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Select Match Reviews: The Lost Boys

Matches from DDT Road to Peter Pan 06/30 1.KO-D Tag Titles: DAMNATION(c) vs DISASTER BOX *** 2.Takeshita vs Brookes vs Sanshiro ***1/2 Thoughts: This one caught my eye as both of these matches looked really good on paper. Maybe it's just me since today is kind of shitty, but the tag match felt off and failed at hooking me in very well. It was good, but I just didn't find myself enjoying it the way I thought I would and it felt like it needed about five minutes knocked off. The main event was a different story. Poor, old man Takagi failing to get a handshake was a funny start. They largely pretended he wasn't there for a few minutes and it was wildly entertaining stuff. After he got a wet-willy, I'm sure he wish he had stayed in the background. Yea, there was a lot of comedy here but it had enough going for it to give it a "real match" rating. The Brookes/Takeshita moments in particular were enjoyable and I'd love a one on one soon. The hardc

Select Match Reviews: Over the Top

Matches from OTT WrestleRama III 1.Bandido vs Rey Horus ***1/2 2.WALTER vs Starr ****1/4 Thoughts: Since they started, OTT has a tendency to pump out at a handful of high quality matches each year. They've landed on my recommendations list four times so far with one legit MOTYC. Here's two pulls from their latest big show. Let's dig it. The first match was a fun lucha match with a hot end stretch. Very good stuff and a pretty nice intro-to-lucha style contest. The main event, which is the latest in the ongoing war between Starr and WALTER, was truly fantastic. I'm unsure if Starr will ever get the nod over the big man, especially with the WWE situation involved now, but if/when he does it'll be one of the biggest stories in wrestling. The over the top shenanigans added to the story but hurt the quality of the match itself a tad, but it's still one of the best matches of the year and a must-see encounter. The spot with the UK belt alone makes this newsw

DDT Wrestle Peter Pan Preview

I've done more of these previews the past few days than usual, but there's a lot going on and I wanted to help promote some of these big shows. Followers of the blog know why I'm doing this one. Let's dig in and look at the matches. EDIT: I found a delightful site that does a good job covering DDT that I wanted to promote here real quick. This preview comes from someone who is still pretty new to DDT outside of select matches. This one, on the other hand, is from a diehard follower who did a good job. HOW TO WATCH The show will steam live here , 2PM JST. Check here for what time that is for you. CARD & PREDICTIONS -Umeda vs Keigo Umeda is leaving the business and this is one of his farewell matches. Keigo, who was on the DDTxSendai show, is a bright rookie. I think they might give Keigo the nod as Umeda is leaving, but we'll see. I will say that Kota Umeda is very talented and that this could be a good match if given time. -Rika, Tenma, Aino vs Maki,

DDT Pool Wrestling Review

Matches 1.Takeshita, Shunma vs Brookes, Watase vs Sasaki, Endo vs HARASHIMA, Hirata vs Gota, Nakazawa NR 2.KO-D Openweight Title: Endo(c) vs Sanshiro NR Thoughts: If you saw my tweet, you saw I am using the trial to DDT Universe right now to ensure I don't miss the Peter Pan show. I figured I'd start with something weird because honestly it's been a shit day and I feel like crap. The camera work sucks a bit at times but how this is a pretty unique situation so it's excusable. And yes, for those wondering, it is what it sounds like. This is a large portion of the roster wrestling around and in a swimming pool. They had a swimming contest in the middle of this clusterfuck. They essentially had a dive sequence using a water slide. Chris Brookes even applied a figure four going down said water slide. This was sincerely insane in all the right ways. I don't really rate comedy stuff but I will say that this was well worth seeing. Brookes stole the show, by t

AEW Adds Women's Tag Match to Card

AEW has decided to go ahead and announce what Baker, Bea, and Shoko will be involved in tomorrow and it's actually a pretty nice, little tag match. Dr. Britt Baker will team with Riho to take on Shoko Nakajima and Bea Priestly. I have a feeling Riho and Britt are set to win this but with Shoko coming in as a wildcard it's hard to know for sure, especially since neither champs should take a fall right now. Tune in tomorrow evening and show AEW some love.

Select Match Reviews: The Colonel and Axl Walk into a Bar...

Match from BASARA 100 TENKA ISHIN 1.Heaven Summit Finals: Isami Kodaka vs Minory Fujita ***1/4 Thoughts: Everyone should be required to own a shirt that says, "Peace and Fuck" in their closet. The law should mandate that it be worn at least once a week out in public. That's how you fix the world's problems in one move. Enough of that. BASARA is a fun promotion ran by the DDT crew and, though I don't watch them often, I do tend to enjoy what I see. It's also worth noting that most of what I see from them seems to involve Isami in some form. He's a decent worker, so that's actually fine. The match here was good, though it never really broke out into anything truly worth recommending for me. There were glimpses here and there and I still enjoyed it well enough, but it's hard to call it must see. Skip this one, but know that both talents and the brand are typically better than this (at least in my limited experience).

Select Match Reviews: The Crown of Miyahara

Match from All Japan Dynamite Series 06/30 1.Triple Crown Title: Kento(c) vs Yoshitatsu ****1/4 Thoughts: Is Kento still the ace of All Japan or has he reached god levels? At this point, just keep him as champ for another year or two and I won't complain. He steps up in these matches so well that putting it on nearly anyone else is a step down. Anyway, credit to Yoshitatsu for working his ass off here as well. Kento tends to bring out the best in his challengers. This was a truly fantastic, near MOTYC caliber title defense and something I strongly recommend. There's something special about basically every Kento title match and this is no exception.

EVOLVE 131 Preview

This Saturday the 13th, at 8 EST, EVOLVE finally gets a chance on the WWE Network when they celebrate their 10 year anniversary. The fact that I heard they're promoting this on Raw and Smackdown is a big deal and I am actually signing up for a trial on the service to watch this. I'll be leaving when the month is over unless they announce they're going to be adding monthly airings of not only EVOLVE but also PROGRESS and wXw. That won't be happening. Anyway, let's take a look at the card and make some predictions. Note that AEW Fight for the Fallen is getting priority for me, though I likely won't have a chance to watch either live. Reviews for both events should be posted as soon as I can after the show airs, either way. CARD & PREDICTIONS -Babatunde vs Corino I'm expecting that Gabe was looking for someone to replace Darby and figured Colby Corino would be a good fit. I'd disagree, but I still think that's the idea here. Expect the kid to

New Match Announced for Fight for the Fallen

AEW has announced one more, last minute addition to the weekend's card, with Dark Order taking on Gueros del Cielo and the team of Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy. The winner gets a bye in the tag tournament at All Out. I say Dark Order gets the win here, for whatever that's worth. Check out the preview for the rest of the show  here .

Select Match Reviews: Tinkerbell

Match from DDT Road to Peter Pan 07/07 1.Takeshita, Nobuhiro vs Ueno, Umeda ***3/4 Thoughts: If you aren't subscribed to the DDT YouTube Channel, you're missing out. Just saying. So, here's one of their most recent video uploads and, since it features Konosuke, I figured it was worth the time. It was. For what was a random click, this turned out to be a great tag match with a nice amount of drama. Takeshita got rocked early and carried that damage throughout the run which added a lot to this one. Watch this one.

AEW Fight for the Fallen Preview

AEW's third show is coming in just a couple of days, so let's take a look at the who, when, and why. HOW TO WATCH Tune in to B/R Live  this Saturday, the 13th, at 7:30 EST. The show will be airing FREE so there is little excuse not to check it out. THE CARD & MATCH PREDICTIONS -Sonny Kiss vs The Librarian, Peter Avalon This is an interesting matchup to say the least and will serve well as a comedic preshow match. I'm expecting Kiss to get the win and I'm hoping this is more than just comedy as both are capable of decent work. -Brandi Rhodes vs Allie The video packages have shown me that Brandi appears to have gotten a tad better since the last time I saw her working. Allie is one of the best talents on the women's roster for AEW, though, and should get the win here. It should be decent but likely nothing major and unless they add an angle in it'll be ultimately forgettable. -SCU vs The Lucha Bros This has a lot of potential to be one of the best

Select Match Reviews: Various NXT UK Matches

Matches from NXT UK Episode 41 1.WALTER vs Devlin ***1/2 Episode 44: 2.NXT UK Title: WALTER(c) vs Dunne ***3/4 Episode 47: 3.Imperium vs British Strong Style ***1/2 Episode 49: 4.NXT UK Title: WALTER(c) vs Banks ***1/4 Episode 50: 5.NXT Tag Titles: Grizzled Young Vets(c) vs Moustache Mountain ***1/4 Thoughts: I was heavily recommended to check the brand out again, so fuck it let's take a look. It sounds like the show has gotten into a groove finally and I'm using a free trial of the Network so I can catch EVOLVE's big show anyway. The first pull was a selection I made simply because I wanted to see WALTER and Devlin face off again. While it lacked the drama and pageantry of some of their previous encounters, it was still a very good contest. Hopefully they're smart enough to book a rematch for a future UK TakeOver show, especially if it's in Ireland. The second match was great, though far from their TakeOver war that saw WALTER take the belt, b

Road to Fight for the Fallen #3 Thoughts

We start by looking at the numbers between the Rhodes kids and the Bucks. Nice stuff. Allie and Brandi make up, and I think the LU/Impact fan in me was expecting a shot of Allie at the end smirking with black eyes. Wrestling is weird. Instead, we got an intimate video package with her. Very well done once again. Talking about the connection to Khan's dad and some arena specs was cool nerdy stuff that I like to know about. The match announcement of the episode was for the buy in preshow with Kiss versus Avalon. Interesting choice. Have I mentioned that I love that this show is helping gun violence victims? The sitdown with Cody and Dustin was pretty cool. I said it above a bit, but I love the intimacy of these road to shows that AEW is putting out. Those who dislike the sincerity of BTE need to watch this. My only issue here is Cody calling Dragon Gate "silly ass trampoline wrestling" especially with the OWE partnership that AEW has. It is what it is. Eithe


Matches: 1.Akito vs Hirota NR 2.DASH vs Katsumata ***1/2 3.Chihiro vs Ino ***1/4 4.Takeshita vs Satomura ***3/4 5.KO-D Six-man Titles: Team Sendai(c) vs ALL OUT ***3/4 Thoughts: On paper, this is one of the best looking cards of the year despite the obvious simplicity. Some of the top dogs of DDT versus some of the top joshi workers in the world? Anyone thinking I'd miss out on this one doesn't know me very well. I haven't decided how to color code intergender stuff in the recommendations section by the way. We got the expected comedy open to start. Not my cup of tea, but funny enough I suppose. The "interference" spot especially. How do you rate something that features an asshole-plex? I'll just give it a NR and move along. The first "real" contests followed with the first three playing to the strengths of those involved with DASH in a harcore match, Chihiro and Ino in what was basically a hoss battle, and the two promotion's ace

Select Match Reviews: True Equality

Match from DDT Into the Fight 1.KO-D Six-man Titles: ALL OUT(c) vs Team Sendai ***3/4 Thoughts: I was actually watching the ALL OUT x SENDAI show when I realized I had missed this one so let's fix that mistake first. Sendai, the second best women's fed in the world behind STARDOM, and DDT, one of the most underrated companies in wrestling, being partners is truly a great thing. I'm glad I made time for this, too, as it was a great title match that did well to showcase all involved. The whole video in under twenty minutes and is well worth your time, so give it a click and enjoy. The ALL OUT x SENDAI show review should be up by the end of the day if all goes right, by the way.

Select Match Reviews: Not the Best, But Not All Bad

Matches from Best in the World 0.Rush vs Flip *** 1.Castle vs Dragon Lee *** 2.ROH TV Title: Taylor(c) vs Bandido ***1/2 3.ROH Six-man Titles: VE(c) vs Lifeblood ***1/2 4.ROH Title: Taven(c) vs Cobb **1/2 Thoughts: Ring of Honor might not truly be anywhere near the "best in the world" in the wrestling game these days, but they do hit some homeruns from time to time and are home to some fantastic talent. Let's see how they did here. The first pull was a free presentation for everyone, which was a smart call and something the company should do more often. Rush is fucking over. There was more back and forth than expected, which was nice, and Flip looked good as usual. Nice start, though nothing you need to rush and see. As I skip ahead I saw Eli Drake was brought in via the NWA partnership? Or is he with ROH now? Weird call either way, to be honest. The NWA deal is one of the iffier parts of Ring of Honor these days, so that makes sense. The next pull was fun

Select Match Reviews: Villainous in Nature

Matches from ROH/NJPW War of the Worlds Night One 1.ROH Six-man Titles: VE(c) vs Cobb, Nagata, Kojima ***1/2 Thoughts: I've (rightfully) given Ring of Honor a lot of shit this year, but they still put out some enjoyable stuff and I will just as easily praise them when they do. This might have lacked drama in the sense that there was no way the titles were going to change hands, and the challengers were really random to begin with, but this was still a very good, little six-man. Villain Enterprises is one of the things ROH is doing right and I at least applaud them for that. If you want a fun throwaway, check this one out.


The first entry  was a minor success, but as long as one person remains interested in this I'll keep it going. So, this month, Dove Pro has won the poll and gets the spotlight. Remember, join the discussion and voice your thoughts via comment below or on on of the social media accounts this is shared to. Those include PWD , CJPW , and PWE . Anyway, back to Dove Pro... Puroresu Central uses this  description,  "Dove Pro Wrestling is a hardcore promotion owned by 504, based in Hiroshima and very popular in that area. Its shows are usually coupled with hard rock concerts. BJW stars such as Miyamoto and Sasaki are usual guests." Sounds interesting. A look at their  Cagematch page shows that they have two championships. The Heavyweight is reportedly held by Naoki Tanizaki. I've seen him pop up a lot on indie shows over the years and he's pretty decent. The tag belts of Dove Pro are reportedly held by Tida Heat and YASSHI. I figured based off of that descripti

Being the Elite #160 Thoughts

For now, I'm splitting these back up from the weekly tv roundups. Anyway, let's see what the AEW boys gave us this week. Oh, but real quick, did you see Alonso win the derby? Go Mets! Ok, enough of that... The first image here had the Bucks mocking Cody and Dustin again as well as referencing the poor choice Anderson and Gallows made by re-signing with Vince. I hear they were both beat by Ricochet in less than ten minutes last night. Sounds about right They also joked about having a ghost plot and Kenny being a jobber and the reaction the librarian gimmick is getting. They claim they'll go five years with the Librarian gimmick and then mock the Corbin push. Good tongue in cheek shit right there. The Bucks are shown doing con work. Kid Cadet sighting! Not Kid Cadet The fact that they had Foley cameo here was a nice touch. Up next we have Knox wearing his stripes on the beach, perhaps to avoid the flesh eating bacteria. Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy are g

MLW Kings of Colosseum Review

Matches: 1.MLW Nat OW Title: Hammerstone(c) vs Kotto **1/2 2.Reed vs Rey Horus **1/2 3.MLW HW Title: Lawlor(c) vs Fatu **3/4 Thoughts: MLW's special episodes tend to be fun, and this was certainly an interesting hour of wrestling. It also served as a prime example of why I don't watch every episode, too. I still see no reason for another singles belt, but I'm all for open challenge gimmick matches and the opener was a solid outing. Hammerstone is talented, but he is far from great so it went about how I expected. The midcard match was ok, but featured far too much interference from Oliver and the contest was hurt pretty badly from a quality standpoint as a result. The main event was a nice surprise, showing a lack of predictability that most promotions lack. I applaud them for the title change, especially since the Lawlor run hasn't been to the level I thought it'd be. Mix in Konnan teasing new talent coming in as allies, and you have an uneven, yet

Select Match Reviews: Slammin' Anniversary

Matches from Impact Slammiversary 1.Impact Tag Titles: North(c) vs LAX vs Rascalz *** 2.Knockouts Title, Monster's Ball: Taya(c) vs Rosemary vs Su Yung vs Havok ***1/2 3.X-Division Title: Swann(c) vs Impact ***1/2 4.Impact World Title: Cage(c) vs Elgin ***3/4 5.Sami vs Tessa ***1/2 Thoughts: I didn't have time for the full show, but I hear the opener and first blood matches are decent, too. That said, these pulls prove what I already knew. The fact is that Impact is better now than they've been in a very long time. I just wish the fans that they drove away with constant bullshit were still watching. I'd actually say that they are more ROH right now that ROH. Yea, 2019 is a strange year. Anyway, let's take a look at the pulls. The Tag Championship match was good, but the injury seemed to change the plans up a bit and might have caused the finish to be moved up. I have a hard time believing this was meant to be under eight minutes long. Still, a good ou

Select Match Reviews: Girls Just Want to...Beat the Shit Out of Each Other

Match from Sendai Girls Big Show in Niigata 1.Sendai/Diana Titles:Chihiro(s) vs Sareee(d) **** Thoughts: Sendai is the second best joshi fed, in my opinion, and home to three of the best workers in the world (Satomura, Chihiro, DASH). So, when I had a chance to see the latest defense, against Sareee no less, I had to check it out. This was a fantastic war that showcased both talents nicely in dramatic fashion. I'm excited to see how long her reign lasts and what opponents they match her up against. Simply put, this is one of the best joshi contests of the year, an easy recommendation, and well worth checking out.

Select Match Reviews: Climax!

Matches from G1 Climax Night One 1.Archer vs Ospreay ***3/4 2.Sabre vs SANADA ***1/2 3.Kota vs KENTA ***1/2 4.Okada vs Tanahashi ***3/4 Thoughts: I'll likely be doing a weekly roundup of G1 stuff after this one, but for now let's take a look at these four pulls from night one. Archer and Ospreay get us started with a great one. How often do you see a match start with a big man taking a spanish fly? Archer has a lot to prove this month and I have no idea if he'll be able to pump out another anywhere close to this, but if KES dying is the launching point for more matches of this quality than I'm very happy. It likely helps that I didn't care much about KES, though. Mark another one for the best wrestler of the year (Ospreay). Up next, Sabre and SANADA went to the well again. These two just work so well together and I really liked the overall Suzuki-gun/LIJ rivalry earlier this year. SANADA winning was actually a surprise for me. With Shingo teasing a move

Wrestling TV+ Roundup: July 2019 (Week 1)

Week of 07/01-07/06 Defiant is, for some reason, on a Summer break. When the fuck is NGW coming back? Anyway, here's this week's roundup of TV matches I checked out (not including Cutting Edge and Raw which were reviewed separate). Matches: 1.Aries vs Brooks *** MLW Fusion Aries has a stink on him, and I'm actually hoping he can win back fans with this new MLW run. The live crowd seemed behind him from the start here and stuck around so that's a good start. This was a good match and something worth seeing if you want to see Austin's TV comeback. 2.Bryan vs Big E **3/4 WWE Smackdown Daniel and Big E got their shit in, working a nice, little match with decent levels of comedy and athleticism. The cheap ending sets up what I hope is a much better blowoff match in the near future. 3.Nese, Oney, Gallagher vs Gulak, Ariya, Bennett ***1/2 WWE 205Live The cruiserweights did it again, putting out one of the best matches of the week. I'm not a huge fan of t

Meet Man of Words

Click the picture to go to the Man of Words Bandcamp I'd like to introduce the viewers of this blog to Man of Words, the band that you'll see heavily featured in one of my upcoming projects. Go download their tunes and show them some love! Man of Words is: Cory Crummel (vocals and guitar), Brandon Van Metre (guitar), and Jamie Bradfield (drums)

IMPACT Slammiversary Preview

Sadly, I moved away from Dallas a few months ago or I'd likely be at this one. Anyway, here's the card and a short preview before the event. Note that the show begins at 8 eastern on Fite. 1.TJP X-Division Open Challenge I don't follow Impact close enough to have a feel for who the surprise opponent will be, but usually these types of matches are booked with a "big" name in mind knowing that they could plug someone else in if needed. I'd be ok with any of these choices. 2.Moose vs RVD This won't be a good match, but will be a statement victory for Moose as they continue to build him up. Or, if will be if they are smart. 3.Callihan vs Tessa One of the most intriguing matches of the night. The way they've been booking Tessa has been pretty great and I think they are planning on keeping the train going. The fall will hurt Sami a tad, but he's a team player and can bounce back. This one is a MOTN contender on paper and I give Impact props fo