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NWA Shockwave #1 Review


1.Eli Drake vs Jordan Cruz ES

2.Kamille vs Monroe **1/2

3.NWA World Heavyweight Title: Aldis(c) vs Bennett ***


I have a strained ankle and it's making shit chaotic around the house, but this week's RBI is coming!

First things first, I'd note that if you have already seen the UWN Primetime episodes that you can skip this. I was fairly certain they had just taken the footage from those and repurposed them and that's exactly what they did. I actually don't mind personally because I was planning on watching some of that anyway and now I wont have to pay Fite to see it. I can understand others being a bit upset I suppose at the concept but we're still fighting a pandemic that is just getting worse so I am all for creativity. CHIKARA was doing something kind of similar this year before shit hit the fan and they shut down. They also promoted this as brand new content and there's been some red flags, perhaps in prep for some blowback since they are cannibalizing themselves a tad?

But yea, lets get to it, shall we?

The show started with some decent backstage stuff before we got to our first contest, which suitably considering this is NWA related was an extended squash with Eli going over. Props to the charismatic worker as he continued to play to the crowd that was really just four walls.

Next up, women's action with Kamille which was truly interesting. Monroe is booked decently on CWFH. Kamille is booked strong in NWA. Would we get a squash or even booking? The winner was evident, but the ride there was not a certainty. Luckily, they allowed both to shine which was not only the preferred option but also a good sign for the direction of these tapings. The contest was fairly decent and the right woman won. Hard to complain.

Closing this, an NWA World Heavyweight Championship match. I watched the build up on this and even posted about it a few months ago. I was excited to see how it played out and knew at least the promos would rock (they did). 

But how would the match be?

It started with a ref bump and then a tombstone on the entrance ramp. From there, we had a touch of chaos before moving back to a more centered match up. I appreciated the minor story additions tacked on, and the finish was actually enjoyable, too. In all, it was a good main event.

For the record, I think the NWA should actually air a studio show that looks at what's going on around the country in the UWN brands with some Ten Pounds style content mixed in and some original stuff, too. Do it the same week instead of waiting months and pretending the content is new and you have an interesting show for fans. 

For now, I personally have no issue with the format since it saves me $ and I like that they are using the old Shockwave name. I again get why some people would be turned off, of course and do agree it was shady, but I enjoyed this for what it was. The NWA is throwback wrestling television which can be either a god send to some and a turn of to others. I enjoy the charm, even if it's not my main cup of tea. I liked this episode and thought it was an entertaining experience and suggest you check it out and make up your own mind. 

Click play above if it suites you.

Overall Rating: 70/100%