Monday, September 28, 2020

RWB TRUE World Open Championship Tournament Night One

Matches and Results:

1.Drew McIntyre b Go Shiozaki 74% rating

2.Volador b Yoshitatus 72% rating

3.Laredo Kid b Ospreay 79% rating

4.Asuka b Naito 87% rating


In the first night of action, we had some big shocks and some quality outings. Drew largely dominated the GHC Heavyweight Champ in the opener, putting him away with a well placed claymore. Volador used a flash pin to seal the deal in the 2 spot and Laredo surprised Ospreay in a similar manner. The biggest result of the evening, and the best match of the show, saw Asuka take out New Japan's Naito with her Asuka Lock finish. Already the tournament has proven to be full of surprises!

Night Two Card Announcement:

1.Jeff vs Cuatrero

2.Reigns vs Gunns

3.Dragon Lee vs Endo

4.Kenou vs Suzuki

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