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NWA Shockwave #2 Review

1.Kamille vs Simone Sherie ES
2.Eli Drake vs Watts **1/2
3.NWA Women's Title: Thunder Rosa(c) vs Priscilla Kelly ***3/4

This week, as NWA continues to repackage months old material, we got an extended squash, a decent midcard match, and a championship main event.

The first contest of the evening saw Kamille take down Simone Sherie as they continue to build her as a true threat in the division. While I consider her a mid-tier talent overall in comparison to the rest of the women's roster pool that NWA and the UWN has access to, I still see why they'd push her.

We then got a promo from Stevens and an announcement that he'd be defending his strap next week in a continuation of a storyline from Powerrr. It was okay but I am honestly not big on the guy.

The second match was a touch above average and honestly not too shabby even with the propping for a nonexistent crowd, pandering directly to the ghosts of those at home. I am sure I am a tad higher on this than some of y'all might be but it worked for me (for what it was). The nasty head-scissors spot, aside, of course. That bump actually looked a bit like an old finisher of mine. But yea, the finish alone was pop worthy.

Did the folks that signed up and paid to see the show a day early last week get upset? Was it such a small number that did that we didn't hear even if they did? Were they the same fans that were buying the Primetime streams at all? How many actually paid for those UWN streams? These are the things I am curious of but likely won't get any answers to. Seeing as I had skipped the streams at the time, I'd add once again that I am not personally offended by the strategy the NWA is using, but I am a curious guy and am wondering if anyone cares about such things.

The main event closed the episode off nicely, with Thuder Rosa and Kelly putting in for a very fun defense. I appreciated the technical nature and the growing intensity as well as the fact that they were given time to turn this into something with some real girth. They both worked hard and made this a match that more than exceed my expectations. Great stuff and note that if you only want to watch one thing, this is the one to pull.

In all, this was a solid episode and something worth your consideration.

Now, time to go reflect on today's big Disney+ announcements and rest my fucked up ankle. I also have to wonder when Marvel will announce they've been reaching out to see about adding wrestling to the service. This weekend's TripleMania event is them testing the waters but there are plans past that. 

Have a good one, ladies, gents, and non-binaries and thanks, as always, for reading. 

Overall Rating: 75/100%