AEW Dark 01/07 Review

1.Kong vs Moore NR
2.SCU vs TH2, Kip **1/4

The Gunn tag was missing from this for some reason, cutting the runtime of the episode down to a short, 30-minute area episode. The AEW b-show this week started with a clip from last week featuring the Mox/Guevara/Jericho angle.

We have an intro package for the show now, which was solid as expected. I wish I could have gotten that project but I am aware I'm far from being on the crew. Let a dude dream.

Taylor as guest this week on commentary.

They've moved the Collective stuff to Dark this week, where it largely should stay until they figure out what to do with it. Dark needs to be mainly used for testing things out, which it's been more than most realize, but I hope they lean into it more. The match, seeing Kong squash Skyler Moore, was okay. It served a purpose.

CD chats backstage with Alex, saying he is ready to get back on track. Him second guessed himself was a nice touch in the match itself, the Ford interference shit was toned down a tad, and the action was solid. Nothing major here, but it was decent for what it was.

Dark this week was pretty skippable, but still enjoyable enough for filler. Even at their worst, AEW tends to be decent, afterall.

Overall Rating: 50/100%