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Red's Top Wrestling Promotions of 2020 (So Far)

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It's time to start making entries in regards to the best of the best, and this year we are starting with the top promotions pumping out content. Note that this is based off of my match recommendation list, which you can find here. I'd also like to remind newcomers here that I do not watch WWE and as a result there's no chance you'll see them appear here or in future Top posts.

Honorable Mentions: wXw, AJPW, TJP, Dragon Gate, WRESTLE-1

10. Ring of Honor (9 points)
The steps ROH has made this year to get back on track cannot be understated. While not without issue, they've been putting out a very fun product, feature a killer roster, and I also applaud their COVID response.

9. IMPACT Wrestling (10 points)
The Elgin/Edwards rivalry, Tessa's run at the top, and a couple of quality Vikingo matches elevated IMPACT to this spot. This is not the TNA of old, people. Make sure you're not writing them off!

8. STARDOM (11 points)
The best women's wrestling on the planet has been just that this year, as expected. If you are seeking quality joshi content, your first stop needs to be STARDOM. Make sure you aren't skipping their awesome weekly show on YouTube!

7. CMLL (12 points)
January, they had some really good content coming out, especially during the FantasticaMania tour alongside New Japan. Admittedly, since then, they've fallen off the map a bit and I have had little reason to watch. I am hopeful they remain in the top ten versus slipping down as the months progress, though.

6. IWRG (12 points)
I've been a fan of this rough-around-the-edges lucha fed for a while, but I have to say they've been more consistent this year than usual. If you love spotfests and violent brawls, give them a shot.

5. AAA (15 points)
To many, they are the best lucha fed in the world and they had an awesome 2019. They are already killing it this year, too. Their weekly series remains on of my favorite shows available and I urge fans that miss Lucha Underground or WWF Attitude Era to give it a click if they haven't already.

4. DDT (20 points)
I've been watching a lot of DDT Universe content this year. They are easily the funnest promotion in the world, they pump out content constantly, and they tend to be pretty dang good in general. Their roster is stacked with underrated performers and I consider them to be a true gem in wrestling, offering a little bit of everything for everyone.

3. Pro Wrestling NOAH (22 points)
If you love stiff, hard hitting wrestling, you have to watch NOAH. Their deal with DDT is great news for a subscriber like myself and another reason to sign up. Behind names like Kenou, Kaito, Sugiura, Go, Marufuji, and Nakajima, you have no reason not to watch and two MOTYC's so far certainly help, too!

2. All Elite Wrestling (29 points)
AEW had a very enjoyable debut year in 2019, but everything has clicked into another gear in 2020 and they've truly found a groove that most promotions can't even dream of reaching. Dynamite is a program I go out of my way to watch each week and you cannot understate the quality nor overall effect on the scene they've provided. Now, can they take down the kings?

1. New Japan Pro Wrestling (39 points)
The before-mentioned kings, NJPW are the true gods of professional wrestling. They are home to the best wrestlers in the world and are always capable of putting out MOTYC level contests without issue. I honestly see no chance even AEW takes them down from this spot, simply because NJPW is that damn good!

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