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Select Match Reviews: Mike, Chris, Bobby, Joe

Match from WWE Stomping Grounds Kickoff Show 1.WWE Cruiserweight Title: Nese(c) vs Gulak vs Tozawa ***3/4 Thoughts: I don't pay, and won't pay, for the Network but luckily this was on the free kickoff show. Funny enough, it was also apparently the best match of the night. I've said before that 205 is the best weekly show WWE has right now (true most weeks for over a year now) and this showcased the talent perfectly. It was a great match, full of excitement, that delivered well and saw all three men working their asses off. Check it out!

IWRG Festival de Mascaras Review

Matches: 1.Fulgor I, Fulgor II vs Iron Kid, Principe Aereo ***1/2 2.Los Oficiales vs Los Exoticos *1/2 3.Payasos vs Temerarios ** 4.Aramis vs Demonio Infernal ***3/4 5.NGD vs Capos **1/2 6.Hechicero, Traumas vs Dragon Bane, Hijo Canis Lupus, Negro Casas *** Thoughts: This year's Festival of Masks event was pretty entertaining stuff, with the opener and fourth matches being worth checking out and only really the second contest being something you should skip. Vampiro was honored on the show, too, for those who care about him. Check out the recommended matches when you have a chance. Overall Rating: 70/100%

Summer Wrestling Checklist

Props to this Twitter account.

Wrestling TV Roundup: June 2019 (Week 3) +BTE, More...

WEEK OF 06/16-06/22 I'm keeping this one short this week due to the vacation/move, just listing the match, a link, and the rating and not adding specific match notes. Check out anything rated ***1/2 and above, and note that I'm including thoughts on BTE and Wrestle-1 here this time around to save time. I might continue that trend of including those types of programs going forward. Matches: 1.Jinetes del Aire, Flamita vs Poder del Norte ***1/2 AAA Worldwide: Conquista Total en Hermosillo This was very fun, though once again frustrating seeing AAA refuse to book the entire trio together. Outside of that, the match itself only really had two minor flaws and was otherwise a hard worked contest full of fun spots and a couple of nice, false finishes. Watch this one. 2.Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins **3/4 Raw 06/17 This was ok, but really the whole circus act stuff took away much of the momentum and steam here.  3.Flamita vs Rey Horus ***1/4 MLW Fusion #62 Anytime l