Beer Review: Einstӧk -Icelandic Wee Heavy

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Wee heavy, a traditional and generally important Scotland product, is a malt-seduced beer of complex tone with origins dating back to the 18th century.

This take on the brew, from Einstӧk, hits in at an 8.0% ABV and showcases a chocolate malt flavor alongside a touch of caramel that goes down rather smooth while providing a hint of smokey notes on the back end. These attributes allow it to go just as well with a steak as it would working as a desert beer, thanks to the robust complexity on display.

Personally, I enjoyed this one and consider it very good but I would note that there just seemed to be something missing from earning a higher rating and, alas, I cannot put a finger on what it was. Despite this minor "issue", Icelandic Wee Heavy is an enjoyable beverage worth your consideration if you stumble upon it and are feeling a bit adventurous. 

Rating: ***1/2