AEW Extension & Rankings (01/14) + More

Before we cover this week's rankings, we have some big news! AEW did so well, despite what naysayers kept arguing, that this tiny little t-shirt company that wasn't going to surpass one year has been extended until 2023, and they'll be profitable within their first two! That's a big deal and deserves nothing but respect. The news also reveals that a second show will be added to TNT, with Dark supposedly being redone and/or rebranded and treated like a second show that's equal instead of a b-show. The reports suggest YT will still get content, but nothing seems solidified at this moment.

As far as the day the new show would air goes, it appears it wouldn't air each week but Saturday looks most likely based off of what we know.

Taz has also been added officially to the crew, which I personally love.

Now, on to the rankings this week.

Champion: Jericho
Mox and PAC are going to be moving up after Dynamite, with both set to face off next week to crown an official #1 contender. I'm hoping for a swerve, personally. Omega is dealing tagging with Page and looks set to likely be facing Adam in singles action when they finally blow up. Cody is dealing with MJF still. Guevara won't be in this next week but I like how he's been booked so far on Dynamite.

Champion: Riho
Shida and Kris had their moment this week. Nyla went to a no contest on Dark. Kong was out with illness and Baker was MIA. The division is starting to gel but the Nightmare Collective stuff needs fixed for any further progress or the whole thing will start to dip below where it was when they started Dynamite.

Champion: SCU
3.Best Friends
4.Omega, Page
5.Lucha Bros
So, the top four teams met this week in a four-way. Omega and Page are close to implosion, but their title shot could go a few ways. The Bucks and Lucha Bros have members that are a bit banged up right now (watch Fenix next week on Dark), so that's of note. Everyone else in the division is either standing still or waiting in the wings. Don't forget that Dark Order is teasing to be adding more and more members.