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JR Spills News on AEW, Darby Leaving EVOLVE

Ross on AEW Jim Ross, while appearing on WFAN Radio in New York revealed that AEW's weekly show will run for two hours starting sometime in October. While the station isn't yet known, he teased that it would be a major network that most would have access to. Count on TBS or TNT to be likely homes. He is set to be the lead voice of AEW as well as an advisor. Listen to the whole thing here . Darby Hits Free Agency  As expected, Allin has finished up with EVOLVE and is set to become a free agent following his Wrestlemania week engagements. You should expect to see him in AEW unless something changes.

An Exciting Journey

I am looking at a large list of recommended matches and selective pulls, as well as the few shows I will be watching in full. Note that the blog will be rather silent in comparison to the standard I had set due to the fact that I am in the middle of a move. Thanks for all who visit the blog.

The Green Lantern #6 Review

We arrive at the conclusion of the first arc of The Green Lantern. The payoff was worth the read, with the pace and conclusion working well to finish off what they've built up across six issues. The setup for volume 2 looks just as, if not more, interesting which is a good thing. The art is great as usual, too. Volume one will be collected into trade form this summer, so if you prefer that format make sure to keep it in mind. Really, the overall ambition of this run is commendable and, with another fun issue in, I must say that fans of Hal Jordan should really be picking this one up each time a new one drops. Make sure to jump in now while the number count is still low. Rating: ***1/4

Select Match Reviews: Uncharted

Match from Beyond Wrestling Uncharted Territory #1 1.Starr vs Tanaka *** Thoughts: When Beyond announced a new series, I'll admit I was intrigued. They are kind of like the PWG of the East coast, but I sadly never got into them as much as I did the former. Funny enough, I pitched this idea to them a few years ago but they declined at the time. I'm glad they saw the light eventually, even if I am not assisting. The first main event for the new show is an eye-catcher to say the least. This was never going to be a MOTYC, but it sure was fun for what it was. If you want like the idea of seeing Masato and Starr in a singles match, check this out. It was good, even if it wasn't really recommendable levels. If you don't have a nostalgic loyalty to Tanaka, you can likely skip this. Still, I wish Beyond the very best and I encourage you to give them some love.

Select Match Reviews: Assassins in Spain

Match from Triple W Total Rumble 9 1.A-Kid vs Ospreay ****1/4 Thoughts: Last year, A-Kid instantly became on of my favorites due to his classic with Sabre. I have found myself seeking out anything involving him since, so this was an easy pull. Real quick, but just a heads up that the only full shows I'll be watching from Mania Week are TakeOver, G1 Supercard, and Mercury Rising. The rest will be in select match formats. I am in the middle of a move so they be posted whenever I actually have time to watch. Now, back to the match. First off, the crowd was pretty fun once again. I love the environment White Wolf has created. The match itself was a highlight reel from both men, trading spot for spot until the final moments. A-Kid really is becoming one of the best all-around workers in the world and I hope more people start to recognize it. The technical and aerial displays here were excellent as expected, and really it was just a fantastic contest. Check this one out!

AntropomorphiA: Merciless Savagery Review

Merciless Savagery might be a pretty bad album name, but it's a fair one for AntropomorphiA's newest release. Seemingly fueled by venom, this wall of sound is perfect for a night on the rampage across a winter landscape. Behemoth is a noticeable influence here, which does create the biggest issue. Because of the similarities, comparisons will be made and this album just doesn't come close to the majesty of a Behemoth release. Past that, they hit a lot of the important notes for good death metal yet miss some of the more subtle aspects that separate soldiers from kings. On the positive note, the musicianship is solid and tight throughout and the production values are pretty high. This really is a pretty good CD, I just can't help thinking it could have been much better. Rating: ***1/2

Starr Quits wXw

After falling to Lucky Kid during yesterday's Amerika ist Wunderbar event, David Starr went on a rant that included insults towards WALTER for joining WWE as well as insults towards wXw and the WWN for getting into bed with WWE. He finished up by quitting the promotion. This is the next progression in the Starr/WALTER angle, but it's worth noting that Starr has a history of being vocal about these stances.

Full List of PROGRESS SSS16 Participants

PROGRESS Wrestling has announced the final entrant into this year's SSS16 tournament. Here is the list: -Travis Banks -David Starr -Trevor Lee -Aerostar -Kyle O'Reilly -Ilja Dragunov -DJZ -Darby Allin -Daga -Kyle Fletcher -Jordan Devlin -Chris Brookes -Lucky Kid -Paul Robinson -Chris Ridgeway -Artemis Spencer The biggest surprise for me is Aerostar and Daga seeing as PROGRESS is in bed with WWE. Heck, this looks a bit like an NXT/NXT UK tournament. Still, it should be entertaining like usual.

AAA MSG Show Set in September

AAA announced today that they will be running the Garden on September 15th. The show will be called, "Invading NYC". This is their first show in New York in over 20 years. Here's the official statement: An impressive roster of leading Mexican and internationally known pro wrestlers will “invade New York” when Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, Mexico’s premier pro wrestling organization, presents one of their legendary spectacles at Madison Square Garden on September 15th, 2019. This will be the first time Lucha Libre AAA presents an event of this magnitude in the main arena at Madison Square Garden. Tickets go on sale on another noteworthy date for the Mexican community, May 5th, “Cinco de Mayo.“ The date of the September 15th event is expected to attract an audience of Lucha Libre AAA fans from New York’s Mexican and Hispanic communities, as well as the area’s die-hard pro wrestling fans. Dorian Roldán, Managing Director of Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide said, “The timing of the

Select Match Reviews: A Handsome Man Enters

Match from DDT Goodbye Hakata Starlanes! 1.KO-D Openweight Title: Takeshita(c) vs Jiro ***1/2 Thoughts: Joining in on saying farewell to the Starlanes, DDT gave us a big title match and with news of the Ikemen leaving Japan soon, this is even more important.  Note, by the way, that the video above is the digest version by the way.  So, I'll admit that this was a bit disappointing. They went for a slow burn, but the first span just didn't hit the right notes for me. The good news is the action picked up nicely as it went along. While it wasn't a MOTYC like I had hoped, it was still a pretty good title match. Long live Takeshita!

Select Match Reviews: WWE Matches of the Week

Matches from WWE Week of 04/01/19 1.Raw Tag Titles: Revival(c) vs Black,Ricochet *** 2.Samoa Joe vs Ali NR 3.Seven vs Coffey ***1/4 Thoughts: I have arrived at the conclusion that WWE didn't want to give much away this week ahead of TakeOver and Wrestlemania. The only issue is that, from what I've seen and heard, they haven't been giving much for fans to care about lately at all. Like, even less than usual. They really lean heavy on the diehards, don't they? Anyway, this week I pulled these three matches.  The Raw contest of the week was actually a good title defense until the shit finish. Skip it, but maybe catch the highlight video if you have a moment. I'm thinking that Raw next week might see a title change. The Smackdown match this week was too short to rate (I don't rate things under three minutes). It sucks seeing Mustaf...I mean, Ali drop that quick to Joe after being built up so hard. That's the game, though. Joe looked goo

Whitechapel: The Valley Review

When Whitechapel started embracing groove metal, first blending it into their output two albums ago, they created a level of tension in their fanbase. A resistance was to be expected, but the question was always how far they'd go. Well, The Valley makes it clear that the clean vocals and more melodic moments are here to stay, for better or worse. The good news? If you are ok with these changes to the band's palate you will be rewarded. The full embrace of grove metal here allows for a beauty & the beast style album, full of mellow radio-friendly sections and whiplash intensity. So, if you want an album that sounds like Cattle Decapitation fucking Seether in the middle of a rural town, here ya go. They seem much more comfortable here, and I can only expect future releases will remain in this zone. In all, The Valley is a great album worth checking out. Give it a spin when you get the chance. Rating: ***1/2

Select Match Reviews: 16 Carat Pt.2

Matches from wXw 16 Carat Gold Night Two 1.Pentagon vs Ilja **** 2.Fenix vs WALTER **** 3.wXw World Title: Absolute Andy(c) vs Gunns ***1/2 Thoughts: wXw nailed it here with this very memorable night of action. The two tournament matches were fantastic 10 minute epics and the main event was a fun, but flawed, story that paid off nicely. The first pull saw fan favorites, Penta and Ilja, working their asses off in a wildly entertaining sprint. One of the best Pentagon singles matches we have gotten in a while. Fenix and WALTER sold the size differences perfectly, going all in. I would love a rematch if WWE allows it. The championship match had problems, mainly a general sloppiness throughout and some pacing issues, but the story work and a hot crowd kept it in the recommendable range. The finish looks sets up a lot for the future, and we will have to wait and see what the German HHH has up his sleeve next. I am in the middle of a move so I won't be rambling too much, b

Charlotte Flair Gets Tranquilo

Who wrestlers date means very little to me, so the rumors of Flair and Andrade being in a relationship isn't something I truly care about. That said, I would be lying if I said I didn't love seeing Flair strike this pose. Tranquilo!

RVD Signs Extended Contract With Impact

RVD has signed an extended contract with Impact Wrestling. He is scheduled to team with Sabu to take on the Lucha Bros on the United We Stand event this week. He told Sporting News the following: “We will see how it goes. It’s a pretty friendly schedule, which has always been important to me. I want to be home more and on the road less. That’s still something I’ve done since I left WWE in 2007. Impact with their schedule and the position they want me to fill for my career seems like a perfect situation. Hopefully it will be mutually beneficial, and we will see “The Whole F’N Show” back on television. Let’s see how all these new guys matchup to me. I’m not there to compete with the guys who have stolen all my moves (laughs). I’m pretty much there to be myself.”

Select Match Reviews: Starr Shine in the Dark

Match from Defiant Loaded #16 1.Starr vs Klinger ***1/4 Thoughts: The European version of Raw occasionally gives us something enjoyable, and this was a nice sprint. One of the few things they've been doing right is building David Starr up and this was an enjoyable stop on that journey. Don't rush to catch this one, but perhaps consider it due to it's short run-time and fairly good quality.

Jim Ross Officially Signs to AEW

JR has officially joined AEW, as seen in the latest episode of The Road to Double or Nothing. He has been rumored to be a cog in the new machine since news first broke, and I hope to see Mauro join him. Note that he is listed as an senior advisor with Excalibur and Marves currently set to announce.

Joker Trailer Out Now

With all of the big comic films set to release this year, Joker looks like one of the most promising. Above is the debut trailer. 

Champions #4 Review

So far, Champions has been one of my favorite ongoings of the year. Four issues in, they've already set up a lot of interesting plots to follow and this issue pays off nicely. The teenage drama and angst reach a tipping point, with core members being pushed in interesting directions. One member leaves to regain what he once lost, another leaves as the darkness continues to consume him. The writing on Champions has been so consistent, that I feel like I am watching a fun weekly tv show when I pick up a new issue. Only four issues in, I strongly encourage comic readers to start now before the count continues to rise because Champions is one of 2019's must-reads! Rating: ***1/2

War of the Realms Act One Reading Order

Here is the list of tie-ins and suggested reading order for the first act of Marvel's War of the Realms event.

War of the Realms #1 Review

I've seen Jason Aaron, writer of this event, call this Lord of the Rings set in Manhattan. He's nailed that description perfectly. I've spent the past few weeks catching up in time, getting pretty excited as the day neared for the debut issue release. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have high expectations. Seeing the cast listed out in the opening pages further built my own hype, and luckily #1 of this major event paid off nicely. The key to a good comic event is making it feel like a summer blockbuster and that's what we have here with the first chapter of War of the Realms. Fun, action-packed drama and great art kick the start of War of the Realms on a high-note. The story is newcomer friendly enough that I'm sure anyone with basic knowledge of Marvel could jump right in, by the way. I've been building this one up for a while now in the blog and I encourage you to pick this one up at your local comic shop or on ComiXology. Rating: ***1/2

Major X #1 Review

New characters aren't that common in comics these days, and seeing one get their own ongoing right off the bat shows that Marvel has some high hopes for newcomer, Major X. The action in Major X #1 starts fast, painting a picture of what to expect going forward rather quickly. Heavy with derivative time travel plots and forced action, there is ironically something old-school about Major X. Too bad it's so inconsistent in story quality to really recommend. The art is the best aspect here, but even that is just a touch above average. I could still see this turning into a good series but time will tell. For now, skip this one and just go read some classic X-Men stuff instead. Rating: **1/2

Select Match Reviews: Required Optimism

Match from IWRG 03/24/2019 1.IWRG IC Tag Titles, 2/3 Falls: Aramis, Imposible vs Death Metal, Heddi ** Thoughts: As much as I love the idea of Aramis and Imposible as a team, as well as tag champs in the underrated IWRG promotion, this match did little for me. Sadly, they just weren't paired up against a good set of opponents. Alas, the bright side is we'll get some defenses from the two and we can only hope they'll be against better teams. Skip this one, but be excited about the new champs.

The Walking Dead Volume 2 Review

I continue to work through TWD. Better late than never, right? Volume 2 was a slight step down, but a pretty good read nonetheless. My main issue was that the pacing felt a bit rushed at times, lessening some moments that I think would have hit harder had they played out a tad slower. Still, I found myself plowing through these issues and enjoying the twists and turns as the story went along. While not as good as Volume 1, this was still worth your time. If you skipped these, check this one out. If you've read them before, maybe read them again. On to the next volume. Rating: ***1/2

Vltimas: Something Wicked Marches In Review

Featuring an cast from Mayhem, Cryptopsy, and Morbid Angel, Vltimas sound exactly like the form of extreme metal that you'd imagine. Yes, the debut from this Portugal super group may lack originality, but Something Wicked makes up for the missing creativity with quality. The intensity level is consistent, making this a workout worthy listen, and every member plays like the professional they are. I think David Vincent's vocal work shined the most though the lyrics are a bit amateurish. For every good thing about this debut, there's something negative I could counter it with. Still, Vltimas put out a pretty good album despite the flaws and I suggest all death metal fans to go give this one a spin. Rating: ***1/2

Select Match Reviews: Mad About Lucha

Matches from MDA en Arena Naucalpan 03/17/19 1.Freelance vs Audaz ***1/4 2.Angel de Oro vs Aramis *** 3.Dragon Bane vs Soberano Jr **3/4 4.Laredo Kid vs Imposible ***1/2 Thoughts: Indie lucha tends to be some of the most entertaining wrestling in the world, especially when it comes from Naucalpan. The first pull here was fairly good, though a bit sloppy at times. I love seeing CMLL talent in these spots, as they get to show off more than they tend to otherwise. The next match was good, but it fell off the rails a bit after Aramis crashed and burned on a dive. Too bad, because this could have been the MOTN. The semi was entertaining, but the draw finish sucked all of the air out of things. They were building this up nicely, and a few more minutes and a clean draw is what we should have seen instead. Oh well, maybe a rematch? The main event was my favorite match of the night, and the sole contest I think is good enough to be recommendable. Laredo has once again been one

Amazing Red Retires

One of the most influential workers of all time, the Amazing Red, has announced his retirement. I personally would like to wish him the best on whatever he plans to do next. Thank you for years of entertainment.

Avengers: Endgame Final Trailer Out Now

With Endgame only weeks away, Disney has given us one last look and I suggest everyone to check it out now.

Night Dagger Chapter Two

The Prestige. That's the name of the group of "heroes" that are entrusted to protect Cyr. Marlenias, an elf, is the leader. He goes by the nickname, Emerald Ranger. Trained by the best in the land, Marlenias takes down all who challenge him with his bow skills. Rumor has it he hasn't missed his target since he passed training years ago. Lorian, human, is known best as The Silver Wizard. She is the brains of the operation, though not considered the true leader since having a women in charge would be seen as a sign of weakness from many in the lands. Sadly, such despicable thoughts are more commonplace in Cyr than they should be. Lastly, is Ofraim. This dwarf fights crime as The Red Fighter. What he lacks in smarts he makes up for in brawn. If you are an enemy of Ofraim's, your best chance is to run and hide or buy him a pint of ale and hope he forgives you. As cheesy as their nicknames might be, they do pretty decent work. Last month, The Prestige took do

AAF Ceasing Operations, Power Rankings

It looks like the Alliance is going to be closing down, as they just announced a suspension of operations. But, for the sake of tradition, here's what might be the last power rankings post for the AAF. If this is it, I at least enjoyed these eight weeks of football. 8.Atlanta (2-6) 7.Memphis (2-6) 6.San Diego (3-5) 5.Salt Lake (4-4) 4.Birmingham (5-3) 3.San Antonio (5-3) 2.Arizona (5-3) 1.Orlando (7-1)

350 Days Out Now

Six years of work has come to this. 350 Days features Bret Hart, Greg Valentine, Tito Santana, Superstar Graham, Lanny Poffo, Ted Dibiase, Wendi Richter, and more. If you love wrestling, check out this independent documentary film and show some support. You can get physical merch here or get the film on iTunes here .

Elgin Declines New NJPW Deal

Michael Elgin has opted not to re-sign with New Japan after his contract expired on March 31st. His next move is currently unknown, but I am now hearing that he has spoken with someone in WWE and might be NXT bound. In related news, young lion, Kanemitsu Teruaki has also left the promotion. He suffered a cervical spine injury in 2016. Last news said he was working on a return to the ring.

X-O Manowar Vol. 1 Review

Note that this is the 2012 version. I've had a moderate interest in the Valiant line for years, largely due to a few wiki searches after remembering an old game (Shadow Man) and seeing they had a full line of comics. The iffy history aside, a recommendation from ComiXology made me pull the trigger. I am using this outline for reading the Valiant Universe, making X-O Manowar Volume 1 the first stop. I've got to say, this was a fantastic start. To summarize, without spoiling much for those who might want to make the same journey, the plot takes someone living in the Roman Empire times and launches them into space when he encounters an evil alien race. The whole volume plays out like a sci-fi action film, with top-notch writing and art working together to sell the story perfectly. I am unsure why X-O Manowar isn't a bigger deal, but I am hooked so far and will be reading more Valiant work soon. If you skipped out on this, go to ComiXology right now and give it a try.

Dark Nights: Metal #3 Review

Sadly, this one was a step down from the previous Metal issues that I've read. Still, though, it was an important step in the overall plot and the art remains quality if nothing else. If not for the fact that it's required reading for anyone else deciding to read through Metal, I'd say skip it. It's good, but not enough to recommend otherwise simply due to the slow pace and heavy use of recapping. Alas, not every issue in the event needs to be a home run and I remain hopeful that this was just a minor hiccup. Rating: ***

How Seth Rollins Got the Curb Stomp Back

Below is a quote Seth gave to The Wrap in regards to getting his popular finish back: "When it came down to it, I just went and asked [Vince] a few years later. I said, 'Hey look, I want to do this. Give me reasons not to and I will tell you why you're wrong and hopefully, we can meet in the middle.' He was on my side, I caught him on a good day. Luckily it's back and hopefully, it's not going anywhere."

John Oliver Drills WWE, Swann vs Fenix, More...

John Oliver Above is the hot segment that has the wrestling world talking. What are your thoughts on the subject? For the sake of being fare, here's WWE's response: “John Oliver is clearly a clever and humorous entertainer, however the subject matter covered in his WWE segment is no laughing matter. Prior to airing, WWE responded to his producers refuting every point in his one-sided presentation. John Oliver simply ignored the facts. The health and wellness of our performers is the single most important aspect of our business, and we have a comprehensive, longstanding Talent Wellness program. We invite John Oliver to attend WrestleMania this Sunday to learn more about our company.“ Their stocks have dropped after the segment aired. Several workers have made comments as well, including CM Punk. Updated Mania Cards In other news, Impact has announced the replacement for YAMATO. Stepping into the spot, challenging Swann for the X-Division Championship, is Flamita. T

Strickland's Final Show Before Joining WWE

Strickland, joining Garza Jr next week at WWE's Performance Center, has released the following: “Well, I’m gonna be real with you people for a little bit. I don’t have a lot of time here left. and by here, I mean on the independent wrestling scene. And with that being said, I owe a lot to one place for getting me in the position that I am right now, and that’s The Wrestling Revolver. For our generation, by our generation. That’s a motto that I live by and that’s been put down on me from my mentors, from my brothers: Sami Callihan, Jake and Dave Crist, The Rascalz, my brothers, Jason Cage, Rich Swann, Matt Palmer. We started a movement that has changed the landscape of professional wrestling as we speak, and without that, I wouldn’t be in this opportunity now to be speaking with you all. Look at the history. Look at the people that I’ve faced in this ring at The Wrestling Revolver that helped build me: Me vs Ricochet, Me vs Jason Kincaid, the Cage Of Horrors match, vs Larry D., v

AAA Worldwide:Morelia Pt.1 Review

Matches: 1.Dragon Bane, La Parkita, Draztick Boy vs Mini Pyscho Circus, Latigo *** 2.Faby Apache, Parka Negra, Super Fly vs Myzteziz Jr, Dinastia, Lady Shani *** 3.Maximo, Mamba, Pimpinela vs Chessman, La Mascara, Taurus **1/2 4.Poder del Norte vs Aerostar, Drago, Hijo del Vikingo ***1/2 Thoughts: This week's AAA Worldwide episode was largely entertaining, as usual. The opener was good, though a bit sloppy. Poor Parkita killed himself here. The midcard was about the same, really. Myzteziz Jr stood out the most, again. Sadly, Parka Negra wasn't as good as usual, but he played his role well enough. The third match was a pretty standard exotico showcase. Not bad, but nothing you need to really check out. The main event was the best thing on this episode and a really good trios contest in general. If you're only going to watch one thing here, making it that one. Luckily, Impact is booking Vikingo because I was afraid with Lucha Underground's doubts that h

Dream Theater: Distance Over Time Review

The kings of prog metal return for another epic journey. With Distance Over Time, Dream Theater actually streamlined things a bit more. This helps provide an album that fells tight and perhaps even more accessible than usual without dropping any complexity that the band is known for. LaBrie's vocals are as powerful as ever, and Petrucci and Rudess are beacons of inspiration. The rhythm section hold their own, of course, but are outshined by their bandmates. It's rare for a band this deep in to put out something so energetic, but Dream Theater aren't just any band. No, they reestablished their place with DOT at the top of the heap and I strongly encourage fans of the genre to give this fantastic album a stream. Rating: ****