WATCH NOW: Championship Wrestling #88

Video Description & Card
Today's line-up is being called by Todd Keneley, Blake "Bulletproof" Troop and James Kincaid: 

WOMEN'S DIVISION ACTION | CeCe Chanel returns to the ring! But be on lookout for Heather Monroe & Halston Boddy! 

SINGLES MATCH | JESSE JAMES v JACK CARTWRIGHT Jack Cartwright returns to the ring for the first time since his dealings with Howdy Price. Now, he faces a man Howdy is recruiting to the Price Check Ranch. 

SINGLES MATCH | ANTHONY IDOL v CAM The Neon Phenomenon has been red hot! His next opponent will be a tough one, as Cam makes his return to Championship Wrestling to do battle. 

SINGLES MATCH | SLICE BOOGIE v SNYPES "The King of the Concrete Jungle" Slice Boogie steps in the ring with another promising star in... what's his name?? SNYPES. 

MAIN EVENT | UNITED TV TITLE MATCH | LEVI SHAPIRO with HOWDY PRICE (c) v EJ SPARKS EJ Sparks is no stranger to Championship gold - and today he has his shot at the United TV Title. But if you're familiar with this program, you know it's never a 1 on 1 affair with Levi Shapiro and Howdy Price. Can EJ overcome the odds? 

PLUS | Jamie Iovine is still calling the shots on behalf of Nikko Marquez. We hear he has something very big up his sleeve this week... 

AND | We'll hear from many of today's competitors in our post and prematch interviews, including former Heritage Champion Ray Rosas.