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Another great month of wrestling! June was so awesome, that I once again had to break well past ten matches. Make sure you've seen every single one of these and check out the full list of recommendations here . 10.Kento/Yoshitatsu ****1/4 9.Tracy,Haskins,Bandido/Scurll,PCO,Brody ****1/4 8.WALTER/Starr ****1/4 7.Hoshiki/Tam ****1/4 6.Laredo Kid/Vikingo ****1/4 5.Dragon Lee/Ospreay ****1/4 4.Gargano/Cole ****1/4 3.Kaito/Sugiura ****1/2 2.Kota/Naito ****1/2 1.SHINGO/Ospreay ****1/2

Select Match Reviews: Illinois, the Real New Mexico

Match from GALLI 04/28 1.Rey Horus, Deranged vs Golden Dragon, Gringo Loco **3/4 Thoughts: This one caught my eye, largely due to Horus and Gringo being involved. I used to work for GALLI for a while, so their content still pops up on my YouTube. The match was good, though a bit rougher around the edges than expected. No need to rush to see this, but it's far from bad.

Select Match Reviews: Dying in Sapporo

Match from BJW Sapporo 2 Days 06/30 1.BJW Death Heavyweight Title: Isami vs Ueki ***1/2 Thoughts: Isami once again delivered here. Ueki is okay, but not really someone I care to see very often so it's a good thing he was matched up against the champ here. As far as death matches go, this was pretty good and some of the spots were sincerely sickening. It might not be your cup of tea, but if you like death style, consider this one. Long live the champ!

Dragon Gate Cutting Edge #29 Review

Match: 1.YAMATO, BxB, Sugawara, Magnitude vs Yoshino, Doi, Saito, Mori ***1/4 Thoughts: This year, the 20th anniversary of Dragon Gate, the company has been holding several memorial matches, celebrating the major accomplishment. This week's episode of Cutting Edge features one of those, including former Dream Gate Champ, Sugawara, who hasn't worked for the company in many years, and Mori, who simply hasn't worked a match in many years. Magnitude is basically in the same boat as Sugawara. The atomico was fairly good, though a tad rough around the edges at times. Yoshino, Doi, YAMATO, and even BxB worked hard to keep it enjoyable, but I can only recommend this one if you are a long-time fan of Dragon Gate and want to see it out of novelty. Skip this one, but know it was far from bad and this really was still an all-together good episode of Cutting Edge. Overall Rating: 70/100%

Dragon Gate Cutting Edge #28 Review

Match: 1.Mochizuki vs Okuda ***3/4 Thoughts: This week, we got a great, grapple-heavy battle between the amazing Mochizuki and brand newcomer, Okuda. I really enjoyed the IGF influenced style here (Okuda is actually from IGF). Funny enough, the former Dream Gate Champ felt like the lesser striker here. After the seven minute war, Okuda was invited and agreed to join the Dojo! Cutting Edge once again delivered. Watch this one. Overall Rating: 85/100%

WRESTLE-1 TV #120 Thoughts

This week's episode focused on the third night of Tour Symbol. Strong Heart's Yoshioka continued to win early on, hopefully setting him closer to another shot at gold soon. The finish to the Pegaso tag seemed a tad off, but the match itself seemed okay before it. Reika getting a win was nice, as I have no idea what they are doing with her as of late. The semi came off as a better version of the earlier tag. Everyone wants the Cruiserweight title. The action section closed with Ashino committing murder, as he is known to do and making a statement that he is coming for the Tag belts. Enfants Terribles roll on. Interviews and previews followed, as usual. Once more, this was a fun episode. I watch these because I actually care about what happens on W1 shows and I hope you consider trying them, too.

Select Match Reviews: Tranquil Trio

Match from CMLL Puebla 07/15 1.Mex National Trios Titles: NGD(c) vs Los Ingobernables *** Thoughts: I had missed this one during my TV roundup, so let's fix that seeing as it features my favorite CMLL trio against Rush and the LIM. Puebla stuff tends to be average, and honestly a lot of Ingobernables stuff in general does, too. This was actually a good title match, helped by the fact that the tranquilo crew decided to step up the intensity a tad. When they want to be good, they are. NGD worked a more tecnico style as a result of the matchup. In all, while I have a hard time recommending this one, it was still a good defense and a decent watch. Go ahead and skip it unless you're very bored.

Select Match Reviews: Princess Diaries 2

Match from TJP Summer Sunshine Carnival 1. Shoko, Yuki vs Ito Respect-gun ***1/2 Thoughts: This was a nice sequel to the Princess Cup finals and a very good tag team contest building toward the upcoming title defense, while also setting up another challenge after a dramatic post-match split. Go ahead and give it a view.

Select Match Reviews: Princess Diaries

Matches from TJP Princess Cup Finals 1.Princess Cup Finals: Mizuki vs Yuna ***1/2 Thoughts: I have reason to believe my debit card my have been compromised due to my DDT Universe account and am investigating the cause. If it does have a link to the service, I sadly will not be sticking with them despite enjoying the content. For now, let's take in some more quality wrestling while things are sorted out. The finals of the 2019 Princess Cup turned out to be a pretty good joshi clash, with freelancer, Mizuki, taking home the prize. I look forward to the title match. While I can't say this blew me away, I appreciated the work and still think it was good enough to recommend checking it out so go give it a click.

Select Match Reviews: Chops, Kicks, and Lariats (oh my)

Match from NOAH Global Junior League Night Nine 1.GHC Tag Titles: AXIZ(c) vs  Kaito, Shuhei ****1/4 Thoughts: AXIZ continue to be one of the best teams in the game right now. With Kaito's upcoming defense against Nakajima, the added tension helped push this past being just a filler defense and every interaction really worked well, building to a great finish that made Go look like the beast that he truly is. Watch this one.

Select Match Reviews: Oh, So Grand (Prix)

Matches from W1 Tour 2019 Symbol Night One 1.Grand Prix Semi: Daiki vs Kuma ***1/2 2.Grand Prix Semi: Ashino vs Koji ***1/2 3.Soya, Hijo del Pantera, MAZADA vs Andy Wu, Alejandro, Kono *** 4.Strong Hearts, Issei vs Kaz, Pegaso, Seigo, Kondo, Tonsyo ***3/4 5.Grand Prix Finals: Daiki vs Ashino ***3/4 Thoughts: There's a reason I watch the weekly series, and honestly it's because W1 continued to grow on me more and more until the point where I just had to keep an eye on them weekly. Now, I covered the episode that clipped this one, but I still had to check out a few of the matches in full. The two semi contests were very enjoyable. Daiki did very well in his role and I think I'm getting more okay with knowing that he actually wins the tournament this year. The other was a fun submission focused battle with Koji getting a lot more offense in than I actually expected. Watch both of those. The six-man was good with some comedic relief sprinkled. Alejandro hopefully

Select Match Reviews: Calamari Special

Match from DDT Summer Vacation 1.KO-D Openweight Title: Takeshita(c) vs Brookes ****1/4 Thoughts: I'm not sure how long Brookes' tour with DDT is, but they've pushed him hard and I have a hard time believing he won't be back. That's a good thing, because he's more than done his part and he's won over the fans quickly. Here, in what is easily just a filler title defense for DDT ace, both worked their asses off to give a memorable contest simply because doing anything else wasn't an option for the two talented workers. There's some absolutely sick spots mixed in with great story work and, while I could have done without the ref bumps, it did set up some fun sections and allowed for a visual victory for the gaijin the first time. In all, they turned what could have been a b-show match into a fantastic defense that I hope you check out.

Select Match Reviews: Rebuild Through Repeat

Match from PROGRESS Ch.92 1.PROGRESS World Title: WALTER(c) vs Ilja **** Thoughts: PROGRESS sold their soul to WWE to try to avoid the inevitable. I get it, since they were going to sign up all of these European workers one way or another and this way they at least still get to use them (for now). The punk feel has been diminished a tad as has some of that old aura. It's been pretty clear that they are in a rebuild of sorts, but when you're in that phase it helps to dig into your pocket and go with what has been proven to work. In this case, this comes in the form of the 9th singles Ilja versus WALTER clash. It's the first in a PROGRESS ring, at least, but the point remains. Gone are the days of the old PROGRESS, but it's current form at least still provides some bangers and it'd be doing a great disservice to the brand and the performers to ignore that. One of the biggest feuds in European wrestling was on display here and it lived up, once more, to the

AEW Coming to TNT on October 2nd

Select Match Reviews: Ode to Konstantin

Match from PROGRESS Ch.91 1.#1 Contender: Ilja vs Devlin ****1/4 Thoughts: How had no one else booked this before? For all of PROGRESS' issues this year, they're still pumping out some good hits and this sure as hell was one of them and they get props for being the first to be smart enough to get these two in the same ring together. Ilja and Devlin are two of the top names in the Euro scene and this was a real banger, featuring the high quality content I've come to expect from both of them. Go check this out, especially as a primer before the latest WALTER defense.

Select Match Reviews: Recent CZW Roundup

Matches from Tangled Web 1.CZW World Title: Silver(c) vs Tremont *** 2.Tangled Web: MASADA vs Kirk *** Matches from TOD 18 3.Home Run Derby Death: REP vs Murdered By Kicks ***1/2 4.Summer Funtime Death: Claxton vs Lloyd *** 5.Texas Tangled Web Death: Casanova vs O'Hare ***1/2 6.Fans Bring the Weapons: Tremont vs Warner 7.TOD 18 Finals: Claxton vs O'Hare ***1/2 Matches from Lyle Memorial Show 8.Corvis vs Del vs Mack vs Crawford 9.Gacy vs Dunst *** 10. H20 Hybrid Title: Payne(c) vs Stockade vs Angel vs Cannonball vs Henderson ***1/2 11. CZW World Title: Silver(c) vs James ***1/2 12.REP vs Lloyd, Tremont *** Thoughts: While working on some material for CZW, I saw these matches that I wanted to take a chance to recommend to readers of the blog. Up first, Silver defended the CZW strap against death god, Tremont in a good match that also served heavily as a plot builder. Good contest. This year's tangled web was good, too, with MASADA returning victorious to the

Select Match Reviews: Rip Currents Kill

Match from Riptide: Point Break 1.PAC vs Cara Noir **** Thoughts: Riptide fucking loves to be cinematic, don't they. I don't catch much of their stuff, but when I do I tend to walk away feeling like I saw something a tad different than what others are doing. Now, note that I've seen little of Cara Noir, too. He tends to work the mid-range European circuit that largely escapes my view. I knew he's solid, at least. The style of Riptide works in his favor, for sure. Real quick, did you know what to do if you're stuck in a rip current? I nearly died a while back while on vacation in Port Aransas because I was ignorant on the subject and I hope this largely random placement helps someone in need. Anyway, back to the match at hand. I'm a strong supporter to the concept of free matches. Adding a free taste from time to time on YouTube helps expose your brand to new eyes, especially if the contest in question features a name like, PAC. I know for a fa

The Road to AEW All Out #2 Thoughts

Tully kicks things off this week, explaining more about his relationship with Spears. I hope this role helps him gain more attention since he was underappreciated for far too long. His daughter has at least helped spotlight the name lately. Janela, Havoc, and Darby fought after failing at the last show and a three-way is announced as a result. Could be good. Mox kills it with another great promo to end things. I remind fans that dislike the comedy stuff that BTE focuses on to check this series out. AEW is for real and you need to wake up and take notice now!

Being the Elite #162 Thoughts

We kick off with more Librarian comedy. Good stuff. Marko had a bigger role this time, with a Gunn section and then joining up with Jungle and Luchasaurus. The Knox stuff continues to rock! Dark Order's promos are some of the best right now and I hope more fans are finally realizing who these guys actually are. BTEmailbag kicked off with Page talking about riding to ring on a horse and then about former students and how Diante can fuck off. Nakazawa says AEW should have a midcard title but also a preshow strap. Please, no. Jokes aside, I fear if they ever use a certain DDT belt that WWE diehards unaware of the belt will go on a rant for a week. Omega closed the mailbag explaining his use of boing since some fans didn't understand...somehow... The episode ended with the Bucks accepting the ladder match challenge, using Google translate, and masking up. Ladder of death, Bay Bay! The AAA Tag belts will be on the line again, by the way. Once again, this is fun stu

WRESTLE-1 TV #119 Thoughts

We get action from the 07/18 show this week. Kaz takes down Kamura to start. The kid has some potential. The next contest didn't look nearly as interesting but the joshi tag made up for it and the six-man looked even better. Ashino remains not only the ace of W1, but one of the most entertaining workers in Japan. He's looking to get back on track and everyone needs to keep an eye out for the target on their backs. The show's semi, a cruiserweight style tag affair, looked ok from what they showed. The attack after was a nice touch. Speaking on targets on their back, the cruiserweight division is all seemingly coming after the belt. As usual of late, the best looking stuff came from the Strong Hearts who closed the event out in six-man action against the Grand Prix winner who teamed up with Pantera and Koji. This worked well to build toward the big title defense between T-Hawk and Inaba. The episode closed with promos and video packages. In all, a good road to style

Select Match Reviews: G1 Roundup #2

Matches from G1 Climax Nights 5-7 Night Five 1.EVIL vs SANADA ***1/2 2.Tanahashi vs Sabre ***3/4 3.Ospreay vs Kota ****1/4 Night Six 4.Naito vs Goto ***3/4 5.Ishii vs Moxley ****1/2 Night Seven 6.KENTA vs EVIL ***1/2 7.Okada vs Ospreay ****3/4 Thoughts: The hits keep coming, this time with two true MOTYC level matches and another that was close. The story telling is matching the action, too. The LIJ brotherhood battle between SANADA and EVIL was very enjoyable and the winner was a surprise to me. Also, from night five, Tana and Sabre had a great battle once again showing that even a banged up Hiroshi is one of the best wrestlers in the world. The evening closed with a fantastic contest between my wrestler of the year and the suicidal Kota. Night six saw a great match with Naito and Goto and a hell of a war featuring Ishii and Mox that has to be seen by all fans! We finish on night seven for now, starting with EVIL and KENTA who had a very good match with KENTA l

Wrestling TV Roundup: July 2019 (Week 3)

Week of 07/14-07/20 Shorter list than usual this week, but these are the ones I really wanted to see the most and I am trying to catch up on other stuff instead of random matches that just intrigue me. Plus, I was working on a hype video for CZW which took up a bit of time. 1. AAA Cruiserweight Title: Laredo Kid(c) vs Vikingo ****1/4 AAA Worldwide Fantastic work, showcasing both perfectly in a spotfest clash. Laredo has been one of the best guys in the lucha game for a while and Vikingo has a future so bright that I think he's the next Rey Mysterio. Watch this one. 2.  MLW Tag Titles, Ladder: Hart Foundation(c) vs Dynasty ***1/2 MLW Fusion Pretty good ladder match with a decent mixture of things working in its favor. Dynasty winning here makes me feel, even more so, that the Openweight belt was made just to get gold on all of these guys. I've seen many that are much higher on this one than myself. 3. Gable vs Gallagher ***3/4 205Live Over a month ago, Gab