Sunday, May 17, 2020

Red's Top Women's Wrestlers of 2020 (So Far)

AndNEW: Mayu Iwatani Wins World Of Stardom Championship
Honorable Mentions: Shida, Utami, Bea, Nyla, Yoshiko

10.Thunder Rosa (2 points)
Thunder currently holds the NWA Women's Championship as well as the TJP International Princess Championship. She works her ass off and has more than earned a spot in the top ten for her output thus far.

9.Britt Baker (2 points)
Baker has improved drastically this year both on the mic and in the ring. In a division that still needs some stability, Baker is one of the bright spots.

8.Miyu Yamashita (2 points)
The ace of TJP, Miyu excels in whatever role she is place in. Few have the talent that Miyu has she still has a lot of time left in her career to rise even further! Maybe a shot at Takeshita in a main event title match one day?

7.Arisa Hoshiki (2 points)
STARDOM's current Wonder Champion remains a force as well as a nice source of material, too. The fact that she is so early into her career is a scary thought, and her upside is better than most give her credit for.

6.Sareee (2 points)
Before the pandemic hit full force, Sareee is closing out her run in Japan and about to head to WWE. While I disagree with her move, inevitably it matters not. What I will say is that Sareee is one of the best female wrestlers in the world and the six-time champ is bound to excel wherever she goes.

5.Arisa Nakajima (2 points)
SEAdLINNNG star and Beyond the Sea Champion, Arisa Nakajima, can bring out the best in her opponent and is more than capable of stepping up big every time she laces up her boots. While I wish she'd be on a bigger stage, working for STARDOM, for example, I applaud of choices either way. Arisa can do it all and was an easy pick for this list!

4.Kagetsu (3 points)
Kagetsu retired right before the pandemic shut everything down and will be fondly remembered by many. Her charisma and work ethic make her one of the best joshi workers to ever lace up her boots.

3.Riho (3 points)
Former AEW Women's Champion, Riho has captured the attention of all that watch Dynamite and her work in Japan continues to be worth seeking out, as well. Few women have the same level of passion and I expect big things from her once she can return to the states.

2.Chihiro Hashimoto (4 points)
The bright star of SENDAI, Chihiro has proven that she can work with just about anyone. Currently, she is their champion which is her 5th reign and will soon make over 1,000 days total. You can also check out this powerhouse in DDT and various other small joshi shows.

1.Mayu Iwatani (4 points)
The World of STARDOM Champion and STARS standout, Mayu has the true heart of a champion and plays her role to perfection. Mayu isn't just the best women's wrestler of the year so far, she's arguably the best wrestler in the world right now, too male or female.

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