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Saturday Night Slam Masters Announcement

My daughter has enjoyed wrestling more than ever of late and has me watching Main Event as I've mentioned here before. Well, why watch Main Event when I can make my own show? Now, I've had issues in the past making a series for YT thanks to copyright issues but some of you might remember my long running shows I've made previously. I get it, truly, but it made the desire to make new ones seem unworthy of the trouble attached. 

I have found a solution, though!

Starting soon, I will launch a new series called RWB presents Saturday Night Slam Masters. New episodes every...well, I am sure you can figure that out. The show will be put up in the form of YouTube playlists and feature an organized arrangement of clips, matches, and some custom videos mixed together.

I have no idea how appealing it will be to fans, but I am largely making it for my kiddos so any enjoyment past that from folks is just cherry.

Expect the content to range from material from AEW, WWE, NJPW, DDT, IMPACT, etc etc etc. and the debut edition to premier soon!