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Wolfe Joins NXT UK

Alexander Wolfe took advantage of the departures of late by acting like he was joining the list of talents leaving WWE. Instead, he jumped to NXT UK and joined WALTER, Bathel, and Aichner to form Imperium.

HHH in Dungeons & Dragons?

Reddit user, Creathian, has posted the above stats to use HHH in your 5th edition D&D games. Click here for more info.

Select Match Reviews: WWE Matches of the Week

This roundup edition will actually feature matches from the last two weeks, as I catch up. This includes stuff from 04/08-04/20. They will, as usual, be listed chronologically. 1.Smackdown Tag Titles: Usos(c) vs Hardys *** 2.Cruiserweight Title: Nese(c) vs Murphy ***3/4 3.NXT UK Women's Title: Storm(c) vs Jinny *** 4.Andrade vs Finn ***1/4 5.Finn vs Ali ***1/2 6.Oney vs Alexander ***1/2 7.North American Title: Velveteen(c) vs Murphy ***3/4 Thoughts: Two weeks worth of content, cut down to seven worthwhile matches. The star here was easily the former face of 205Live, Buddy Murphy. He just killed it, featuring in two great title matches. If you are behind on WWE, just stick to these and you're getting the best stuff.

Select Match Reviews: 16 Carat Pt.3

Matches from wXw 16 Carat Gold Night Three 1.Lucky Kid vs Ilja **** 2.WALTER vs Avalanche *** 3.Lucha Bros, Rey Horus vs Schadenfreude ***3/4 4.Lucky Kid vs WALTER ****1/4 Thoughts: After two enjoyable nights of tournament action, wXw went all in for the finals. I don't follow wXw as much as I'd like to, but I do think this was a coming out party for Lucky Kid and I'm sure that's because the company sees that a lot of their stars are about to become part-timers at best. I mean, they had him take out Ilja and WALTER in the same night. Pull the trigger now or suffer later, basically. The good news is that Lucky Kid is a pretty damn good worker, as proven here. The first pull here was a banger semi-final. They both worked their asses off, building off a quick start and fitting into a nice groove as it went along. This could have been the main event of any other show. The other semi was a good hoss fight, but nowhere near the same quality. Still, it put WALTER o

MLW Announces New Championship

Major League Wrestling has released the following statement: MLW launches National Openweight Championship; Milwaukee to host finals on June 1st NEW YORK – Major League Wrestling extends to new boundaries with the introduction of a new championship as the inaugural National Champion is crowned at MLW: Fury Road 2019 at the Waukesha County Expo Center on Saturday night June 1st. Tickets start at just $10 at Over the next several weeks, 4 wrestlers will vie for the new championship with the finals on Saturday June 1st at the Waukesha County Expo Center in the greater Milwaukee area. MLW matchmakers will reveal the 4 grapplers in the championship tournament later this month. “The new championship means bigger fights with greater regularity,” said MLWCEO and founder Court Bauer. In the coming weeks on FUSION, some of the world’s most exceptional wrestlers from a variety of different backgrounds will converge to compete for the new championship. T

Select Match Reviews: Cruiserweights in Michoacan

Match from AAA Worldwide: Morelia Pt.2: 1.AAA Cruiserweight Title: Guevara(c) vs Laredo Kid **3/4 Thoughts: Interference spots from Villano III Jr and Fake Parka hold this one back, but it was a decent little title match either way. I mean, they worked hard to try to overcome the overbooked bs. The Mercanarios attacking Laredo after he won the title also ruined that moment. I would love a rematch without the circus act, but if we're being positive....well, at least the idea of Laredo holding gold is good!

Select Match Reviews: Tijuana Crash

Matches from The Crash 04/13/2019 1.Flamita vs Titan vs Brooks vs Black Danger vs Rey Horus ***1/4 2.NGD vs Rebelion Amarilla ***1/4 Thoughts: The Crash deserves more love than they get, but there are many reasons why not many people seem to check them out. Their streaming habits are pretty high on that list of negatives, but let's not focus on that. Instead, we'll just dig in and check these two pulls out. The first match here was a bit messy at times, but it was a fairly good mindless spotfest. Rey Horus was the mvp here, but Brooks got a lot of time to shine. The main event saw Hijo del Fantasma, who recently left AAA, join The Crash's big Rebelion Amarilla faction. That's pretty big, and seeing him across the ring from NGD was awesome. The shit finish sucked a bit, but worked to set up a rematch (that they requested for Arena Mexico) as well as teased Rey Horus joining Rebelion Amarilla, too. 450 acting like a fucking battering ram was my favorite spot of

Select Match Reviews: A Slice of Mania

Matches from Wrestlemania 35 1.Cruiserweight Title: Murphy(c) vs Nese ***1/2 2.Universal Title: Brock(c) vs Seth NR 3.Smackdown Tag Titles: Usos(c) vs The Bar vs Nakamura,Rusev vs Black,Ricochet   ***1/4 4.WWE Title: Bryan(c) vs Kofi **** 5.Raw/SD Women's Title Unification: Ronda(r) vs Flair(s) vs Becky ***1/4 Thoughts: Yea, I'm watching this much later than I expected but moving half way across the country is tiring work. Anyway, these are the matches that interested me the most. The 205 showcase was pretty good, as expected. Nese as champ is a fun move and I look forward to watching his run. Murphy had a very underrated reign and I sincerely hope he isn't screwed over too badly on Raw. 205 is now the PAB! The Universal match was too short to qualify for a * score, but it was fun for what it was and it's nice seeing Seth as the champ again. Very Attitude Era style stuff. The cluster tag for the Smackdown Tag belts was a fairly good sprint. It could have

Alexander Wolfe Leaves WWE

Add another, with Alexander Wolfe now leaving as well.

Luke Harper Requests Release

The following is an official statement from Luke Harper's Twitter. 

Select Match Review: Fall of the Wizard

Match from CMLL Viernes 04/05/2019 1.Lightning: Hechicero vs Felino ***1/4 Thoughts: Lightning matches are typically quick, entertaining contests and having these two in one ensured that I was going to give it a click. Indeed, it went about like I expected and was a fairly good match. If you just want a quick CMLL match to watch tonight, this one should do just fine. Don't rush to watch it or anything, though. Note that I am still behind on a lot of things, but I have made it to Florida and will be attempting to catch up as I can. G1, Mercury Rising, and the MLW special are top priorities. Oh, and the last night of 16 Carat Gold. Things should settle down more within a week at most. I'll also be updating the "best of" section asap.