Select Match Reviews: SNL ROH

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Matches from ROH Saturday Night at Center Stage 01/11:
1.ROH TV Title: Dragon Lee(c) vs Everett ***1/2
2.ROH Six-man Titles: Villain Enterprises(c) vs MexaSquad ***3/4

I'm dying to see a return to form for this once great company this year. The roster is still stacked, but the way they're using them has driven them to mid-run TNA levels of mockery from the IWC and many of the complaints hold merit. It's sad to see such a prestigious brand at this level, having driven off even some of their true diehards with their bullshit but they're always seemingly sooooooo close to getting back on track.

So, let's start by mentioning it looks like Marty is sticking around. The company pulled their heads out of their asses and recognized they needed to step up. Reports suggest his new booking role is first felt on this event. Take that as you'd like.

The first pull saw Dragon Lee successfully defend against one of the most underrated flyers of this generation. It was nice seeing Everett again as I haven't seen much of him in a while. They worked very well together, though the champ shined brightest to no one's surprise, and it was a very good defense. I'm hoping Andrew gets a contract.

The last pull from this gig had a surprising outcome, as VE was set to defend their belts on the next ROH show against Rush's unit. Instead, Bandido and crew were given the nod here which was a nice move, reminding us that not everything in wrestling, even at this level on the cards, needs to be completely predictable. They played to the team's strengths well here, and even featured a well done flash pin (which seems to be popular already this year in wrestling) and I appreciated the pacing. It all worked together, providing for a great contest in general, with both pulls hitting recommendation levels.

Is Lifeblood just Haskins and Hotsauce right now? Was I right on my Final Battle review? At least Villain Enterprises looks like it will remain a thing, which I questioned a lot last year.

I skipped the rest, but heard the main event, especially the Aldis spot, got some love from some fans.

The product on display here was a good sign as was the crowd which came off decently. Mix in the apparent reunion with NWA and any other praise mentioned above and I'm officially cautiously optimistic about 2020 ROH. That's the best thing I can say about this watch. I just hope it equates to a true change for the company. The roster deserves better as do the fans.

Give it a click it you're in that mood.