We are STARDOM!! #34 Review


1.Artist of STARDOM Titles: DDM(c) vs Oedo Tai ***1/2

2.World of STARDOM Title: Mayu(c) vs Jungle ****1/4


In this episode, we start with the continuation of the Donna del Mondo versus Oedo Tai rivalry with the highlight being Saki and Giulia's section as expected. Following Saki's victory over the DDM leader, Giulia was looking to return the favor heading into her title match against Tam and she did just that thanks to the Glorious Driver. I'd be okay with these girls holding the Artist belts for a very long time at this rate. Match-wise, this was pretty good and a strong start. 

We saw some clips from the set of shows detailing other happenings before moving to the main event which saw Mayu defending the World of STARDOM Championship against Jungle Kyona. I had huge expectations for the match and it delivered! The champ was resilient as ever, pulling out all of the stops and Jungle took her to the limit before falling. The drama was spectacular and the action was top shelf quality. Not only was this truly fantastic, it was also one of my favorite matches of the year in general and a borderline MOTYC level contest.

This episode rocked! Watch it ASAP.

Overall Rating: 90/100%

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