Match from Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor 2006:
1.Do FIXER vs Blood Generation ****3/4

As much as I love this match, I realized that I haven't watched it again in years. I've meant to, don't get me wrong, but I just haven't and it's time to fix that mistake. As a result, this is the first time since I started rating matches that I will be giving this a score. That's pretty big. This is the match that made me fall in love with Dragon Gate after all. It's a love that I still carry with me today. Note that I'll be watching some DGUSA and classic Dragon Gate stuff soon. I have many, many DGUSA DVD's (I need to update this list, actually) and it's about time I dig in again. Plus, the WWNLive YouTube channel has been adding stuff lately. I might dig out old ROH and PWG stuff too.

Anyway, this holds up perfectly. No surprises there since the Dragon Gate crew were always ahead of the times. If you love balls to the wall, nonstop action spotfests, this is for you. Everyone worked their asses off and put in for one hell of a show. While I can't put it on my five star list, it's very freaking close and well worth seeing for all that call themselves fans!

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