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ONE Championship Weekly 10/02 Review

Fights: 1.ONE Women's StraweightTitle: Xiong vs Teo NR 2.ONE Muay Thai Flyweight Title: Haggerty(c) vs Rodtang **1/2 Thoughts: This week we start with a package promoting Aung versus Vera by showing Aung's build to the top before turning to Brandon. As usual, this was very well done. The Panda and her boxing skills get the next focus. She's my favorite female fighter right now, by the way. That sets up our first fight coverage of the night, starting in the 4th and Teo was all kinds of fucked up at that point. Wave the white flag, girl. That's how Xiong won gold and I encourage all to check it out. Fun start to the action. Goncalves talked about his life and then we get a muay thai championship fight starting in the 5th to close things. Solid enough with both going the distance but nothing major. This was far from must see but, as always, but I always tend to have fun even when the fights aren't all required viewing. Skip it unless you're the sam

ONE Championship Weekly 09/25 Review

Fights: 1.ONE Heavyweight Title:Vera(c) vs Cerilli NR 2.ONE Bantamweight Title: Belingon(interim) vs Fernandes(c) ***1/2 Thoughts: Brandon Vera package to kick things off nicely and then we start the action with his latest fight; a defense from last November of the ONE Heavyweight Championship. That didn't last long, with Vera taking down the challenger in under one. More high quality video packages followed before we closed with bantamweight action that served as a rematch from the 09/18 episode that I just posted a review for. We start in the 5th. Nice strikes and cat & mouse style fight equal a very good contest worth checking out. Altogether, I really enjoyed this episode. Check it out! Overall Rating: 75/100%

ONE Championship Weekly 09/18 Review

Fights: 1.ONE Women's Strawweight Title: Xiong(c) vs Lee NR 2.ONE Middleweight Title: Aung(c) vs Hasegawa *** 3.ONE Bantamweight Title: Belingon(c) vs Fernandes NR Thoughts: We start the action this time in the 5th round of championship action! A reminder that I need at least three minutes to give something a rating. That was relevant here as the champ took down her opponent with a TKO in far under three. Remember, by the way, when I remarked how the AEW Road to episodes reminded me of ONE's video packages? Omega wore a ONE shirt on last night's AEW Dynamite debut. We start the next fight in the second and the bell couldn't save Ken from defeat here, eating a stiff shot and then solid strikes to finish from Aung. I love the finish! Good fight, though you can skip the the final seconds of it if you'd like. Brandon Vera's challenge after was cool. The mullet game was strong in this week's main event but the video editing was not, creating a fucked

AEW Dynamite Episode 1 Review

Matches: 1.Cody vs Guevara ***1/4 2.Cutler vs MJF NR 3.PAC vs Page ***1/2 4.AEW Women's Title: Nyla vs Riho ***1/4 5.The ELITE vs Jericho, Santana, Ortiz ***1/4 Thoughts: It's officially time for the first installment of AEW Dynamite! Remember that after this one, ratings will be located in the weekly roundup posts. I had some issues with Dish, with the feed cutting as soon as the opening theme concluded and not coming back until Sammy's music hit. I appreciate kicking things off with action either way and they included some story threads nicely here. In all, a good enough start to the debut episode and it actually built up nicely as it went along. I dig the way Cody is being booked so far in AEW. The finish could have been better, but we'll see how they follow up. I mean, it showed Sammy crash and burn which is logical, at least. The segment after was a perfect way to do just that. Getting Jericho on TV early here was a good call and I appreciated that,

Select Match Reviews: How to Overshadow Your Biggest Show of the Year

Matches from CMLL Aniversario 86 1.Apuesta: Microman vs Chamuel ***3/4 2.Mexico Trios Titles: NGD(c) vs Sky Team, Caristico ***3/4 3.Apuesta, Cage: Negro Casas vs Ultimo Guerrero vs Cavernario vs Volador vs Ciber vs Gilbert vs Big Daddy *** Thoughts: So, CMLL's biggest show of the year was last friday. They had issues that meant it didn't air as promoted and instead was just added to their YouTube channel later. Fite now has the show, too. You have to chose to watch it for free on YT or spend $10 on Fite. Don't hurt yourself picking which is a better option. Ring of Honor ran Death Before Dishonor the same night with Rush winning the World Championship from Taven. Dragon Lee was also on the card. Taven looks like he's leaving the company so the next defense should be versus Cobb on the UK tour. Know that Dragon Lee was going to be on the CMLL show but was punished for working PWG BOLA and instead was a surprise addition. Add in some recent financial changes to

Interesting History #1: Jefferson's Slave Children

These entries will consist of very random bits of info from very random points in history. The internet is all about learning strange facts, so let's dig in and have some fun so that you have something to bring up during those awkward silence moments at dinner with the family... Have you ever heard of Sally Hemings? She was a slave owned by Thomas Jefferson. She came into this enslavement when she was an infant due to Jefferson's wife's inheritance. At roughly the age of 14, Jefferson (who would have been in his 40's) began a sexual relationship with the teenager. She remained his slave until his death and had six children. Four survived into adulthood but remained slaves until Jefferson died. While I agree that this was a different time and I know anyone reading will make up their own minds on the subject, just consider the info above the next time you hear someone praising Jefferson. For more info, click here .

Weekly Wrestling Roundup: Sept. 2019 (Week 4)

Week of 09/22-09/30 I'm including a few extra days here so that I don't have a two day, week 5 post. Note that I have officially navigated the stressful weekend (that included  a cross-country move and a birthday), so the blog should resume to (mostly) normal going forward. Oh, and the first episode of AEW Dynamite should get a review post tomorrow morning but after that will be included in the roundups. THIS WEEK'S ROUNDUP MVP: Ben-K The Open the Dream Gate Champion won his first defense on this week's Cutting Edge, going over strong against former champ, YAMATO. His reign is promising to be one of the most important in Dragon Gate history and this week, he was a clear TV MVP. TV MATCHES OF THE WEEK AAA this week began coverage of TripleMania, which I've already reviewed here . If you missed that show, consider checking it out. Also, CMLL's biggest show of the year was on Friday (and uploaded here later), but I'll be posting my thoughts/ratings on t