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RIP Silver King

It saddens me to announce that Silver King passed away today in the ring during a match with Juventud Guerrera. He was best known for his work in the film Nacho Libre as Ramses, as well as his in-ring work as Silver King. You can see the video here , with the incident starting around the 22 minute mark. He goes for a pin and his body just seems to shut down. It takes about 3 minutes for anyone to finally realize that something went wrong. This reminds me far too much of the Perro and Misawa incidents. The man will not be forgotten, and I send my condolences to those he left behind.

Select Match Reviews: Bastard and Ninja

Match from TNT Extreme Wrestling: Supreme Extreme 1.PAC vs Pentagon ***1/2 Thoughts: It sucks a bit that this dream match didn't happen first in AEW, but at least it happened. There were some noticeable flaws here, but I think this was still a pretty good match. The good news is that their next encounter should be even better, and that WILL likely be in an AEW ring. Go ahead and check this out as we head toward Double or Nothing.

New Project Coming Soon

I have a potential new video production project lined up. The promotion in question is one that I have a lot of love for, and have been a fan of for many years. An official announcement will come when I can make one, but just know that I will work hard to not only do a good job with them but also to ensure this blog remains the best kept secret in the wrestling world.

Select Match Reviews: Glass Slipper

Match from STARDOM Cinderella Tournament 1.Finals: Hoshiki vs Konami ***3/4 Thoughts: This was only ten minutes, but it was ten minutes of great action. Hoshiki won the battle and, while I don't want to see Momo's reign end, Arisa looks like she's in a good position to do just that following this win! If you like strike heavy joshi matches, make time for this!

RIP Pua Magasiva

Pua Magasiva was found dead this morning, with police saying that there were no suspicious circumstances. He had played roles in Power Rangers Ninja Storm and 30 Days of Night. My condolences to those he left behind.

Dragon Gate Dead or Alive Review

Matches from Dragon Gate Dead or Alive 1.Natural Vibes vs Dragon Dia, Jason Lee, Okuda, Yuki *** 2.Stalker, Shachihoko vs K-Ness, Ryo ** 3.MaxiMuM vs RED ***1/4 4.Strong Machine 3 vs Tribe Vanguard *** 5.Brave Gate Title: Susumu(c) vs UT ***3/4 6.Triangle Gate Titles: RED(c) vs Mochizuki Dojo ***1/2 7.Dream Gate Title: PAC(c) vs Dragon Kid ****1/4 8.Unit Bonds Survival Cage: Kzy vs Doi vs Skywalker vs YAMATO vs Big R **** Thoughts: One of the biggest Dragon Gate calendar events is here once again, so let's dig in. The first match was a bit sloppy at times, but ultimately worked well as a showcase for the future stars of the promotion and everyone played their roles well to provide a good start to this year's show. The two spot was a comedy affair. Remember when Sochihiko BOY was poised for a breakout? I wonder who he pissed off. The comedy aspects worked decently, but this isn't anything you need to see. Match three was a fairly good match that mainly serv

Select Match Reviews: WWE Matches of the Week

Matches from WWE Week of 05/05/19 1.WWE Title: Kofi(c) vs Bryan ***1/4 2.WWE Title: Kofi(c) vs Styles vs Sami ***1/2 3.No DQ: Akira vs Kanellis *** 4.Riddle vs Cole ***3/4 Thoughts: A quick reminder that I will not be watching or reviewing anything related to WWE that can't be found on Hulu or YouTube. So, no NXT UK and no special events (outside of preshow stuff and TakeOver shows). Kofi defended his title twice this week on television, and both made the list. From what I've heard, the defense versus Bryan was the only thing of the three hours worth seeing. The Smackdown match was a bit better from the two. Over on 205, Akira got a rare good match out of Mike Kanellis. Looking at the cards and results, it appears that they are trying to work out the kinks on filling the hole left by the recent moves. I'd love to see Tozawa get a title run. I love that he still wears Dragon Gate references, by the way. The last pull of the week was the WWE match of the week.

El Desperado & Flip Replaced in BOSJ

This year's Best of the Super Juniors just lost two big names. El Desperado is missing the tournament after breaking his jaw in a match with Jun Kasai. Flip Gordon is having visa issues. They will be replaced by independent worker DOUKI and NJPW Young Lion, Ren Narita. This year's tournament begins on the 13th and runs until June 5th.

ONE Championship Weekly 05/08/19 Review

1.Muay Thai Flyweight Title:Sam-A(c) vs Haggerty ***3/4 2.Okami vs Abbasov **3/4 Thoughts: The first two fights are from For Honor, which I reviewed here . The title bout was great! You can skip the second one if you want, but it is pretty short since they jumped in during the second round for the episode. Note that the ratings for the first two here are copied and pasted from the full event post. They built toward Warriors of Light for the rest of the episode. The Nong-O segment was well done. I did skip the first portion of this installment seeing as it was just material I had seen a few days ago, but these are always a breeze to watch and this featured some quality work so go ahead check it out if you have a moment. Overall Rating: 80/100%

Women's Hockey Protest

The NWHL has been one of my favorite leagues to watch, with the Riveters being my favorite team, but it looks like the future is in question as a large group of 200+ players are declining to return. Two time Olympic medalist, Kendall Coyne Schofield, said the following of the decision: “The treatment of the players, the way the players are compensated, it’s not possible for women to train and prepare to be professional athletes...and in the current state of the game, there’s nothing professional about it.” Low pay and lack of health insurance are noted as the main reasons that the players are boycotting the NWHL. A desire for an official, women's league ran by the NHL is another one of the hopes for the players. I am unsure of how this will all turn out nor what will happen with the NWHL, but I support the players and wish them success in this protest.

WWE Shows True Colors Again

You might be aware by now of the awful  posts  that Lars Sullivan made, which was brought back to everyone's attention when Big E spoke  about the subject. The comments from Lars ranged from racism to sexism, and just about every shitty ideology a person can have was showcased at some point. The most recent posts seem to be from about six years ago, so it is worth noting that he might have "come to the light", as rare as that sadly is. Even so, we still have a problem. Lars has yet to respond or make a statement. Even if it is a fake apology, that's the minimum. Add in that WWE was reportedly aware of the situation and just hopes it goes away is a whole different problem and is another example of the bullshit they are way too well known for. So, my advice is to ensure this doesn't go away. UPDATE: Lars has given what I'd like to think is a sincere apology, though it comes off as something WWE's lawyers wrote up for him. That's going to be the en

Select Match Reviews: Champion Carnival Roundup

Matches from All Japan Champion Carnival 2019 Night 1 1.Okabayashi vs Shuji ****1/4 Night 8 2.Kento vs Shuji **** Night 16 3.Kento vs Okabayashi ****1/2 Night 17 4.Nomura vs Suwama ****1/4 Night 18 5.Finals: Jake Lee vs Kento ****1/2 Thoughts: This year's Champion Carnival was stacked with good looking matches, but I narrowed it down to five contests so that I could actually catch as much of the tournament as possible without this taking up too much time and causing set backs elsewhere. In short, these are all worth watching, with two being MOTYC clashes. All Japan has been one of the best promotions in the world for a while now, hitting levels last seen during their epic era. I strongly encourage checking all of these out and, if you have more time than I do, watch more from the tournament as well. Oh, and all hail, Kento!

MCU Phase 4 Release Schedule Predictions

We officially know the planned dates for the next wave of MCU flicks, but no idea what specific movies will fill those dates, so let's take a look at what fits based off of what we know. 2020 -May 1st: Black Widow -November 6th: The Eternals 2021 -February 12th: Doctor Strange 2 -May 7th: Guardians of the Galaxy 3 -November 5th: Black Panther 2 2022 -February 18th: Shang-Chi -May 6th: Captain Marvel 2 -July 29th: Avengers 5 This leaves a few big gaps, still. No Spider-Man, Ant-Man, or Deadpool films? Nothing for the new Captain America other than the Disney+ show? And how will they begin to set the blocks for bringing in the mutants and first family? Either way, these are my predictions based off of the dates given. Let's see which turn out to be accurate.

AEW News Roundup

I have said for months that a Turner station was the planned destination for AEW Tuesday Night Dynamite, and it looks like we now know it will be TNT, according to The Wrap . We are going to hear the official word next Wednesday, says the report. UK fans can watch Double or Nothing on ITV Box when the event begins on the 25th. No official word is known on where US fans can watch, but Fite or general PPV seem likely options. More names have been added to the roster, too. Angelico and Jack Evans have been announced, a reunion of Gueros del Cielo, something Lucha Underground failed to capitalize on. Be excited. Lastly, I can also report that Cody has been in talks with Sasha Banks in the recent months, for what that's worth. Those following her situation will know why that's especially interesting.

Select Match Reviews: Flying Santa Fe

Matches from UPW  04/19/19 1.Estrella Galactica vs JT Royce vs Sebi vs Knight *** Thoughts: This is the first match ever from this new Texas promotion, and they started with a good match. Estrella Galactica was easily the star, but there was a lot of potential here in general. They also did decent attendance numbers here and I hope they continue to find success. I wish them the best and I hope you'll give this match a click and consider going to a live event if you're ever in their neck of the woods. You can find the UPW Facebook here .

Select Match Reviews: Honor Dream

Match from STARDOM Dream Slam 1.WOH Title: Mayu(c) vs Tora ***1/2 Thoughts: STARDOM showcased here exactly why I was excited when Mayu won the WOH Title, by putting her up against a decent opponent and giving her time to shine. ROH wasted her reign, ending with a thud in the Garden during the G1 Supercard, but at least we have this fun defense to enjoy. Pretty good match, worth checking out.

The Road to Double or Nothing #15 Thoughts

This was 11 minutes of pure entertainment. The Jericho segment was well done, PAC's promo was decent, and I thought the addition of Dustin to the upcoming battle royal was cool. Speaking of, the prize for the Casino Battle Royal is a first shot at the title. We don't see the belt, but the announcement of what you win and how it works was nice. I tend to dislike battle royals, but maybe they can do what Lucha Underground did and change my stance a bit. This was a perfect companion to the latest BTE and a great way to continue the build towards one of the biggest wrestling shows ever. Check it out.

Select Fights Reviews: Early 2019 Roundup

Know that I don't really watch UFC these days, for several reasons, but I am getting back into watching mma more regularly again and I wanted to check out some stuff I missed from early in the year. These are five that caught my eye. Remember to look for more Bellator and ONE reviews in the future! 1.Gaol vs Tomar  ***1/4 ONE: Eternal Glory 01/19 Thoughts: This one was fairly good, and I'm happy to see that ONE has decent depth in their women's divisions. A lot of potential on display. 2.ONE Strawweight Title: Pacio(c) vs Saruta  ***1/2 ONE: Eternal Glory 01/19 Thoughts: I see I'm not alone in thinking this was controversial . Even so, this was a hard worked fight with both coming off as pretty evenly matched and a pretty good title fight in all. 3 .Pico vs Corrales  NR Bellator 214 01/26 Thoughts: Everyone loves a good knockout, and when it's a comeback KO it's even better. This was far too short to rate, but if you want a quick one this was fun

GALLI Underground Review

Matches: 1.Pentagon, Rey Horus, Dragon vs Golden Magic, Gringo Loco, Bandolero ***1/4 2.GALLI Title: Fenix(c) vs Aeroboy ***3/4 Thoughts: Fun fact, but I used to work with GALLI doing video production work. It sadly never worked out, but they put out a decent product that goes under the radar and you should certainly consider checking them out on IWTV as well as keep an eye out for when +Lucha shares some stuff from them.  This trios match was entertaining, working to set a nice tone with a fairly good match. The main event did well to live up to the hype set by their 2018 match. A better finish would have been nice, but this was still great. These Lucha Snack videos from +Lucha tend to be pretty enjoyable experiences, and this is no exception. Give it a click and have a good time. Overall Rating: 80/100%

Select Match Reviews: Tough Luck, Goto

Match from NJPW Wrestling Hinokuni 1.Jay White vs Goto **** Thoughts: These are the matches that Goto excels at, and here he put Jay over very well. Even with the interference shit, this was a fantastic contest. White needs several noteworthy matches to get back on track and get back to the IWGP Heavyweight Title picture, especially seeing as G1 season is coming, and this was a nice step. Even the White naysayers will likely enjoy this one.

Select Match Reviews: Up to the Flames

Match from Crockett Cup 2019 1.NWA Heavyweight Title: Aldis(c) vs Scurll ****1/4 Thoughts: The rebirth of NWA has been pretty interesting, and I certainly haven't been ignoring what they've been doing. While embracing the new school a bit but retaining a strong influence of classic NWA, the NWA have been producing one of the biggest stories in the game and, since Corgan took the helm, the ten pounds has become relevant in a way that I didn't think we'd ever see again. If you enjoy old school wrestling, this is for you. The blood added perfectly to this one and they both produced a hard worked title match full of drama that I hope you consider checking out! Fantastic stuff. In fact, the above video highlight reel and some reviews I've seen make the whole show look decent, so maybe consider watching it all if you have the time and interest.

Lucha Memes Chairo Kingdom Review

Matches: 1.Kamikazes del Aire vs Hijo de Dr Polux, Murcielago Plateada vs Multifacetico, Prayer *** 2.Hijo de Canus Lupus vs Dragon Bane ***3/4 3.Virus vs Flamita *** 4.Super Crazy vs Aeroboy **1/2 5.Aramis vs Negro Casas ***1/4 6.Arez vs Marvin **** 7.Apuesta: Demus vs Gato Ecatepec **1/2 Thoughts: Stupid name or not, Lucha Memes is one of the best indie lucha feds out there and this card looked pretty decent and I've had a few drinks so let's dig in to the whole thing this time around. The card was largely good, but it was not without disappointment. The third match was nowhere near what I was expecting, Aeroboy was wasted by not only working with Super Crazy in 2019 but also taking the fall, and the main event just wasn't to the level you'd expect from an apuesta. Gato is Javier Rodriguez Cruz, and has apparently been working for 17 years in the business. On a more positive note, the brothers clash in the two spot was freaking great, Aramis and Casa

Looking at Riho, Kenny Omega's Partner on BTE

It looks like I was right, despite being a bit uncertain at the time, that Riho was indeed the partner that Kenny and Cody were watching on episode 150 of Being the Elite. I didn't get to see a lot of Omega's early Japan work and Riho is also someone I have little familiarity with despite the fact that I do enjoy joshi. She'd be the only roster member I'm not really familiar with, and that just doesn't fly. She appears to work mainly for Gatoh Move which I don't check out often and her work in companies I do watch seems to have largely slipped through the cracks. Either way, her being on the latest episode of BTE is enough to strongly suggest that we'll see her in AEW sooner than later, and also makes me assume that we might see some mixed and intergender action in the promotion, too. Let's take a look at the top three search results that YouTube provides when searching for "Riho vs". 1.Riho vs An Chamu Thoughts: This is from a March

Being the Elite #150 Thoughts

The latest edition of BTE is here as we head toward Double or Nothing, and it was packed with info and humor like every episode before it. Sammy continues to be hated everywhere he goes and Joey can't get the Candice monkey off of his back. Sadly, I couldn't make out who Kenny and Cody were watching in that clip, and I didn't get to watch much of Kenny's early Japan run so I'd love to know who that was. Maybe Riho? Matt and Nick tease a new move. I am moderately interested in that. With the Best Friends demanding a spot on the main card, you have to wonder if they'll be the first targets of the move. We'll see, but I still think Matt is going to turn on Nick sooner than later. We also had some more build toward Jericho/Omega and Page/PAC, which were both well done. I love how they have been doing random show appearances for the big names of AEW, and the Page storyline has been entertaining if nothing else. Perhaps the best news is that Bryce Rems

AAA News Roundup

During this Sunday's AAA tapings on Twitch, it was mentioned that the Bucks and Cody should be appearing at this year's Verano de Escandalo event. It was suggested that the Young Bucks would be defending their belts, which could either be a spoiler for Double or Nothing or just a random statement that AAA is known for throwing out. In other news, it seems that La Mascara is now done with AAA and is running as an independent. His feud with Maximo was the only real noteworthy thing he did during his run and, honestly, he never added much to the show. Texano and Rey Escorpion may or may not continue under the Mercanarios name and they may or may not remove the Ingobernables style logo from their gear. Don't expect to see him in CMLL anytime soon unless he has been forgiven for his antics that got him fired. Remember to check out the lucha blog for more frequent lucha libre updates.

IIHF World Championship Preview

Do you love hockey so much that the NHL Playoffs aren't enough? Or are you not watching because your team was eliminated? Hell, my team was so bad this year that they didn't even come close to making it in so maybe you're in that category. If any of this applies to you, consider tuning into the World Championships that start this Friday, and feature 8 countries competing in solid hockey action. The International Ice Hockey Federation might not have much influence or prestige to American fans, where the NHL is king, but they are the governing body that does bring us some fun competitions and that's enough for me to give them a shout out. Let's take a look at this year's lineup... GROUP A                               Canada United States Finland Germany Slovakia Denmark France Great Britain GROUP B Sweden Russia Czech Republic Switzerland Norway Latvia Austria Italy The competition will run until the 26th of May. Each team will play one g

Select Match Reviews: A Strong Death

Matches from BJW Endless Survivor 1.BJW Strong Title: Sekimoto(c) vs Okabayashi ***3/4 2.BJW Death Title, 200 Tubes: Takahashi(c) vs Isami ***3/4 Thoughts: Big title matches in BJW have been one of my favorite things in wrestling lately, and I have to say that these two will keep that trend going strong. The Strong Heavyweight Championship clash saw tag partners take each other to the limit. Sekimoto's reign was wildly entertaining, but I am very excited to see Yuji with the belt. Since returning, he's been arguably better than ever. This was a nice display of what the division is all about, and an easy recommendation. The other big match of the night saw this year's Death Match Survivor winner taking home the Death Match Heavyweight belt in an violent war. While I will forever think the belt truly belongs around Takeda's waist, Isami is more than deserving on this win. Both were truly great! Big Japan actually had multiple title changes on this show, and

ONE: For Honor Review

1.Jumayi vs Dae Hwan **1/2 2.Thanh Le vs Saadulaev **3/4 3.Gaol vs Nou *** 4.Muay Thai: Hardcastle vs Jitmuangnon **1/4 5.Marat vs Yamada *** 6.Okami vs Abbasov **3/4 7.Muay Thai Flyweight Title:Sam-A(c) vs Haggerty ***3/4 Thoughts: I actually wanted to watch this much sooner but Bleacher Report messed up and took days to fix an error in the replay feature. I'm glad it was fixed , at least. I'll be trying to watch as much ONE as possible as the year moves along. I used to watch it pretty often, but life caught up with me. No promises, but I will be trying to watch the weekly show most of the time and these specials when they catch my eye. Sometimes, it'll be select fights like how I do the wrestling events. Anyway, the main card here was basically a variety bag with nothing really being must-see, but everything had entertainment value of some form. The exception is the main event, which was a great showcase of muay thai action. Haggerty came off as a star, and

Select Match Reviews: The Road to Holiday

Match from NJPW Road to Wrestling Dontaku 04/26 1.LIJ vs CHAOS,Kota ***1/2 2.IWGP Jr Tag Titles: RPG3k(c) vs LIJ **** Thoughts: Time to catch up on the best promotion in the world. The trios match was a pretty good, all-star six-man that showcased everyone decently and set down seeds nicely for upcoming contests. These fun little build-up matches are always entertaining, and this kept that trend going. The title defense was a fantastic encounter and, if not for the iffy last few minutes, this could have hit MOTYC levels. It was still pretty fun for what it was and the extended SHO/Shingo section was wildly entertaining. Check these out if you missed them.