Gake No Fuchi Joshi Pro Wrestling: Snow White 2020 Review

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1.New Year Hardcore Match: Chris Brookes vs Miyako Matsumoto NR

DDT provides me with a lot of entertainment ranging wildly in styles. Under their umbrella, we were given this weird ass match from their strange ass sub-brand. Note that these shows are basically Miyako produce events. Have I mentioned before how uniquely unique this fucking company is?

God bless them.

So, know ahead of time that the Dramatic DDT Wordpress did a full, detailed rundown of this "match" which you can find here if you prefer that kind of thing.

What I'll say is this was insane. For a short look at the general rules, here's an excerpt from the link above:

"The Gake no Fuchi rules for Matsumoto Vs Brookes was Hardcore, falls count anywhere, no rope breaks and no time limits. The match would end after a pinfall, submission, referee stoppage or knockout. However the winner would be determined over who had the higher amount of points from the minigames.

Know those awesome Japanese game shows? Mix that with wrestling and you have a good idea.

So, let's make this real simple...

Sound like something you'd be interested in based off of what I've written so far? Click play.

Not your cup of tea? Skip it.

I don't want to give too much away...

It wasn't the type of thing you can give a rating, but I was entertained at 4 in the morning so that's something. It also got weirdly intense down the stretch despite the insanity during the large first half. Miyako should be tried for attempted murder.

I'm sure you'll find something to gif here if you want.

Have fun (or not).