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On the road again...

Tonight I finish packing up the car. In the morning, we hit the road. I'll be MIA for a few days as I drive across the country. Thank you for all that visit the blog. I'll be back. Make sure you're living your best life!

Select Match Reviews: Thar be Lions

Matches from NJPW Royal Quest 1.Ospreay, Eagles vs Bullet Club ***3/4 2.IWGP Heavyweight Titles: GOD(c) vs Aussie Open ***1/2 3.NEVER Openweight Title: Ishii(c) vs KENTA *** 4.RPW British Heavyweight Title: Sabre(c) vs Tanahashi ***3/4 5.IWGP Heavyweight Title: Okada(c) vs Suzuki ****1/4 Thoughts: Time to catch up on the true kings of professional wrestling, starting with the Royal Quest event. And yes...I did make the image above out of boredom. Note that I am moving at the end of the week so the blog will go silent for a few days. Just a heads up. The first pull saw the birds taking out Bullet Club in a great contest. I'd like to see Eagles and Ospreay team more often, but only if it doesn't hold back Ospreay. I mean, this both tag divisions need a change up, but Will has been on fire in solo action and if he is put in too many tag team contest it could slow that down. On the other hand, it could be awesome so fuck it I'm happy either way. Up next, we get an

Vanguardia/Dragon Gate Mexico La Union Review

Matches: 1.Dragon Boy, Caballero Atena, Falcon Fire, Gasparin Jr vs Memo Romero, Guerrero Sagrado Jr, Shere Khan, Simnolo Azteca *** 2.Dayami, Lluvia vs Pumara, Tiffany *3/4 3.Aramis vs Calibus vs Low Rider ***1/2 4.Audaz, Negro Casas vs Aeroboy, Draztick Boy ***1/4 5.Flamita vs El Bandido ***3/4 Thoughts: I had to do a bit of digging when I heard about Dragon Gate Mexico, but found out (thanks to the Cubs fan and then Flamita) that this is a Flamita project, attempting to bring the brand to Mexico in some form. Flamita seemed optimistic that there would be more shows in the future. Vanguardia is pretty new, too and is apparently ran by DTU affiliates like Miedo Extremo, Ciclope, and Draztick Boy. I do find myself wondering how much control the MexaBlood star would have over the brand should this turn into a regular thing... There is a preshow promo given, but my Spanish can be iffy. If anyone wants to translate it to me I'd appreciate it, because I'm sure I botched

Weekly Wrestling Roundup: Sept. 2019 (Week 3)

Week of 09/15-09/21 THIS WEEK'S ROUNDUP MVP: Roderick Strong Strong won the North American Championship this week during the beginning of NXT's USA era. As a result, every member of Undisputed Era now holds gold. That alone is pretty cool, but the fact that the match was great and that Strong came off looking like a star solidified his spot here this week! TV MATCHES OF THE WEEK 1.Penelope vs Whisper *** CHIKARA PCAGG This was a good, US indie style sprint with both coming off well and the arena choice made for a fun background. Note that I decided that PCAGG uploads deserved to be added here, by the way. 2.Rex vs Samrat **3/4 WIN Dangal ke Soorma Samrat won, but Rex is the one that impressed me the most here with his spotty, indie style as opposed to Samrat whom came off a bit iffy at times. Basically good, but skippable either way. 3.Scurll vs Bandido ***1/2 ROH TV Bandido's one of the most popular roster members and this was easily one of his biggest mat


One of my favorite things to do on Facebook is to start a poll in my group, Pro Wrestling Discussions. I figured I'd start doing write-ups for the outcomes going forward, so let's take a look at the most recent poll results. QUESTION: Let's say Anthem buys ROH...what should they do next? Options & Results: -Have two separate brands, keeping both alive but with interaction between the two (similar to WWE Raw/SD)  9 Votes -Blend ROH into IMPACT, killing the Ring of Honor brand 6 Votes -Blend both into a new brand (such as ANTHEM Wrestling) 4 Votes -Blend IMPACT into ROH, killing the IMPACT brand 1 Vote Thoughts: So, the rumors of Anthem reaching out to purchase Ring of Honor started shortly after the AXS move was officially announced. As a result of this, I was left wondering what they'd do with the prestigious company if that was to happen. Personally, I agree with the majority here. Keeping both alive would be the best for everyone, but that also le

Select Match Reviews: OMEGA in Pink

Match from NTWE/OWE 1.Omega, Riho vs Nakazawa, Yuka *** Thoughts: First off, I'd like to say that I love Omega's look here. Past that, we got the expected comedy from Nakazawa, the solid joshi action from Yuka and Riho, and Kenny had a bit of fun. Since Khan won't allow intergender stuff in AEW, I hope we continue to get Kenny/Riho team-ups in partner feds. This one isn't going to blow anyone away, but if you want something different just to entertain yourself for a little while and you happen to be a fan of someone involved here, perhaps consider adding it to your watch list.

Select Match Review: Ark Ace Abasement

Match from Pro Wrestling NOAH N-1 Victory 09/07 1.Kongoh vs Kaito, Taniguchi, Hammerstone ***1/2 2.Marufuji vs Sugiura **** Thoughts: Our pulls from this one start with pretty good six-man action, with Kaito/Kenou being the biggest story. Props to Hammerstone by the way for a decent tour. He got a good amount of time to shine here too as he served as his team's workhorse. I'd be okay seeing him return soon and this seemed to be symbolic of that happening. The main event saw Marufuji close out the N-1 with another L, finishing winless in the tournament. Props to the ace for eating that many falls, putting over his competition each time. That's a true leader. Add in this fantastic battle between these two top dogs and I have nothing but respect and praise to give out. Watch both of these.