In Regards to WATCH NOW...

You may have noticed the recent addition to the blog, being a series of daily updates highlighting the latest episodes and highlights from various wrestling promotions (and more) using the shared label, "WATCH NOW". More than just an attempt to boost daily views, the larger purpose is to continue to give you readers every resource possible to enjoy the art that is pro wrestling.

So, I figured I'd take a moment to make a list of the schedule I am utilizing and what others I have been checking in on to provide the latest streams. Let me know if I somehow missed something major you'd like to see added to the rotation and note that I left off things that aren't running regularly right now.


AAA, CMLL, WWC, and OVW are the main promotions with streams that have been posted regularly of late with weekly shows.


Ring of Honor and Being the Elite are posted on Mondays, with Raw that night. Highlights of the latter are shared when they are added to the WWE YouTube channel.


AEW Dark and NWA Shockwave are posted here on Tuesdays. IMPACT will be shown in highlight form once posted.


MLW Fusion and We are STARDOM!! episodes are added on Wednesdays. AEW Dynamite highlights to be added to the blog once available as are NXT highlights. 


New ONE Championship Wrestling episodes become available. NXT UK highlights added once available.


New installments MKW Blast-off from China! I add highlights from SmackDown and NJPW STRONG.


WWN Proving Ground, Championship Wrestling, WWC and AMW TV streams on Saturdays.  I also add the latest Ralph Nader Radio Hour here for those interested in checking out the best weekly political podcast.


I post the newest episodes of ROW, Wrestle Square Explosion, ChocoProLIVE!, CNL, and BWF Telecatch once they are added. I also seek out streams from Dragon Gate, IWRG, KYUSHU, DDT, and more as well as post any interesting free match uploads that I stumble upon. 

I hope this helps!