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This Week in AEW (October 28-30)

October 28-30 To put an extra emphasis on AEW here in the blog, let's try something new out for size... We'll be going day by day here, starting with Monday's BTE uploads, moving on to Tuesday's Dark next, and closing with Wednesday's Dynamite! And it's worth mentioning that the weekly roundup mvp spot will still possibly include AEW talent... Let me know what you think. BEING THE ELITE THOUGHTS Nick does his best Chris Angel impression and becomes, The Merch Freak! I love that on Dynamite, following the post-match attack from Santana and Ortiz this week, they actually had a brief reference to this ongoing BTE plot, by the way. Is Orange even truly alive or is this all an elaborate, Weekend at Bernie's thing? Cody has a moment with Page similar to Omega's from last week. When will he turn and join the Inner Circle? The aftershow shit next to end the episode was entertaining. Like prudes playing strip poker minus the poker. AEW D

Weekly Wrestling TV Roundup: October 2019 (Week 4)

Week of 10/20-10/26 Know that starting this week, you'll see something new done with weekly AEW content to help emphasize the material here. That means this is the last weekly tv roundup that will have Dark, Dynamite, and BTE as I test out the new concept. If you hear people say they are tired of WWE's brand of bull, by the way, point them to these blog posts. If you want to know what was must-see in the wrestling tv world this week, this is as good as it gets. This go around, note that I didn't even bother with NXT. Admittedly, even their best brand has worn thine on me right now and I might not bother with anything non-TakeOver going forward in general unless it's STRONGLY recommended to me. And yes, I heard about Finn's turn. Not enough. This Week's TV MVP: FENIX Fenix went off in the tournament semi, reminding us all that when it comes to amazing displays of aerial ability, few come close. This is the second time he's been named MVP, by the way.

Select Match Reviews: It's Always Sunny in TJP

Match from TJP I Will Choose Because it is a Sunny Country 1.Mizuki vs Suzume ***1/2 Thoughts: This was a bite sized, all-action, joshi sprint that provided the perfect amount of entertainment in under ten minutes. Check it out.

Select Match Reviews: It's My Life, It's Now or Never...

Match from TJP My Life, Let's Enjoy 1.Nakajima, Miyu vs Yuka, Mizuki ***3/4 Thoughts: Not the smoothest at times, despite how truly talented all four of these ladies are, but this was still a great tag match that I sincerely enjoyed every minute of. Check it out, especially if you haven't had a joshi fix in a while.