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The Batman: Frozen Hearts - Chapter One

Chapter One  Memories tend to bring out emotions in a way often unwanted to men like myself. Memories of death and corruption. But I learned long ago to utilize these as an asset, not a hindrance. The city I love is one that has done little to repay me. Instead, I am treated like a villain despite my best attempts to achieve the change so desperately needed. On the business end of my life, I am viewed as a man with far too much money. I agree. The flow of cash brought in is used to better things on the streets in a variety of ways, though. I've signed off to fund new hospitals and schools. I say this not to brag, but to make it understood that not all of the things said about me have weight. My personal life also meets with bad publicity due to the fact that I refuse to rub shoulders with other men of power outside of work. I do this simply because I am not one of greed like that herd. They wish to grasp at power from a tightrope being slit on both ends. The fact that I pref

Select Match Reviews: Turkey Wrestling

Match from MLW Fusion Thanksgiving Special: 1.MLW World Title: Fatu(c) vs Ross Von Erich ** Thoughts: So, let's be honest and admit that Ross is a tag specialist at best. Giving the kid a title shot on a holiday special edition of Fusion is nice, but no one expected a title change and no one expected the match to really become much of anything. Despite that, I figured I'd at least see if I was wrong here to write the Von Erich brother off in his biggest match of his career so far. I was not. I mean, this wasn't bad, but it was far from bad and Fatu, who can be pretty good at times, had to work down here and Ross was still seemingly trying his hardest. The biggest takeaway is that Lawlor is now a heel which was also the only moment in the match I actually found myself caring much for. Really, this was a perfectly average contest but don't worry about seeing it unless you are a longtime follower of everything involving the Von Erich family.


Thirteen weeks. A journey to the Lake of Reincarnation, b-acting, an a speedo highlight the latest episode of FTD. I sincerely hope Broken Matt returns in 2020, but not in a WWE ring.


The yard is prepared for beautification, Vanguard 1 returns as Matt requests a return to glory, Matt gets pissed about his lack of dates and beats (or murders) up an old friend. The broken brilliance is haunting him. Why the fuck isn't WWE using Matt? Oh, yea...because Vince only thinks he is worth using when Jeff is healthy.

Dragon Gate Cutting Edge Battle #44 Review

Match : 1.Open the Brave Gate Title: Susumu(c) vs Ishida **** Thoughts: Bouncing back from the prior episode that focused more on story than top shelf action, Cutting Edge this time around featured a fantastic match AND a pretty big moment, too. The veteran champ falls here on his 5th defense to the younger talent but looks good, as always, in defeat. The Joseph Gordon-Levitt of pro wrestling might not have another big title run in the near future, but I'm at least glad it ended on a high note in a contest that put over the up-and-comer. I keep saying the future of Dragon Gate is bright. Watch this episode for a taste. Overall Rating: 90/100%

Dragon Gate Cutting Edge Battle #43 Review

Matches : 1.Ishida vs Okuda vs Hyo ** 2.R.E.D., Diamante vs Team Toryumon **1/2 Thoughts: This episode was pretty story heavy. More specifically, it was loaded with R.E.D. developments. We start with three-way action with three of the top young rising stars of Dragon Gate. The match was decent for what it was but, if we're being honest, it was mainly meant to just exist to set up the finish which saw Hyo turn rudo, attacking his Michizoku Dojo partner and leaving the unit. He will now be part of R.E.D. in a move that I hope helps push his career in a positive manner. Real quick, expect a lot of throwback reviews of DGUSA stuff soon. That's still on of my favorite promotions ever and I got a great deal on DVDs on the WWN site to help pad out my collection. To close, the heels and the throwbacks had a good match but nothing you had to rush and see. The big news here was Kanda turning on his unit in a strange move. I'm not sure it'll do much for him, but it doe

WRESTLE-1 TV #138 Thoughts

The Tag League concludes on this week's W1 TV, as does the trend of weeks of filler episodes. That's not a big deal for me since I sincerely enjoy basically every episode but it does make it harder to recommend the series to newcomers. Anyway, let's dig in! The opener saw Enfants members, Kodama and Arai eat an L to Doi and Honda. It seemed rather throwaway, to be honest. The Strong Hearts got to show off a bit in the follow up, getting basically a throwaway win of their own. The biggest thing in that one was Zayne looking good alongside the unit. The Cruiserweight Champ brought in backup in the form of El Pantera and Pantera Jr for the three-spot trios contest, where they knocked off Kaz, MAZADA, and Andy Wu in a fun looking division showcase. I hope we get the family back for more very soon! Seiki challenged for the belt after which included a cheap attack on the champ. The only person I want taking the belt from Hijo del Pantera and him so it's a win-win fo

Select Match Reviews: Underground Summit

Match from PCW Ultra Mutiny #20 1.PCW Ultra Title: Strickland(c) vs Mil Muertes *** Thoughts: So, Mutiny continues to be strangely laid out and more a mix of random matches than anything else but the good news is that there have been some real gems here and there. Now, for context, Strickland was a focal point for several promotions before taking an NXT contract and PCW Ultra was one such promotion. This was his farewell match there and one of his final indie gigs in general so yea he does drop the belt here. Yes, I suppose that could be seen as a spoiler but Mutiny was showing Mil Muertes as champ since the beginning of the show and is just now getting around to showing how he won it in the first place. Anyway, Mesias has spent years playing a monster and he leans into that for this one. His mobility is shot these days, but they played it well enough and kept a decent enough flow here to keep it entertaining. I can't say this was good enough to recommend as a must-see en


Matt is bordering on the edge again, with a conversation with his former self in the mirror pushing for a return. His kiddos then beat the shit out of him before we get one final tease to end the episode. I'll watch more soon, but I give Matt props for continuing to push his character even when WWE doesn't give a shit. Speaking of, it seems that the days of TakeOver events being added to Hulu is officially over starting with the latest Wargames event. That's sad since that was the last WWE produced content that I was basically going to bother with going forward but it looks like that's gone now, too. Oh well...

Dragon Gate Cutting Edge Battle #42 Review

Match : 1.Open the Dream Gate Title: Ben-K(c) vs Mochizuki ***3/4 Thoughts: I have been looking forward to this one. Ben-K is an integral part of the future of Dragon Gate. Mochizuki is the vet that's still more than able to pump out hits. Note that this has minor clipping, but not to the point that it hurts the contest nor really the flow, either. As a result of the two's styles, this felt a lot different than most Dragon Gate main events. Regardless, it was deserving of the card placement no matter the promotion housing it. The champ still has a lot of rawness about him, but he has enough talent that not only is he worthy of the gold but he is also is scary in that you just know his development is leading to him being one of the top workers in the world. Continuing to throw him to the wolves in big matches for the belt is a must. I mean, the dude fucking dethroned PAC and is positioned as the true future ace of the company. No pressure there, right? The good news i

Drone of the Absolute Machine-Chapter One

*This is a novel I am working on. I figured I would go ahead and add the first chapter here and perhaps other chapters later. Thanks for those who read and, please, I love creative criticism.* Drone of the Absolute Machine  Chapter 1 April sat on the end of the bed holding his hand gently. The plastic bag that covered his entire head had left him without words or breathe. As she watched his final moments a tear fell from his left eye. She had never seen something so beautiful yet tragic before. Even if she had quickly removed the bag from his face the multiple empty orange bottles that rested on the floor nearby proved that the lose of life was inevitable. It had been exactly forty-two hours since she had slept, twenty-seven since she had eaten and now twelve since she had found the old man dead. She had already called 911; Already spoke with the police who came to investigate in case of foul play. They found none of course, and with that April was left to mourn as she liked.

Select Match Reviews: Recent All Japan Roundup

Match  from Summer Explosion Series 1.Triple Crown Title: Kento(c) vs Nomura ****1/2 Match  from Royal Road Tournament 2.Royal Road Finals: Kento vs Jake Lee ****1/4 Match from Raising an Army Memorial Series 3.Triple Crown Title: Kento(c) vs Jake Lee ****1/4 Thoughts: Kento Miyahara is easily one of the top five overall, active wrestlers in the world. Look no further than this roundup for further proof. Each of these was truly fantastic, with a MOTYC and two borderline MOTY contenders, and each featured that cinematic style that special All Japan matches tend to showcase which just makes them feel important. Truly, I know for many that AJPW slips under the radar but it's a major mistake that I hope this blog at least helps fix for a few fans. Kento, in particular, is worth seeing and I urge you to check each of these out! The future is bright!

Select Match Reviews: LLBBQ

Match from AAA Lucha Capital #5 1.Flamita vs Carta Brava vs Hijo del Vikingo ***1/2 Thoughts: I dig the atmosphere of these Lucha Capital episodes and I give props to AAA for actually having this year's tournament make sense this year instead of it breaking down after only two episodes like most things do in lucha libre. Anyone remember that ELITE tournament from a few years ago? How about last year's Lucha Capital? Anyway, this one was simple. Put the hottest young flyer on the verge of a huge breakout in a match with one of the most underrated flyers in AAA and one of the best base workers and let them go showoff in a sprint. Very good match with the right guy winning. Click this one.

Dragon Gate Cutting Edge Battle #40 Review

Match : 1.Open the Brave Gate Title: Susumu(c) vs Santa Maria ***1/2 Thoughts: While I did enjoy this one, it's worth noting that part of RED came out midmatch and then just walked back to the back which caused not only a visual distraction for the viewer, but also broke up the overall flow that Susumu and Yosuke were building. The effect was that we ended up not even getting the "reward" of a true run-in. I get it was meant as a psychological move, but from a fan standpoint it just hurt the quality a bit. The good news? Both workers did what they do best and just kept...working. The endstretch was what you'd want from a title match between these two and somehow they managed to push this up enough after the RED moment to keep in worth seeing. Go ahead and check it out if time allows. Overall Rating: 75/100%

Select Match Reviews: X Marks the Spot

Match from PCW Ultra Mutiny Episode 17 1.PCW UltraLight Title: Atlas(c) vs Xavier ***1/2 Thoughts: With more forward thinking, Mutiny could be an awesome show instead of the pieced-together series it is right now. Still, props to PCW Ultra for at least realizing the benefit of doing one at all. You'd be surprised at how many promotions misunderstand the basic concept... Anyway, I'm catching up a bit on matches that seem interesting to me from the show since I do like the company and talent they book. This episode featured Cobb versus Joey Ryan too, for those interested in that. This was fairly smooth, as expected, and another good reminder for me to be pissed that Atlas isn't being booked more around the globe. Both worked hard enough here to get this into recommendation levels and the right guy won. If you like either worker, or their style, give this one a click.

Select Match Reviews: Super League

Match from MLW Super Fight 1.MLW World Heavyweight Title, No DQ: Fatu(c) vs Park ***1/2 Thoughts: I expected a lot of smoke and mirrors here, but honestly it was played more down the middle (especially for a no disqualification match) than expected. Park stepped up nicely and Fatu looked like he deserved his spot by the end. In all, this was a very good match from one of the more underrated feds in the states.

Top 10+ Matches of September 2019

1.Ashino, Kodama vs Irie, El Lindaman ****1/2 2.Kento vs Nomura ****1/2 3.Kenou vs Sugiura ****1/4 4.Phantasmo, Ishimori vs Eagles, Ospreay ****1/4 5.Kento vs Jake Lee ****1/4 6.Sugiura vs Marufuji **** 7.Pentagon, Fenix vs Santana, Ortiz **** 8.SHINGO vs Goto **** ***3/4 Matches -Bandido/Flamita -Koji/Kuma -Andy Wu/Hijo Pantera -Tanahashi/Sabre -Velveteen/Strong -LeRae/Io/Mia/Belair -KENTA/Kota -Naito/White -Microman/Chamuel -Taven/Rush -Mistico,Caristico,Valiente/Sanson,Forastero,Cuatrero

WRESTLE-1 TV #136 + #137 Thoughts

#136 The Tag League moves forward, and El Lindaman actually gets a W versus Soya here. Flash-pin or not, that's big. The champs, T-Hawk and Irie, and Kuma and Dupree also took home wins on the show, too. Inaba looked hurt after the main, and Soya wants to start teaming with El Lindaman, by the way. I'm pretty sure T-Hawk and Irie are going to win the tournament to set up a major title match. Skip this episode unless you really love the small show episodes. #137 This was one of those tiny crowd (~150 fans) house show style events that they fill the calendar out with. Nothing truly major happened, but everything seemed solid enough and it kept things moving in a forward direction, at least. If I had to mention anything, it'd be Kono and Alejandro picked up a win over Team 246 and the Enfants won their main event six-man against Soya, Doi, and Pantera. Skip this one, too if you aren't insistent on seeing each week's release.

Top 5 Prog-Death Albums of All Time

To me, it doesn't get much better than progressive death metal and I wanted to take a moment to highlight my top five albums from the genre. Chime in in the comments section with your own choices. 5.The Faceless: Autotheism One of the most notorious groups in the game, The Faceless aren't without issues but with their third full-length, they put out something truly special. Though it split their base a bit by drastically changing from the previous style, focusing heavily on clean vocals and more melodic themes, I appreciated the maturity on display and consider it a triumphant release. Rating: ****1/2 4.Opeth: Blackwater Park Peak Opeth right here, displaying beautiful melodies alongside progressive themes and dark, haunting sections. Epic in scope, Blackwater Park demands your attention and holds it until the very last note. Rating: ****1/2 3.Between the Buried and Me: Colors Not only did BTBAM create a near masterpiece with this epic album, but they also expa

This Week in AEW (Nov Week 3)

Being the Elite 180 Thoughts Matt's injured after that big attack so we start with Nick and some of his trademarked magic shit. The Librarian stuff was fun this week and the mailbag with Best Friends and Orange was interesting to say the least. The big news is Omega is still hung up on Mox and teasing using his Mega Championship as leverage (he's defending it on Dark versus Evans next week) and Page leaving the ELITE. AEW DARK 11/19 REVIEW Matches: 1.Private Party vs Best Friends *** 2.Riho, Baker vs Big Swole, Stratlander **1/2 3.Young Bucks vs Strong Hearts ***3/4 Thoughts: Dustin on commentary with Excalibur. I actually dig the weekly change up for the show, though I still want more Taz. Speaking of, NWA finally cut the fat. There is no chance they are truly surprised, though. I mean, Dinosaur Jim has a LONG history of bullshit statements and general bigotry. They knew that when they hired him. It is what it is. The action on Dark this week made for a very fun