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Showing posts from June 16, 2019

On Vacation/Moving

For those who follow the blog closely, this is old news... I'm on vacation for about a week and then I'm moving to North Dakota for a few months. The blog will be updated much less during this time but will return back to normal once I get to ND. Thanks to those who visit despite this.

IWRG Mexico Championship Tournament Review

Matches: 1.Battle Royal *1/2 2.Aramis vs Sinn Bodhi *3/4 3.Trauma II vs Eterno NR 4.Hijo Alebrije vs Relampago **1/2 5.Pantera II vs Zumbi *1/2 6.Hijo Medico Asesino vs Ovett *1/2 7.Trauma I vs Demonio Infernal NR 8.Imposible vs Chico Che NR 9.Metaleon vs Lunatic Extreme **1/2 10.Aramis vs Trauma II ** 11.Hijo Alebrije vs Pantera II NR 12.Trauma I vs Hijo Medico Asesino NR 13.Metaleon vs Imposible **3/4 14.Aramis vs Hijo Alebrije **1/2 15.Metaleon vs Trauma I **1/4 16.Finals, Mexico Title: Aramis vs Metaleon NR Thoughts: Hey look, IWRG decided to add another random title? What's the significance? Who fucking knows. We won't know how important it is until a year from now. That said, I was intrigued enough to see how the tournament turned out, especially because you don't get to see that many singles matches in lucha libre. The weak crowd suggests I am just strange in this stance. We start with twelve minutes being spent on the stupid, seeding battle

Select Match Reviews: Clusterfuck in a Cage

Match from IWRG Torneo FILL 81 05/20 1.Apuesta,cage: Gym FILL vs Gym Argentino ** Thoughts: Lucha cage matches tend to be mediocre at best. So, why am I doing this to myself? Well, the cibernetico was fun and I wanted to see how they followed it up. Random blows among the mass of humanity, like a spastic riot, took up a majority of the run time. Sticking 16 workers who use a lot of aerial offense in a cage is illogical at best, though. So yea, the first part played out like I expected though they did try to add some innovation here. It didn't really look that great and the catch work needs major improvement. The real question is would the end-stretch save this from being completely forgettable? Well, the dive from the top of the cage to the outside during the escape phase was pretty cool. When it came down to just two remaining (Canibal Jr and Black Dragon) and it meant that no masks would be lost I was a bit disappointed, though. Don't get me wrong, I know hair

G1 Climax Blocks Announced

I'll post a preview asap but. until then, here's the announced lineup for this year's G1: A BLOCK Tanahashi Kota Okada Ospreay EVIL SANADA FALE Sabre Archer KENTA B BLOCK Juice Ishii Yano Goto Cobb Moxley Naito SHINGO White Taichi