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Select Match Reviews: One Last Stop Before TripleMania

Match from Arena Aficion 1.Blue Demon vs Rey Wagner **3/4 Thoughts: Need a last minute preview before tonight's big show? A lot of crowd brawling, like expected, and a touch of color were on hand here. Really, it was decent, but the last minute or so was pretty bad. I mean, that was certainly one of the weakest ref bumps ever, at the very least. Expect this, with at least ten more minutes or so, and a lot more drama tonight.

Select Match Reviews: Flippy Floppy

Match from The CRASH 07/13 1.Bandido vs Soberano Jr vs Rey Horus ***1/2 Thoughts: The CRASH was one of my favorite sources of lucha action not that long ago and, while they've fallen down the ranks more recently, they still pump out quality content when it actually makes tape. This was a very good spotfest, allowing everyone to get their shit in and they used their time well. Check it out.

Select Match Reviews: House Show Lucha

Match from Auditorio Municipal de Amecameca 1.Jinetes del Aire, Golden Magic vs Halcon 78, Parka Negra, Tonga **3/4 Thoughts: Some good work and nice spots are mixed in here, but the run time was a bit too long and the layout lacked a good enough flow to really call this good. That's disappointing considering who's involved, but for what is basically a house show contest it was enjoyable enough. Skip it.

WRESTLE-1 TV #121 Thoughts

We start with some sad news, as the Tag belts are being vacated due to injury. Pantera gets a flash pin to earn a shot at the Cruiserweight belt to start the action section and then the Enfants rolled on in convincing fashion. Both were from the 07/28 show. Soya and Kondo placed a challenge to Ashino and Yusuke to a match for the vacant belts. Jumping ahead to 08/01... W1 spend the next large portion of this week's episode with some solid looking filler matches of their typical variety. People don't give them enough credit for the diversity of their roster. Also, why keep a broken chair around your head well after a match, into the backstage area, and give an interview with it still wrapped around your head? I have no idea what they're doing with Reika, the Strong Hearts remain awesome, Oh, and Inaba made a statement pinning Seiki in tag action using a cool, elevated tiger suplex. The Tag Title match had a bit of interference. The right team won, with an int

PCW Ultra MUTINY #3 Review

Matches: 1.Ultra Women's Title: Tessa(c) vs Jordynne ***1/4 2.Ultra Heavyweight Title: Mil Muertes(c) vs Maff *** Thoughts: I was going to just see if anything from this week's episode caught my eye to include on the weekly roundup I do, but the whole episode won me over enough to watch one more full installment. Props to them for that, I suppose. Always nice to see Knox  getting work. The opener lacked polish at times but was still a fun defense and a good way to kick off the episode. The promo after was well done, too. I hope Tessa remains champ for a while because she should be one of the focal points of the show. The middle of the series focused on promoting the promising matches of next week's event. We closed with the top belt on the line. Mesias has slowed down a lot after his injuries but remains a serviceable talent. I was surprised to see he was the champ, though. Personally, I would have had Sami go over, but the brass clearly has a plot they'r

Wrestling TV Roundup: July 2019 (Week 5)

Week of 07/28-07/31 I'm cutting the week down a tad, covering only the final days of July. The first days of August will be added in to next week's post. As a result, here are the three contest I made time for. Remember that these posts feature various matches I pulled from weekly shows and that you should also check out reviews for full episodes on the blog, too. 1.Wagner, Psycho vs Blue Demon, Taurus ***1/4 AAA Worldwide AAA scheduled this episode to ensure that they got one last bit of build for Wagner versus Blue at TripleMania got in, and it was smart to include Psycho and Taurus in bit roles. This was the chaotic brawl that we get a lot of in AAA main events, full of blood and violence. I had fun watching and it was fairly good, but a few spots didn't pan out as well as they should have (especially the table spot near the end) and a few other minor issues hold it back from being required viewing. Only click this one if you really need a primer before tonight'

N-1 Victory Preview

Under new management, NOAH has made several interesting moves in their efforts of moving forward and progressing the company. One of these includes rebranding the Global League as the N-1 Victory, which is their version of the G1 or Champion Carnival. Ten wrestlers, two blocks, and one month of action with the winner getting a shot at Kaito and the GHC Heavyweight Championship. The tournament will run from August 18th until September 16th. Check their YouTube and PuroDream for uploads. *Note that this preview will also feature a match from each worker to help newcomers become better acquainted with the talent* Let's dig in... BLOCK A  (names from left to right using block photo above) -Naomichi Marufuji  At nearly 40, Naomichi is basically the promotion's gatekeeper and remains one of the best workers not only in the promotion but in the world. While I don't see him winning, don't count him out and expect every win against him to be a struggle. -Sugiura

Select Match Reviews: Open the Kobe Gate

Matches from Dragon Gate Kobe World 1.Kzy vs Skywalker ***3/4 2.Brave Gate Title: Susumu(c) vs Flamita ***1/2 3.Ultimo Dragon, Yoshino, Dragon Kid vs Mochizuki, Kondo, Sugawara **** 4.Twin Gate Title, Elimination Tag: Tribe Vanguard(c) vs RED vs MaxiMuM ****1/2 5.Dream Gate Title: PAC(c) vs Ben-K **** Thoughts: Dragon Gate's biggest show of the year delivered, as expected! The first pull was great, with both men continuing to play their roles perfectly, just like they always do. The Natural Vibe entrance was pretty spectacular, too. I'm admittedly surprised this was booked at all, but I love that both workers were gifted a big singles contest on such a huge show at all. The first championship defense that I watched was pretty good. Susumu is one of my favorite workers on the roster. Flamita is a guy I enjoy in Mexico but that tends to disappoint in DG. They worked well and it was pretty good, but I admittedly thought it'd be a tad better. Up third, Ultimo off

Select Match Reviews: It's an ALL OUT Day, Yes it is...

Match from DDT Fighting Beer Garden 1.KO-D Six-man Titles: ALL OUT(c) vs Team BASARA ***1/2 Thoughts: This is from the ALL OUT Day celebration and was borderline great, with some unique spots mixed in among strong work and a touch of comedy. ALL OUT are quickly becoming my favorite trio, so check this one out and see why.


Select Match Reviews: Summertime Joshi

Match from TJP Summer Sunshine Carnival 1.Miyu, Miu vs Rika, Raku ***1/4 Thoughts: While this was a bit rough around the edges, it also built up decently and Miyu worked hard enough to push it up past average territory. Not quite recommendation levels, but still a largely fun tag contest.

Five Star Grilled Cheese Recipe

Ingredients needed: -Bread -Butter -Bacon -Sliced Cheddar Cheese -Balsamic Vinaigrette -Avocado Steps: 1. Cook your bacon to your liking in a pan (or use microwave bacon if you're a lazy bastard). 2. Melt a slice of cheese on two pieces of bread using a buttered skillet while toasting the bread at the same time. 3. Remove the two slices of cheesy bread. 4. Add the crispy pork slices, spread some fresh avocado, and put some of the dressing to taste 5. Finish the sandwich by sandwiching the two pieces of bread and all of the amazingness that they now are the base to together. 6. Eat the sandwich and then send me a thank you and a nice gift via that Paypal donate button to the side over there...

AAA TripleMania Preview

So, we're closing in on this year's TripleMania. If you don't have time to read the whole preview, let me just give you some quick advice and tell you to NOT LISTEN TO THE ENGLISH COMMENTARY VERSION (if Vampiro is indeed involved, at least). For those with more time, let's take a look.... WHEN & WHERE TO WATCH The show will stream on the AAA Twitch accounts at 8 EST this Saturday night. CARD & PREDICTIONS -Llave a la Gloria Not much is known about this year's Llave a la Gloria other than it's taking place on the preshow. Basically, this is a tryout match for rookies and indie talents and tends to be a fun, short spotfest. Astrolux is the only name I've seen mentioned so I guess I'll say he wins. He is pretty awesome, at least. -Copa TripleMania The format will likely be a battle royal once again. Expect this to be a general waste of time and I honestly have no interest in it nor in who wins as it's probably not going to mean anyt

Late Night Snack #2: Five Deadly Venoms

The Road to AEW All Out #3 Thoughts

This is seven minutes of solid entertainment, once again showing how freaking entertaining MJF is as well as working perfectly to continue building the Spears/Cody match. I loved the mind game stuff and the fun easter eggs were enjoyable as usual. Check it out.

Select Match Reviews: The Real Monday Night Wars 2.0???

Match from Hurricane Pro Queens of the Ring 1.Hurricane Pro Women's Title: Miranda(c) vs Ryan ** Thoughts: I mean, what's one more view count versus the millions? Don't underestimate that triumph. Oh, and props to Hurricane Pro for being the fed that put the match on, by the way. So, this was about what you'd come to expect from a Joey Ryan match. The tootsie roll spot was new, though. I mean, if you want a laugh check this out. If not, skip it. Either way, props to all involved for the awesome achievement.

Select Match Reviews: When You Wish Upon a Starr

Match from Defiant Wrestling Built to Destroy 1.Defiant World Title: Rampage(c) vs Starr *** Thoughts: Defiant has put out the entire Built to Destroy event on YouTube for free right now, so let's take a look at the match I cared about from the show. David Starr is a worker that I like not just as an in-ring performer, but also as a person. The guy is sincerely awesome and he works his ass off. Promotions are finally taking notice. Rampage is serviceable. Now, the match was good and the right guy did win, but it'd be lying if I called it truly recommendable. The general flow was lacking at times and the circus act restart stuff did little for me. That said, I have a feeling that fans that still say the WWF Attitude Era put out the best content ever will enjoy it more than I did. Something worth considering. So, skip this unless that defines your stance on wrestling.

Select Match Reviews: G1 Roundup #3

Matches from G1 Climax Nights 8-10 Night Eight 1.Moxley vs SHINGO ***3/4 2.Naito vs Ishii **** Night Nine 3.Kota vs Archer **** 4.Okada vs KENTA ****1/4 Night Ten 5.Ishii vs Juice ****1/2 6.White vs SHINGO ***1/2 7.Moxley vs Naito ***3/4 Thoughts: This year's tournament is one of the best ever, and wrestling itself is putting out more quality content than basically ever before. Anyone who says otherwise is either stuck in the past or only watches WWE. It's a great time to be alive. Night eight's pulls saw Mox continue to dominate, this time making SHINGO tap out in a great battle and Naito pick up a V against the Stone Pitbull in a nice, 20-minute building affair. Zero fucks are given by Mox. Over on the next show, Archer continued to surpass all expectations and KENTA continued to resemble his old self. I love the monster roll Archer is playing and hope he gets some better booking going forward now. The dude might have the worst tats in the game outs

PCW Ultra MUTINY #2 Review

Matches: 1.SCHAFF vs Everfly vs Vandagriff vs Riley **3/4 2.PCW Ultralight Title: James(c) vs Devlin vs Strickland ***1/2 (#2 not eligible for 2019 recommendation list) Thoughts: A post-match interview with TJP from last week's episode kicked things off, surprisingly. Interesting choice. The first match was a four-way, starting off with SCHAFF cutting a bland promo about wanting a match. He's added to what was supposed to be a three-way. It was decent, but largely forgettable. Basically, imagine three cruiserweights and a monster role working a match and I bet you can imagine the general outline. Far from bad, but very skippable. They then give us a look at Tessa's history in PCW Ultra. I'm glad she's booked so well on the show as she is arguably the best women's wrestler that isn't from Japan. The show closed with a flashback match from 2018. I'd prefer new content, but the good news is that this was pretty good even with the iffy finish.

Select Match Reviews: Doing What Aces Do

Match from All Japan Summer Action Series N8 1.Triple Crown Title: Kento(c) vs Zeus ****1/2 Thoughts: Kento does it again, once again putting in for a fantastic performance. Conquering Zeus here puts Miyahara at six successful defenses. Note that Zeus is the man who he took the belt from last October and also the man who took the belt from him before that. They've had the ace hold the strap nearly a year this time and win the Champion Carnival, too. I have no idea who they plan on putting the belt on next, but at this point I'd be okay with the kid keeping the strap for years. No one in All Japan matches him, which is saying something, and very few in the world can work at the same rate as he can. Check this MOTYC out now!

Select Match Reviews: Just Saiyan

Match from BASARA 101 Banquet 1.Hardcore: Shimomura vs Abe **1/4 Thoughts: This was certainly an interesting watching experience, but that didn't equal a good match. Rough at times to the point of comedy, there was just enough quality mixed in to keep it in "average" territory. Both are far better than this and I'm surprised DDT actually put this up on their YT at all. Skip this.

PCW Ultra MUTINY #1 Review

Matches: 1.TJP vs Brooks *** 2.PCW Ultralight Title: Atlas(c) vs Trey ***1/2 Thoughts: So, PCW Ultra popped up on my radar last year thanks to Prime offering some of their shows. Apparently, they have a new series that started recently that I completely missed the news on. So, in celebration of this news, let's take a look. The opener was fairly good, with a solid first half with some good comedy moments mixed in and building up to an enjoyable climax. TJP is a smart guy to book and a lot of places are doing exactly that. They then give us a look at the Warbeast group and tease something similar with Tessa for next week. Well done production work. The main event was for the brand's light heavyweight division strap. I get that Trey Miguel is working heel, but I am surprised they didn't clip out his homophobic taunt, especially for their first ever episode. It got an uncomfortable reaction from the fans, of course. The contest itself was very good, allowing both

Late Night Snack #1: MST3K-Gamera

So, back in the day, I used to post random movies for members of PWD to enjoy. I don't sleep much and I know some of the members there don't either (plus we have a decent, little international roster). Now, they rarely have anything to do with wrestling so keep that in mind ahead of time. Instead, these do tend to be kaiju, scifi, kung fu, etc. So, here's the first installment in what is a resurrection of sorts for the old tradition and what better way to start than with Mystery Science Theater. 

Being the Elite #163 Thoughts

Matt and Nick's kids are apparently fans of Pentagon. It's the Bucks' birthday. A decent portion of the episode takes place behind the scenes at the TNT reveal. Cody apparently has to dress the Bucks. The TNT ad is pretty awesome. Private Party superkick the Bucks out of their...private party and they promote their HOG match. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus have a fun moment with SCU. Knox has a fun moment with CD. This week's BTEmailbag has Baker reference Cole and then say that he concussion is much better but she's not 100% about All Out, CD (and Nugget) mention his role at Universal, and Jericho acts like a royal dick, picks a Punk related question, and then pretends to need to leave to talk with a fan that his sunglasses prove isn't actually there. Great stuff. A Summer montage of the Bucks doing flips closes the show. BTE remains entertaining, but it's an acquired taste for sure...

Select Match Reviews: Bandit on the DL

Match from Arena Clandestina Tr3sCaidas 1.Bandido vs Dragon Lee ***3/4 Thoughts: Another YouTube recommendation. This time one I caught actually the debut stream while I actually was about to check out the new BTE. Both are top lucha names so yea, BTE can wait a few minutes. If you can get past the fact that this looks like it was recorded by a kid using their parent's phone, you should make time for it. Both showcased exactly why they are elite talents, working their asses off and putting on a great show in what was one of the best spotfests of 2019.

Wrestling TV Roundup: July 2019 (Week 4)

Week of 07/21-07/27 1.Gulak vs Isaiah ***3/4 WWE 205Live The show is still finding a new groove since the shakeup, but Gulak as champ is awesome and this match was truly great. I hope the former Shane Strickland gets more 205 matches after this one, because he'd be a great addition to the roster. This was a great main event and one of the best matches of the week. 2.Familia Real vs Dinastia Wagner ***1/4 MLW Fusion They played the hits here and put in for a pretty good tag match. The commentary sucked, as usual, but mute fixed that. This worked well as a good introduction to US fans that likely have no idea who the Wagner family are so that's worth something if nothing else and Court got a clean finish out of them, which is rare. I'm surprised at that, though. Make sure to join my group, PWD , to join the discussion on the Park incident from Defy and check this match out if you want to see the debut of the Wagner family on MLW. 3.Four Corner Survival: Castle

Select Match Reviews: Enter the DDT

Match from Wrestle Gate: Enter the Dragons 1.Takeshita vs Ridgeway ***1/2 Thoughts: So, one of UK's newest promotions, Wrestle Gate, turned up on most people's radars due to the PAC versus Page match. I had actually heard of them prior, but haven't watched much of their content. YouTube decided that wasn't okay and knew I needed another Takeshita match in my life so this one showed up on my recommended videos. First off, props to Wrestle Gate for booking this at all. I know the promoter brings in a lot of Japanese talent in general, so I hope he is able to make the brand into something big! The match itself was very good, but I do have a few minor issues. The biggest is a stretch of off camera action taking place which sucked down the overall rating a tad. The finish also sucked a tad, but it is what it is. My only other real issue was the commentary was iffy, but that's true basically everywhere. Outside of that, this was worth the time I spent watching