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Select Match Reviews: Jigsaw

Match from SAW Don't KROSS the Boss 01/03: 1.Takeda vs Kirk ***3/4 Thoughts: This was pure violence and a great death match in general. I've said that Takeda seemed a bit in a rut last year and was hopeful he'd return to full, glorious form in 2020 and, if this is a sign of anything, it looks like he's going to do just that! Check this out!

WRESTLE-1 TV #145 Review

Episode Card: 1.Andy Wu, Hijo Pantera, Seiki vs Tonsho, Fujimura, MAZADA + 2.Cyrus vs Ryuki + 3.Enfants Terribles (Ashino, Kuma) vs Seigo, Yoshitatsu ++ 4.Kono, Kodama vs Alejandro, Ito ++ 5.Tanaka vs Pegaso Iluminar ++ 6.Strong Hearts (Lindaman, T-Hawk) vs Ganseki, Kaz ++ 7.Soya vs Kondo + 8.OWE Openweight Title: Irie(c) vs Doi ++ 9.W1 Title: Inaba(c) vs Nakajima +++ Thoughts: A reminder that I'm testing out a special system for W1's TV series, with a range from + to +++ for the matches. A simplified ranking system, essentially, largely for my own benefit but hopefully to you people reading these, too. Matches hitting +++ are likely to get select match review coverage later. Expected issues between partners cost Andy, Pantera, and Seiki a win in the opener and then Cyrus squashed Ryuki. After the Enfants match, they requested more of Yoshitatsu and claimed this was their year! Kono may or may not have joined the heel unit. The latest Iluminar trial match saw

Select Match Reviews: Don't Call Me Junior, Junior

Match from Pro Wrestling NOAH Global Jr League 01/12: 1.Harada vs Minoru **** Thoughts: Following the two successful shows kicking off 2020, NOAH moved on to their Global Jr League tour. Of the series, this one was one I was looking forward to most when I peaked at the tournament layout as I'm a huge fan of both of these dudes. The both brought the heat here, working hard on the way to a well used TLD and told a good story while doing so. In all, this was a fantastic match and another example of modern NOAH's excellence.

NWA Powerrr #10 + 11 Reviews

EPISODE 10 Matches: 1.Dice vs CW vs Rinauro NR 2.Rock 'n' Roll Express vs Mosley, Sims NR 3.Wildcards vs Dawsons NR 4.No DQ: Eli Drake vs Anderson *** Thoughts: I was reminded, semi-annoyingly, that Powerrr was in their "second season". I originally was considering watching all the 2020 content, or at least doing so as long as I continued having fun, but my brain is telling me I need to be a completionist and, well, who am I to fight with myself? I'm putting it in as one post, at least. The thing with NWA's flagship is that I'm finally clicking with it, despite it being a contradiction to what I typically seek out and generally enjoy. I suppose I love W1's show, despite it not matching with my usual preferences, but it's still a paradox of sorts, reminding me that in-ring quality is important but not the only thing that makes a show enjoyable. WWE products, especially their top two brands, have gotten further and further away from bei

Select Match Reviews: SNL ROH

Matches from ROH Saturday Night at Center Stage 01/11: 1.ROH TV Title: Dragon Lee(c) vs Everett ***1/2 2.ROH Six-man Titles: Villain Enterprises(c) vs MexaSquad ***3/4 Thoughts: I'm dying to see a return to form for this once great company this year. The roster is still stacked, but the way they're using them has driven them to mid-run TNA levels of mockery from the IWC and many of the complaints hold merit. It's sad to see such a prestigious brand at this level, having driven off even some of their true diehards with their bullshit but they're always seemingly sooooooo close to getting back on track. So, let's start by mentioning it looks like Marty is sticking around. The company pulled their heads out of their asses and recognized they needed to step up. Reports suggest his new booking role is first felt on this event. Take that as you'd like. The first pull saw Dragon Lee successfully defend against one of the most underrated flyers of this generat

Select Match Reviews: Surprise Gyre

Match from Pro Wrestling NOAH REBOOT 01/05 : 1.GHC Tag Titles: AXIZ(c) vs Mochizuki, Marufuji ***3/4 Thoughts: When Go won the GHC Heavyweight Championship from Kaito on the New Sunrise show the night before, I feared AXIZ wouldn't be holding the tag belts for long. Sadly, I was correct. I'm not even certain they'll keep the team together moving forward, as happens sometimes when teams drop gold, but so far cagematch shows they're still being booked as a duo for now and it'd at least ensure Shiozaki has a partner when he's not defending the belt on big shows. Fingers crossed. Note, I'd actually be okay with AXIZ holding the GHC Heavyweight, National, and Tag belts at the same time but maybe that's just me. Anyway, this is the match where an fun team in their own right won the belts from AXIZ, making the blow a lot easier to take. Marufuji and Mochizuki, two dudes who are far better than they have any right being at their ages, were fun together

Beer Review: Shiner-S'more Chocolate & Marshmallow Ale

My curiosity got the best of me, and Trader Joe's offers a fancy create-your-own 6-pack option so I made this one of the my picks. It's a novelty ale where they clearly let the brewmaster have fun as expected and it'd be hard to call the name false advertising. Chocolate aromas hit you as soon as you pop it open, with a backdrop of vanilla. The taste is closer to a dark chocolate with some earth tones at first, though the aftertaste matches hints closer to a true s'more. Regardless, for a gimmick one-off it was okay and it went down easy enough but, at best, I can never suggest it as more than that. Rating: **1/4

We are STARDOM Series on YouTube!

STARDOM now has a YouTube series with two episodes attached to it. Above is the link for the latest episode, which was uploaded yesterday and features the Goddesses of STARDOM Tag League Finals from last November. The contest sees STARS unit members, Arisa Hoshiki and Tam versus Bea and Hayter. The first episode featured Mayu and Bea for the World of STARDOM Championship, which is certainly worth seeing if you missed it. You can catch that first episode here . I'll likely add the series to my watch rotation once they hit 2020 content, for the record. Check it out if you want to see why most fans consider them not only the best women's fed in the world but also one of the top companies in general.

Beer Review: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.- 40th Hoppy Anniversary Ale

Deep gold in color, a touch of citrus in the taste, and bitter throughout. Meant as a love letter to the West Coast IPA, this celebratory release hits the middle ground in more ways than one. As a result, this came off as good, but not anything special enough to write home about. I appreciated what they were aiming for, but the end product just felt derivative and unoriginal. There are far better versions of this same beer on the market, but when this hits clearance racks at the end of the run it could be worth paying for. Rating: ***

AEW Extension & Rankings (01/14) + More

Before we cover this week's rankings, we have some big news! AEW did so well, despite what naysayers kept arguing, that this tiny little t-shirt company that wasn't going to surpass one year has been extended until 2023, and they'll be profitable within their first two! That's a big deal and deserves nothing but respect. The news also reveals that a second show will be added to TNT, with Dark supposedly being redone and/or rebranded and treated like a second show that's equal instead of a b-show. The reports suggest YT will still get content, but nothing seems solidified at this moment. As far as the day the new show would air goes, it appears it wouldn't air each week but Saturday looks most likely based off of what we know. Taz has also been added officially to the crew, which I personally love. Now, on to the rankings this week. WORLD Champion: Jericho 1.Mox 2.Cody 3.Omega 4.PAC 5.Guevara Thoughts: Mox and PAC are going to be moving up after

Beer Review: Einstӧk -Icelandic Wee Heavy

Wee heavy, a traditional and generally important Scotland product, is a malt-seduced beer of complex tone with origins dating back to the 18th century. This take on the brew, from Einstӧk, hits in at an 8.0% ABV and showcases a chocolate malt flavor alongside a touch of caramel that goes down rather smooth while providing a hint of smokey notes on the back end. These attributes allow it to go just as well with a steak as it would working as a desert beer, thanks to the robust complexity on display. Personally, I enjoyed this one and consider it very good but I would note that there just seemed to be something missing from earning a higher rating and, alas, I cannot put a finger on what it was. Despite this minor "issue", Icelandic Wee Heavy is an enjoyable beverage worth your consideration if you stumble upon it and are feeling a bit adventurous.  Rating: ***1/2

Pro Wrestling NOAH: New Sunrise Review

Matches : 1.50 Funky Powers vs Saito,Inoue ** 2.RATEL's (Tadasuke,YO-HEY) vs Kumano,Morohashi **3/4 3.Harada,Shuhei vs Hijo del Wagner Jr, Ohara ***1/2 4.Kongoh (Kenou,Inamura) vs Hideki, Kinya ***1/2 5.Ridgeway,Williams vs Marufuji, Minoru ***1/2 6.Elgin vs Nakajima ***3/4 7.GHC Jr Tag Titles: Stinger(Kotoge,Kotaro) (c) vs Kongoh (Hao,Nio) ***1/2 8.GHC Jr Title: HAYATA(c) vs Ogawa ***1/2 9.GHC National Title: Sugiura(c) vs Kitamiya ****1/4 10.GHC Heavyweight Title: Kaito(c) vs Go ****1/2 Thoughts: Time to check out how NOAH started the year. In 2019, they were once again one of my top ten feds and had a revived spirit about them. Not since before the Suzuki-gun drama had they been this fun, and I was hoping that'd carry over into 2020. I was so excited, I ended up watching the whole damn show. The dads match opener was okay and about what you'd expect from the dudes at this stage. Perfectly average, short and inoffensive stuff. The junior tag follow up wa

NWA Powerrr #12 Review

Matches: 1.Submission Exhibition: Stevens vs Rinauro NR 2.Murdock vs Stevens *3/4 3.Steelz vs Belle **1/4 4.Tim Storm vs Royce Isaacs **3/4 Thoughts: Perhaps for consistency to aid in my little OCD issues, or perhaps because I wanted more NWA Powerrr (which I might try to watch every episode of this year), I went back to watch this one. I've seen the other 2020 editions and have actually been won over by them, so fuck it, right? Something just clicked, you know? It helps a lot that Corny was cut. Seriously, fuck that dude. So, this one starts with a recap of Strictly Business forming and a nice promo from Tim Storm before we get the intro video, which might be my favorite current intro video for a wrestling series, by the way. The episode proper started with a newer Storm promo. Dude's just good on the mic. Aldis walks out and works the mic well, as usual, too. I love the Randy the Ram callout and enjoyed the overall segment. Sadly, the action side started with

NWA Powerrr #14 Review

Matches: 1.Zane Dawson vs Dave Dawson ** 2.Melina vs Ashley Vox NR 3.Outlaw Inc vs Aron Stevens, Question Mark **1/4 4.Strictly Business (Steiner, Wild Cards) vs Team Morton (Gibson, Drake, Storm) *** Thoughts: I took a leap last week and enjoyed what I saw. I dig what they've been doing but wasn't sold on it enough to watch each week previously. Let's see how they followed things up before I decide my next move, though. This one started with a recap before we cut to a shot from last weekend's ROH angle. I'll be looking at those shows soon, but for those who missed it Aldis ran in and essentially made it clear the NWA partnership was back on. Strange to see it return so soon after it was abruptly ceased but perhaps that's part of the Scurll effect? I think it could work much better this time. The NWA Tag Champs and legends, Rock 'n' Roll Express are interviewed. Solid stuff helping to build off of last week and promote tonight's main eve

AEW Dynamite: Bash at the Beach 01/15 Review

Matches: 1.The Elite (Omega,Page) vs Young Bucks vs Proud N Powerful vs Best Friends ***3/4 2.Nightmare Collective vs Shida, Stratlander ** 3.Moxley vs Guevara ***1/4 4.MJF, Butcher & The Blade vs DDP, Dustin, QT **3/4 5.PAC vs Darby ***3/4 Thoughts: The January 15th edition of Dynamite saw Cody's trademark game in full effect as AEW revived the old WCW classic, Bash at the Beach! I love that move and the general way AEW leans into the fact that they are a modernization of the old fed. Why deny it, right? So, last week's episode was the first episode of Dynamite I truly disliked. Luckily, this was far better. Not the best thing they've done on TNT, but a fun one more often than not. The opener was great with a touch of story work mixed in while everyone got a chance to look good. I appreciated the length of it too, feeling just right. The outcome in particular was logical even if I fear they're slow play is too logical and thus an inevitable being prolo

Being the Elite #186 Thoughts

The Bucks with a cold open referencing their split from Twitter while taking a piss on armchair bookers. It's raining, folks. Then, they attend a Grizzlies game and superkicks are thrown. A visit to Graceland sees no superkicks, which feels like a wasted opportunity. Memphis legend, Lanny Poffo is seen breaking up a MK session and then another legend tells Page to ease up on the drinks. Valiant's words came off as sobering and real. Good stuff there, to be honest. I wish I could have gotten through to my mom on that subject. Orange booped Kris. Cute stuff, to say the least. Omega tries to chat with Page, too. Nakazawa teases joining the Dark Order. Cutler is also possible. I loved the SSB but still think they are thudding too much with the Dark Order and need to change this up instead of pushing forward on it. Short, solid entertainment.

Beer Review: Southern Star Brewing - Octobrist

I love a good beer and I always look for ways to expand the blog, so... I picked this one up in a four pack at HEB a few days ago on clearance. The Southern Star Brewing website  says it was a limited run, explaining the lessened price tag. The company is perhaps best known for their Bombshell Blonde Ale, which is decent but not my cup I prefer a nice stout to an ale any day. Here's how the site linked above describes this one: A style with a heritage as long and storied as it's a namesake this stout is said to have been popular with the Russian Imperial Court. Ironically it was the English and the Americans that unearthed this style that all but disappeared. Color is jet black. An intensely flavored dark ale with big, roasty flavors carrying strong notes of coffee finishing with subtle cocoa and dark fruit. Raise a Kpyka to the complicated history of Mother Russia, and savor this stout with your best comrade or beautiful babushka. While these writeups are