action from the Global Jr League tour. The outcome was a very entertaining match that felt more inspired than I had expected, seeing as I assumed this would just be an average, little outing and everyone seemed pretty motivated. Give it a spin.