Thursday, October 1, 2020

RWB TRUE World Open Championship Tournament Night Two

Matches and Results:

1.Jeff b Cuatrero (66% rating)

2.Reigns b Gunns (94% rating)

3.Dragon Lee b Endo (98% rating)

4.Suzuki b Kenou (90% rating)


Jeff tried to win via various flashpin attempts on a few occasions, mixing in a bit of his trademark offense along the way and Cuatrero tried his best to fight back with a few submission maneuvers and rudo work. The charismatic enigma pulled ahead in the end, but it was admittedly a disappointing match quality-wise.

The second match saw Roman and Gunns go blow for blow, move for move. On night one we had a few surprise outcomes and this was sure to be one of the biggest shockers if Bobby had been able to pull it out, which he came damn near close to doing, even kicking out of a superman punch and spear combo but, in the end, the face of Smackdown was just too much for him. 

Up next, Endo and Dragon Lee took each other to task in a high octane matchup. I'm fairly certain they were trying to kill each other. I really want to see this match really take place. Dragon Lee finished the KO-D Openweight Champ with an orange crush.

Closing the night, Minoru Suzuki and Kenou had a strike battle and wore each other down. The scariest man in the world managed to put NOAH's top dick down with an octopus hold.

I'd argue that night two was much better in terms of quality, though the Jeff match was a weak link. It was also more predictable, perhaps. Alas, I look forward to running night three. Card not yet set.

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