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Wrestling TV Roundup: June 2019 (Week 1)

WEEK OF 06/01-06/08 Here, you'll find a collection of matches from weekly wrestling shows. Typically it'll start with Sunday, but I'm doing Saturday to cover anything I missed last month. This does include WWE material, as I'm combining the old WWE roundup with the recent monthly non-WWE roundup format. The only full shows I currently watch every week that are covered here are BTE, Dragon Gate Cutting Edge, and ONE Championship Weekly. I'll also do occasional special event episodes, like MLW's Fury Road this week. Those are all posted separate, of course but let's try this out and see if it works. 1.Mascarita Fugaz vs Addam Jones **1/4 CNL Episode 3 Mascarita was hurt early on but pushed on. There were some sloppy moments mixed in, but it was decent and the finish came off like a big deal to the fans which was nice. 2.Ironman, Loser Leaves Town: Hendry vs Kidd ***1/2 DEFIANT Loaded #26 I was going to post this as a full episode review, sinc

The Mistico Situation

So, I've seen a lot of confusion and incorrect statements online regarding what I call, the Mistico situation. Mistico, Caristico, Myzteziz, Sin Cara... Who are all of these people? Well, if you need some help, use this handy little history guide. Just know that I am going to skip a lot of fluff here, just giving the quick facts. MISTICO This all starts with one of the biggest names in lucha libre history, the original Mistico. While working for CMLL, he was positioned as a top name and quickly became one of the biggest stars in the country. That is, until he left for WWE and became the original Sin Cara. When this happened, CMLL decided they needed to replace the role of Mistico. They picked Rush's brother, the original Dragon Lee, to do so. He has been working as Mistico now since 2012, but never really became the same level of star as the original. SIN CARA So, the first Sin Cara was the original Mistico. Within a few months, he was suspended due to failing a

WRESTLE-1 TV #113 Thoughts

The latest episode of WRESTLE-1 TV is here, and we get a look at day one of the Tour Outbreak as well as the quarter-finals of this year's WRESTLE-1 Grand Prix. Note that this isn't a normal review style post because W-1's show is in clipped format and there's just not enough to actually rate. Instead, I'm just watching because I wanted to check in on one of my favorite promotions. The first match covered was the return match for Honda Ryuki, who has been out for a few months. A tap out to close the contest, costing Honda's team a L on his return. Some demoralization takes place after, reminding the young stars that they are still low on the totem pole. Another tag follows, with MAZADA and Hijo del Pantera beating Enfants Terribles members Arai and Kodama. Pantera continues to look great in his role and doesn't get enough praise for his work in W1. That's likely because not enough people seem to watch this little gem of a promotion. We get a look

Dragon Gate Infinity 510 Review

Matches: 1.Eita vs Yoshino ***1/4 2.Mochizuki vs Shun Skywalker **** 3.Kzy vs Doi ***1/4 4.Ben-K vs YAMATO ***3/4 Thoughts: Waiting for King of Gate coverage on Cutting Edge wasn't going to happen, so I turned to their much older show, Infinity. Man, I used to love watching this series and I am thankful for it for helping me catch up on the King of Gate stuff faster than Cutting Edge, which is still covering DoA. Note that the first 20 minutes basically just recap Dead or Alive with highlights etc and all of the matches listed here for review are indeed King of Gate contests. Skip about 28 minutes in for the bell of our first match. Eita and Yoshino had a nice contest to kick things off, and I enjoyed the finish with Eita getting the surprise victory. Following up on Shun leaving Mochizuki's unit at Dead or Alive, the two tried their best to murder each other in our next match. Fantastic work and great storytelling. I say often that Dragon Gate's future is bri

Select Match Reviews: Thursday Night Ninja

Matches from IWRG 06/06 1.Aramis, Imposible, Metaleon vs Lunatic Extreme, Eterno, Demonio Infernal *** 2.Dragon Bane vs Fly Warrior ***1/4 3.Pentagon, Hijo de Canis Lupus vs Los Traumas **1/2 Thoughts: A rare Thursday IWRG show, likely because that's the day they could actually book Pentagon. It actually did decent numbers, and the content was ok. The trios match above was good, though lulls and some sloppiness hold it back from being anything better. That was part of the issue with the Dragon Bane contest, too. Both good, neither must-see. The main event was easily the worst of the three and felt a bit phoned in, but it wasn't bad and it serves as a good experience for Hijo de Canis Lupus. Just go ahead and skip this one.

New Japan Dominion Preview

Dominion is not only one of the biggest New Japan events each calendar year, but also tends to be one of the best shows in wrestling yearly, too. This year's card is pretty stacked, so let's take a look at the card and make some predictions. 1.Moxley vs Shota After a fantastic debut match in which he won the IWGP United States Championship, Jon Moxley follows it up taking on one of the hottest young lions. This will be a fun, hard hitting 10-minute match that Jon largely dominates before getting the win. 2.SHINGO vs Kojima The dragon has finally lost a match, but it's time to get back on track. This will be better than people expect, and a fun match in general. SHINGO will win in about 10. 3.YOSHI-HASHI, Liger vs Suzuki, Sabre Jr The Liger retirement tour continues. It'll be decent, but nothing major. Suzuki-gun wins. 4.Tanahashi, Taguchi, Juice vs White, Ishimori, Chase Bullet Club versus Taguchi Japan. White took out Tanahashi in controversial fashion at

Select Match Reviews: Ghost and Bandit

Match from Lucha Libre REAL 04/28 1.Bandido vs Hijo del Fantasma ** Thoughts: This one popped up on my radar this morning, and I'm a big fan of both talents so...why not... Sadly, it was much sloppier than expected, and I feel they phoned it in a bit. While far from bad, this was still rather average and nothing you need to worry about catching. Disappointing.

The Road to Fyter Fest Episode 1 Thoughts

The small, behind the scenes touches are always nice but the main attraction of this six-minute video is Moxley's promo for the Janela match. Cody and Darby is also promoted pretty well, and I also like the brief throne mention. If you aren't excited about this show, check this out. You might be a bit more enthusiastic afterward.

Select Match Reviews: Super Japan

Matches from NJPW Best of the Super Juniors Finals 1.Dragon Lee, Shota, Titan vs Bandido, Gresham, Narita ***1/2 2.Tanahashi vs White **** 3.IWGP US Title: Juice(c) vs Moxley **** 4.BOSJ Finals: SHINGO vs Ospreay ****1/2 Thoughts: This year's BOSJ tournament has been one of the best in recent memory, featuring several highly rated matches and loads of drama. So, these are the four matches I pulled from the final night of action and I'm just hoping they match the same level. The first match I wanted to see was basically a showcase contest of those who missed out on the finals, which actually includes the Junior Heavyweight Champion, Dragon Lee. Everyone worked hard, elevating this way past my expectations (despite the names involved) and turning it into a very good sprint that highlighted everyone nicely. I'm glad I went ahead and added this one, as I originally had it missing from my watch list. Next up, Tanahashi's return against his newest thorn, Jay White

Select Match Reviews: TITS Mania

Match from DDT Matsuyamania 1.KO-D Openweight Championship: Endo(c) vs Yukio ***1/4 Thoughts: Another largely enjoyable title defense from first time KO-D Openweight Champ, Tetsuya Endo. While this one never got the recommendation levels of good, it was still a short, fun contest. Takeshita is set to challenge Endo next and I'm hoping the the ace of DDT to get the gold back, but I will say that the Endo experiment was a decent success and I'm sure his next run on top will be even better due to this experience.

Being the Elite #155 Thoughts

The Bucks try to Shield fist bump with Mox to start the episode, setting the tone nicely. They then have a segment pretending not to know about the attack on Kenny, setting up possible tensions between the Bucks and Kenny going forward. We get even more comedy, with a Librarian segment, Jebailey getting ready for Nakazawa, MJF and Joey, and Luchasaurus doing historical trivia with Jungle Boy and Knox. The latter was my favorite of the bunch. BTEMailbag this week revealed the history of the SCU name. This damn show always makes me want to eat pancakes afterward. As far as developments go, it looks like we'll be getting CIMA versus Daniels soon. Give this one a click. 12 minutes of pure entertainment.

MLW Fury Road Review

Matches: 1.Gringo Loco vs Myron Reed **3/4 2.MLW National Title: Hammerstone vs Pillman Jr **3/4 3.MLW Middleweight Title: Hart(c) vs Havoc *** Thoughts: This was a perfectly fine show, though nothing I'd actually call required viewing. The opener was fun, but a bit off-kilter. The match to fill the new title was about the same and the finish came off a bit flat. The best match of the night was the main event, which was a good hardcore contest at least. Really, everything was about the same quality level. No standouts, but nothing bad. Why they need a new championship at all is pretty questionable, but whatever. The segments were also decent, with one having CONTRA come off as Diet ISIS. Entertaining if nothing else. Don't rush to check out Fury Road, but give it a try if you want to see how MLW does things. Overall Rating: 65/100%

NXT TakeOver XXV Review

Matches: 1.Strong vs Riddle ***3/4 2.NXT Tag Titles, Ladder: UE vs Forgotten Sons vs Street Profits vs Lorcan, Burch ***3/4 3.NXT NA Title: Velveteen Dream(c) vs Tyler Breeze **3/4 4.NXT Women's Title: Shayna Baszler(c) vs Io Shirai ***1/4 5.NXT Title: Gargano(c) vs Cole ****1/4 Thoughts: This is meant to be a celebration of five years of excellence, with NXT representing a direct contrast to the main brands. It largely succeeded, despite featuring a few issues. The opener was great, with a nice level of intensity throughout. NXT manages to make both winners and losers come off looking strong in a way that very few other companies are able to do. Because of this, Strong looked like a true threat and Riddle still looked like a future champ. The ladder match was a mixed bag, though still a great contest overall. Kyle and Fish worked harder than anyone else, took the biggest bumps, and were the biggest names in the match. I sincerely think they earned the victory, but I&#

RIP Aoki Atsushi

All Japan Junior Heavyweight Champion, Atusushi Aoki, has passed away. He was reportedly in a motorcycle accident, loosing control and hitting a wall. He was confirmed dead at the Hospital. Perhaps it's because I just watched him regain the Junior Championship yesterday and enjoyed his work, or maybe it's partly because I just had a dog of mine put down yesterday, but this one admittedly hit me. My condolences to those he left behind.

Select Match Reviews: BOSJ Week 3 Roundup

Matches from New Japan Best of the Super Junior 26 Week of 05/26. This time I went ahead and added an extra day to the roundup seeing as the B-Block finals and BOSJ finals are all that would remain and I prefer just doing the actual finals separate. Night 10 1.SHINGO vs Tiger Mask **1/2 2.Eagles vs Ospreay ***3/4 3.Ishimori vs SHO ***1/2 Night 12 4.Bandido vs Eagles *** 5.DOUKI vs Ospreay ***1/2 Night 13 6.A-Block Finals: SHINGO vs Ishimori **** Night 14 7.B-Block Finals: Ospreay vs Taguchi ***3/4 Thoughts: This year's BOSJ has been top notch, providing some of the most entertaining matches anywhere in the world. That's what New Japan is good for, though, so it's not really a surprise. Night ten's biggest contest was Bullet Club's Eagles taking on Ospreay, which was great. Ishimori and SHO also had a very good match to close the night. With Taiji injured, it's amazing good he still looks. I also watched SHINGO and Tiger Mask, just because

Select Match Reviews: Super Power Puro

Matches from All Japan Super Power Series Day Two 1.All Asia Tag Titles: Kikuta, Kawakami(c) vs Zeus, Atsushi ***3/4 2.AJPW Jr Title: Koji(c) vs Aoki ***1/2 3.Triple Crown Title: Kento(c) vs Shuji ****1/4 Thoughts: All Japan continues the trend of pumping out quality material with three pulls this time around. The All Asia Tag Championship clash was a great battle, the Junior showcase was a very good and the title change helped elevate it a bit, and the main event was another fantastic defense from the ace of All Japan. Go watch all three of these and thank god for All Japan.