Late Night Snack #10: Mythica: A Quest for Heroes

The return of the Late Night Snack feature returns! I will aim to make this a weekly occurrence, with a new post every Friday evening but for now lets start with once a month and move forward. This week we have the first film in the crowdsourced Mythica series, featuring Kevin Sorbo and Melanie Stone. It's basically a film made for Dungeons & Dragons players and those familiar with the tabletop rpg will likely have fun with this one. It's very much an indie film but far better than most, doing enough to warrant some respect. I also appreciate the scope of the series, which is five films in as of now, which is a rare thing in the genre for any franchise outside of the Tolkien realm. 

Check it out and remember that a lot of things that we consider brave in this life don't require courage but money. That or a sword and some gumption...

Red's Rating: ***