Select Match Reviews: Increasingly Inaccurate (IMPACT)

Match from IMPACT Wrestling 03/10:
1.Elgin vs Edwards ***

This is match five in the best of five series. Of course, since IMPACT still has a lot of sports entertainment values, it wasn't the clean finish a fan like myself would have wanted. I'd also like to say that I was very excited about this series and, while it's been good, it's not been as good as I would've wanted.

Case in point, this match was actually fairly good. That is, before they fucked the finish. I dropped the rating a touch as a result.

I'm also not sure I love what they did with the Tessa angle here. I see what they're doing, but don't appreciate it very much and it makes me think this was Elgin's doing.

Skip this or just watch the short, highlight version above at most.