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As I continue to catch up on content, currently making my way through August, I thought I'd go ahead and put up my tracker looking at the leaders for this year's set of awards. I'd remind readers that I will not be giving an award this time for Best Promotion or anything to that effect. I respect the rosters and understand the dynamics between them and owners/bookers, but the selfishness I've seen during the pandemic makes me feel that rewarding a company with an award in any fashion right now would be counter productive to my beliefs. Thank you for understanding. When the full results are ready, I will add a nice write up for each category instead of this bones-only approach we have here.

Match of the Year
1a.Okada vs Kota
1b.Omega, Page vs Young Bucks
1c.Arisa vs ASUKA
Male Wrestler of the Year
1.Jon Moxley (8 points)
2.Will Ospreay (7 points)
3.Go Shiozaki (7 points)
4.Hiromu Takahashi (7 points)
5.Kazuchika Okada (6 points)
Female Wrestler of the Year
1.Mayu Iwatani (6 points)
2.Arisa Nakajima (5 points)
3.Hikaru Shida (3 points)
4.ASUKA (2 points)
5.Chihiro Hashimoto (2 points)
Team of the Year
1.The Elite (16 points)
2.Lucha Bros (11 points)
3.CHAOS (9 points)
4.ALL OUT (8 points)
5.Inner Circle (7 points)

American Wrestler of the Year:Moxley
Mexican Wrestler of the Year:Pentagon
Japanese Wrestler of the Year:Go
European Wrestler of the Year:Ospreay
Best Canadian Wrestler of the Year:Omega
MVP of 2020:Go