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Select Match Reviews: A King Rises and Brothers Reign Victorious

Matches from The CRASH 05/04 1.CRASH Heavyweight Title: Theory(c) vs Rey Horus vs Brooks vs MJF *** 2.CRASH Tag Titles: Lucha Bros(c) vs MexaBlood ***1/2 Thoughts: I wanted to go back a tad and see Rey Horus win the Heavyweight belt. The match was good and fun but nothing must-see. The ref got some spotlight against MJF and a run-in set up Rey Horus joining the Rebelion Amarilla group after he won the title. That's about all you need to know. The main event was pretty good, as you'd expect, with the Lucha Bros going clean over MexaBlood. Well laid out stuff with everyone getting time to shine. Not much to complain about. I have one more CRASH show to pull stuff from but consider checking out the main event for now.

WRESTLE-1 TV #123 Thoughts

Action from the 12th on this one. Seiki won a three-way, furthering his claims for another shot at gold. Reika actually picked up a win. I have no idea what the end game is in this story with her. A random tag team lumberjack match also happened. Soya was on the winning side. The Enfants Terribles looked good, as usual, in the semi-main, picking up a six-man victory. The event's main was a heavyweight/cruiserweight mixed tag, with Andy Wu and Inaba defeating Hijo del Pantera and Kondo. I have a feeling that we're going to have two new champs at the upcoming big show, for the record. The episode closed with Aja Kong and Reika talking and promoting their match from that same big show I just mentioned. These are the episodes I love to see from this program. I like seeing the little story work on the small shows and I am excited to see where things go. W1 is one of my favorite promotions this year, and I hope you're watching the shows.

The Road to All Out #6 Thoughts

Three minutes? Not sure why this was released separate from #5, truth be told. That said, the whole thing was just a promo from Brandi directed at Spears and it was very well done. I love these build up videos.

Late Night Snack #5: Majin, the Monster of Terror

The Road to All Out #5 Thoughts

Was that the most dramatic hug ever put to film? Don't bother talking to your screen, because the answer is yes. Their interview was as fun as expected and served well as a builder to their contest against the Dark Order. The big takeaway from the Cody and Spears breakdown is the question of who will be Cody's second. My vote is for his pupper. Page cut a promo with half of the words being censored. He's still not winning at All Out. Omega closed the show talking about his redemption tour starting with Mox. We'll have to wait and see how that turns out because right now I see several options and all are valid. Another episode comes out today. Just a reminder.

Select Match Reviews: Lucha-X

Match from MDA SUPER X 02/17 1.Aramis vs Aero Boy ***1/2 2.Laredo Kid vs Dragon Bane ***1/2 Thoughts: So, I missed these somehow which was a mistake I had to fix seeing as these are four of my favorites in the lucha scene. The first pull was very good with Aramis and Aero Boy going all out and getting their shit in. The dives were sick, as expected, and, outside a tiny bit of sloppiness, this was rather smooth and enjoyable. The other pull here saw Laredo Kid, whom I hope gets signed to AEW soon, taking on the underrated Dragon Bane. Like the first match, this was very good and both workers came off looking good. Consider checking these out if you're a lucha fan with some time to kill.

Select Match Reviews: Golden Crash

Matches from The CRASH 07/05 1.CRASH Heavyweight Title: Rey Horus(c) vs Fenix vs Bandido vs Extreme Tiger ***1/2 2.CRASH Tag Titles: Rebelion Amarilla(c) vs Familia REAL ***3/4 Thoughts: I don't even mind the shitty camera work because I'm just happy when I find CRASH material in general. While Konnan was part of the group, I remember the company being one of my favorites and I considered them the lucha equivalence of PWG. Those days are gone and they've made several changes since, including being a CMLL partner, but let's not worry about that right now and just take a look at two big matches from last month. Up first, Rey Horus defended the Heavyweight strap in four-way action. The belts in CRASH have a checkered history, but I'll also refrain from going down that rabbit hole right now to avoid a full on rant. The contest was pretty good and something that Lucha Underground fans would likely enjoy if they don't mind the low production values on display.

Branch Out Project #3: ZONA 23

It's been a while since I watched anything from Zona 23, a death match lucha fed, and a new show popped up on Estrellas del Ring . So, let's make them the third entry to our little ongoing project. Now, if you've ever spotted some intense stuff from Mexico there's a chance it was from Zona 23. There are others, but they are crazy enough that they make decent gifs and YouTube clips. It's not just insane little names that no one knows working these shows, either. Hell, the show I covered below actually includes Lider, Fly Star, and Toxin Boy. Black Terry was even on the event, too. If you follow lucha, you know these names. They pop up on YouTube, largely at the link above, from time to time. Anyway, here's the matches... Matches from Zona 23 Deshuesadero Bloodsport 1.Sadika vs Sadik Maiden **1/2 2.Ovett Jr vs Hardbody vs Phoenix Kid vs Osiris vs Venganza **3/4 3.TLC: Fly Star vs Toxin Boy ***1/2 4.Zona 23 Extremo Title: Drako(c) vs Lider **1/2 Thought

NXT TakeOver Toronto II Review

Matches: 1.NXT Tag Titles: Street Profits(c) vs Undisputed Era ***3/4 2.LeRae vs Io **** 3.North American Title: VDream(c) vs Strong vs Dunne ***3/4 4.NXT Women's Title: Shayna(c) vs Mia **3/4 5.NXT Title, 2/3 Falls: Cole(c) vs Gargano ****1/2 Thoughts: NXT is a simple concept these days. Take anyone from the indies and rival feds that you can, put them on a show, and add in a small group of people who are "home built". It's hard to fuck that up and that's why TakeOver shows tend to be amazing. The weekly show not so much, because it's still WWE, but the specials are some of the best things going on the the game and thus the bar is set pretty high as a result. The opener this time around was great and it was nice seeing the Street Profits as over as they were here. I didn't expect much from them and assumed UE would win here, but I don't mind being wrong on both accounts. I was wrong about the Street Profits in general, too. They aren't

Select Match Reviews: Fiendish

Match from WWE Summerslam 1.The Fiend vs Finn Balor **1/2 Thoughts: The buzz around Bray's new entrance got my attention. Someone posted the video on YouTube and it actually included the match so I figured I'd give it a look. I personally like Bray so I was hopeful. The entrance was amazing, first of all, and one of my new favorites. I don't even usually care much about those, but this was legitimately fucking awesome. The match wasn't much, but served a decent purpose. I do like the new neck snap move but it felt lessened not being a finish and having Finn get a tiny spark after. Still, I know WWE is more likely to screw this up than anything else but, if nothing else, at least for one brief moment Bray looked like the star he truly should be. NOTE: WWE has already bowed to pressure and reportedly edited out the new lantern in replays. I'm seeing a lot of outrage, including one dipshit bible thumper calling it satanic. No one tell her about Black's r

Select Match Reviews: Ambitious

Match from wXw Ambition 11 1.Ambition Finals: WALTER vs Thatcher ***3/4 Thoughts: These former tag mates doing battle in a knockout or submission only style match turned out as great as I had hoped. I just wish more fans had been there to see it, but I guess this was a wXw show in Toronto and a niche show at that. If you love hard hitters and the Bloodsport style stuff, check this one out.

Select Match Reviews: Progress Isn't Easy

Matches from PROGRESS Ch 93 1.Robinson vs Lucky Kid ***1/4 2.Irie vs OJMO ***1/2 3.PROGRESS Tag Titles: Aussie Open(c) vs GYV ***3/4 Thoughts: That lost spark that PROGRESS is seeking to regain isn't coming easy, but that's no excuse to ignore them completely. They still are one of the best companies in the world. The first pull here was fairly good, though I would have liked a few extra minutes or so. The promo after, on the other hand, was awesome. Robinson has turned my head more than once this year but that was one of the best promos of 2019. He reminds me a bit of an angry chihuahua . The promo video is linked above if you care to check it out. I'm a huge Starr fan, but the emotion alone makes it worth seeing. Irie and OJMO had a borderline great battle next, with OJMO looking like a star in the making and exactly what PROGRESS needs right now. Irie continues to excel in these types of spots. I look forward to his additions to Strong Hearts and hope he wo

Super J-Cup Bracket Revealed + Predictions

Above is the official bracket for the revival of the Super J-Cup, featuring guests from CMLL, ROH, and the indies. And, for shits and giggles, here's my predictions... ROUND ONE Ospreay over Red SHO over Ishimori TJP over Connors Phantasmo over Eagles Gresham over Taguchi Dragon Lee over YOH BUSHI over Caristico Soberano vs Romero ROUND TWO Ospreay over SHO Phantasmo over TJP Dragon Lee over Gresham Soberano over BUSHI ROUND THREE Ospreay over Phantasmo Dragon Lee over Soberano FINALS Dragon Lee over Ospreay, setting up a title match and Dragon Lee officially taking over as the head of the division so that Ospreay can move to Heavyweight full time. I also expect Hiromu to appear at some point, perhaps after the finals.

Select Match Reviews: Summer Breeze

Matches from ROH Summer Supercard 1.Lifeblood vs Lethal Octopus ***1/2 2.Caristico, Soberano, Stuka vs Cavernario, Hechicero, Templario **** 3.ROH World Title: Taven(c) vs Shelley ***1/2 4.ROH Tag Titles, Ladder War: Briscoes(c) vs GOD ****1/4 Thoughts: Ring of Honor still hasn't addressed most of their bigger issues, but I give them credit here because this was one of the best collection of pulls I've seen from them all year. It's just too bad that barely anyone seemed to see it or care. Lifeblood's booking has been rather poor since their arrival, but it's gotten better of late and the first match I selected was a very good example of that. Not only was the contest enjoyable, but Haskins got a clean win on Lethal. The minor teases of dissension between Jay and Jon played a minor role here, too, but not in a way that really hurt the quality. The partnership with CMLL, by all accounts, is getting stronger, too. This is best showcased by the recent show a

WRESTLE-1 TV #122 Thoughts

This is just a hype episode, building toward the September 1st show. Not a lot going on outside of match announcements, but they all looked good. Aja and Muto are involved, which is enough to catch a few extra eyes. Even without their involvement, the rest of the card makes a compelling case of sorts and has potential to be their best show of 2019. Skip this one and just look at the card :

Being the Elite #165 Thoughts

Pretty simple stuff this week. I loved the Knox bump segment. I also loved the Orange announcement. On Mailbag this week, Omega talked about a potential Halloween themed episode (which I'd love), Nakazawa said he'd likely be in eSports if not for wrestling due to how thirsty he is/was, and Sky showcased how awesome he is by poorly singing and making a fool of himself. The rest of the episode was basically the Bucks in HOG. The promo was well done and I look forward to the week 2 match with Private Party. I hope we get more stuff building toward All Out in the next episodes, but this was good and a nice swan song for the Bucks on the indies.

Select Match Reviews: G1 Roundup #5

Matches from Nights 14-16 Night Fourteen 1.Ishii vs Toru Yano ***1/2 2.White vs Moxley ***1/2 3.Naito vs SHINGO ****1/2 Night Fifteen 4.Ospreay vs KENTA ***1/2 5.Kota vs Sabre ***3/4 6.Okada vs EVIL **** Night Sixteen 7.White vs Juice ***1/4 8.SHINGO vs Ishii ****3/4 Thoughts: Trying to catch up as fast as possible. Props to all the people who watched every show live during the G1. With everything else I watch and cover, plus real life, that just wasn't an option for me. I do hope these review posts and the blog in general are to service to some but I enjoy the outlet as well, so win-win? Night 14 pulls start with a surprising one. I was told I had to see Ishii and Toru Yano but I didn't expect what turned out to be a very good contest between the two. The comedy was kept to a minimum (for a Yano match) and it was just really fun entertainment. White and Mox also had a pretty good outing, as expected. The real must-see encounter, though, was a MOTYC between LI

KENTA Joins Bullet Club

At the G1 Finals, KENTA was revealed to be the new member of Bullet Club. On top of that, we also got a return tease from Shibata. I will be posting my thoughts and general review from the show soon, though I do have a few more nights of action from the series to cover first.

Late Night Snack #4: Street Fighter Alpha

Wrestling TV Roundup: August 2019 (Week 1)

Week of 08/01-08/10 Note that this has a few days included from the end of last week to account for August starting mid-week. It's an OCD thing. 1.IMPACT Tag Titles: The North(c) vs The Rascalz ***1/2 IMPACT Wrestling With the Lucha Bros and LAX out, the North and Rascalz look to fill that gap. This was very good tag team action and another example of how Impact is pumping out quality content. 2.Demian Kross vs Frank Nova ***  CNL Lucha Libre I randomly picked this one, not really knowing either talent, but it was a good contest and both workers showed potential. 3.AAA Tag Titles: Young Bucks(c) vs Lucha Bros **** AAA Worldwide The generic tunes they use to avoid YT issues are so poorly chosen. Anyway, this was overbooked and chaotic as hell but admittedly I loved it all the same. These two teams continue to prove just how awesome they are and this series continues to be just as fun as it should be. Fantastic stuff and well worth the time it takes to watch it. 4.And

A New Bullet Club Member Teased!

It looks like BC is adding another member, and Tama Tonga is teasing that he's a "high caliber Athlete", as you can see above. Who's your guess? Leave me a comment here or on FB and let me know.

Watch GLOW Episode One

I found this on YouTube and love that it included the original commercials.  Note that Season Three of the dramedy is now on Netflix!