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Young Bucks Win AAA Gold

As predicted here , the Bucks debuted in AAA tonight and won the tag titles. Remember to check in from time to time (or every day if you're awesome) for exclusive scoops and fun info, and then stick around to read reviews and more.

Rudos Fall in CMLL Main Event

Last night, the Ingobernables tandem of Terrible and Bestia lost their hair in the apuesta main event to the Chavez brothers. Terrible also suffered a shoulder injury during the match. You can watch the full event here . I'll post a review asap, but know that the whole show is said to be decent outside of the before mentioned main event.

FREE NOAH Show Streaming Tomorrow

Tomorrow, NOAH runs their final show at the Star Lanes and will stream the event live on their youtube . Go and Sugiura and Marufuji versus Ogawa highlight the show. UPDATE: Here is the link to the show.

MLW FUSION Episode 48 Review

Matches: 1.DJZ vs Austin *** 2.Hammerstone vs Velasquez *3/4 3.Gotch vs Romero *1/2 Thoughts: A standard filler episode more than anything. The opener was good and had a surprise winner and the angle after the main was ok with Contra, but the rest was just an extended squash and an average main event. Skip this one. Overall Rating: 50/100%

Select Match Reviews: Assassin vs Psycho

Match from NJPW New Japan Cup Night Six 1.Ospreay vs Archer ***1/2 Thoughts: This one worked well due to Ospreay's selling, making Lance look like a monster at times. Of all of the matches I've seen with Archer, this is actually one of the best. It also was a nice way to showcase that the NEVER Openweight Champ can work against nearly anyone, regardless of their size or style. Check this one out, as the NJ Cup continues to give us enjoyable content as we head toward the finals and the G1 Supercard.

CMLL and AAA Weekend Previews

Tomorrow, the oldest promotion in the world puts on their second biggest annual show of the year. The show, this year, honors the founder of the company (as usual) and Blue Demon. The day after, AAA hosts their second biggest show. Let's take a quick look at where to watch, why you should, and what to expect. CMLL Homenaje a Dos Leyendas The Card 1 Átomo,  El Gallito  and  Microman  vs. Chamuel,  Mije  and  Zacarias el Perico Six-man "Lucha Libre rules" tag team match 2 Audaz and  La Excelencia Tapatia  ( Tritón  and  Esfinge ) vs.  Vangellys ,  Pólvora , and  El Hijo de Villano III Six-man "Lucha Libre rules" tag team match 3 Diamante Azul ,  Titán , and  El Soberano  vs  Los Hijos del Infierno  ( Mephisto  and  Ephesto ), and  Templario Six-man "Lucha Libre rules" tag team match 4 Nueva Generacion Dinamitas  ( Sansón ,  El Cuatrero , and  Forastero ) vs  La Peste Negra  ( Negro Casas  and  Bárbaro Cavernario ) and  Gilbert el Boricua Six-man

Top 5 Metalcore Albums of All Time

So far, we've taken a look at my picks for the top five post-harcore and top five mathcore albums. Now, let's look at my top five pure metalcore releases. I, once again, included a key music video from each for those wanting a taste of the musical awesomeness. 5. Atreyu: The Curse Atreyu managed to win over a lot of fans with this one, though they sadly peaked here. This is one of those releases that spawned a lot of ripoffs, which is always a real goal for any band. It just feels massive and powerfull and the Ann Rice inspired lyrics allowed this one to crossover to several cliques, too. Rating: ***3/4 4. Haste the Day: Pressure the Hinges When my (grand)father passed away, this album helped me through the hard time that followed. I was raised by my grandparents, so the heartache was pretty heavy. Something about this one just hooked me and wouldn't let go. I actually love the bands whole catalog, but I consider this to be their best work in general. If you miss

Top 5 US Indie Women That You're Sleeping On

After the Top 5 Tag Teams article turned out to be fairly popular, I figured I'd go ahead and put out the next companion piece sooner than later. Yes, I do plan on doing several of these with varying subjects.  This time, let's go ahead and take a look at five of the best women in the United States indie scene that too many of you are missing out on. -KimberLee The princess herself, KimberLee is remains one of the best women in the indies. After leaving NXT, she has re-cemented  herself as being one of the top talents in the game. You can see her most consistently by watching CHIKARA, which is sadly a big part of why she is on this list. CHIKARA, in general, gets overlooked a lot.  Check her out: -Leyla Hirsch New Jersey's Leyla Hirsch has more than impressed me. With several years of amateur wrestling experience, Leyla brings her technicality and never-say-die attitude to the ring in a way that makes her seem more like a seasoned vet than a relative newcomer.

The Beginner's Guide to Major DC Events Part One

Newcomers to comic books sometimes find a huge task ahead of them. That makes sense seeing as there are decades of plots all intertwining, leading up to current issues. Among these storylines are major, crossover "crisis" events. Basically, they are the catalyst for huge changes across all of the DC releases. So, let's start to dig in with the first event summary. I'll post about the sequels, other, non-crisis events, and even major Marvel events later, too. I just hope this series gets at least one person to pick up the habit. -Crisis on Infinite Earths Running between 1985 and 1986, DC ran their first crisis event. The conception of this 12 issue series spawned from a desire to remove the idea of multiverses from the DC line, blending everything into a single universe in hopes that it'd make things easier for newcomers and thus boost sales. After the run, everything was split into pre-crisis and post-crisis categories, and many household names had their st

Select Match Reviews: Glorious Pit Stop

Match from Dragon Gate Glorious Gate Night Three 1.Elimination: Natural Vibes vs Mochizuki Dojo vs RED vs Tribe Vanguard **** Thoughts: What a large mass of humanity. Sixteen men, four units, and a wildly entertaining elimination match. Stuff like this is one of the things that Dragon Gate excels at. Plus, how many promotions can legit put together a stacked match like this while still having enough talent to fill the rest of a card? This one is required viewing for any Dragon Gate fan for a few reasons. The biggest is that it sets up this year's Dead or Alive cagematch, but consider adding it to your view list even if you aren't a diehard follower as I found it to be sincerely fantastic and well worth the time.

Select Match Reviews: Another Bone for the Pitbull

Match from NJPW New Japan Cup Night 5 1.Ishii vs Taichi ***3/4 Thoughts: Taichi can be pretty decent when he wants to be and, luckily for us, he stepped up here in defeat. We only get this version of him a few times a year, but it's always enjoyable when we do. Tomohiro was fantastic, as always. Both worked hard, going over 20 minutes and giving us a great match as the tournament rolls on. Add this one to your watch list.

Select Match Reviews: Skull End

Match from NJPW New Japan Cup Night Four 1. SANADA vs Goto ***1/4 Thoughts: The first three nights of the New Japan Cup had some great material, but night four was clearly a step down. I pulled this one, hearing it was the best of the night. It was fairly good, and I like how the two were matched up evenly. It is a bit sad knowing that we may never see Hiroki get a major singles run again, but that's just the reality of things. Don't consider this required viewing, but check it out if you're bored.

Select Match Reviews: Puss in Boots

Match from MexaWrestling: New Idols 1.Ultimo Maldito,Aramis vs Puma King,Arkangel Divino ***1/4 Thoughts: This one caught my eye due to how stacked it looked, plus the fact that Mexa tends to put out some good stuff when you can actually find it. While it has some sloppiness and was a bit rough around the edges, a lot of indie lucha stuff tends to be less polished and the four put in for an entertaining contest full of nice spots either way. Imperfect, yet fun.

Select Match Reviews: Golden W

Matches from NJPW New Japan Cup Day 3 1.Tanahashi vs Shota ***1/2 2.Sabre vs EVIL ***1/2 3.Naito vs Kota ****1/2 Thoughts: Day three of the tournament had three standout matches, all worth your time. This year's New Japan Cup is already shaping up to be one of the best ever. We start with Tanahashi taking on one of the most talented youths on the roster, with Shota showing once more that he is going to be a big part of New Japan's future. I thought this one was really good, and I am eager to see what they do with Umino next. The near falls actually had me for a second, despite all logic saying not to bite. Tanahashi said that he didn't feel like the star of this one, so even the ace is in this kid's corner. Keep an eye on Shota. LIJ's recent rivalry victory over Suzuki-gun had some great moments, and we get a bit of a reply here with Sabre and EVIL taking each other on again. I enjoyed the game they were playing here, and the counter work was nice. I love

AAF Power Rankings After Week Five

8.Memphis (1-4) 7.Salt Lake (1-4) 6.Atlanta (2-3) 5.Arizona (2-3) 4.San Antonio (3-2) 3.San Diego (3-2) 2.Birmingham (3-2) 1.Orlando (5-0)

Top 5 Mathcore Albums of All Time

Keeping the party going, let's take a look at the best that mathcore has to offer. These five albums are all worth checking out and, as usual, I've included a music video from each. 5. The Chariot: The Fiancee The Chariot were a true force here, every note seeming maliciously calculated and full of angst. The Chariot provided a level of intensity on these tracks that made them a hit with fans of the genre. Rating: ***3/4 4. Dillinger Escape Plan: Ire Works This is the only band to appear twice on the list, and honestly they could have appeared more. Ire Works was creative and original, continuing the natural progression that the band made with each release. Rating: ***3/4 3. The Number 12 Looks Like You: Mongrel While their earlier works came off a bit juvenile, Mongrel showed a level of maturity that caught a lot of fans off guard. This is easily the best album these guys put out, and the entertainment factor was at a high for the entire run-time. Rating:

Select Match Reviews: The Dark Side

Matches from Dragon Gate Champion Gate Night Two 1.Mochizuki Dojo vs MaxiMuM ***1/2 2.Open the Twin Gate Titles: Big Ben(c) vs Tribe Vanguard ***1/2 3.Open the Dream Gate Title: PAC(c) vs Skywalker **** Thoughts: One of the most highly anticipated shows of the month, Dragon Gate looks like they've given us a few worth sinking our teeth into. Up first, we have Hyo and Yuki of the Mochizuki Dojo unit taking on MaxiMuM's Doi and Dragon Kid. Like the main event, this is a test of sorts. Naruki and DK are pillars of Dragon Gate and taking them on here means you need to step up big. Yuki, in particular, looked promising and stood out. This was a pretty good contest. The second pull saw the tag belts of DG on the line. KAI continues to prove me wrong, looking good here again. Both teams worked hard and the action was solid. Like the last one, this was pretty good. Dragon Gate has been building Shun Skywalker up at a nice rate, making it clear that he is going to be a big

Select Match Reviews: Obvious Outcomes (Can Be OK)

Match from NJPW New Japan Cup Day 2 1.Okada vs Elgin **** Thoughts: We all know that Okada is winning this tournament, but that's ok. As long as we get enough high-quality contest, who cares. After Ishii and Nagata kicked us off nicely, day two saw Okada take on Elgin. Yea, Elgin might be a bit of a dick, but the dude is one of the more underrated workers in the game, too. He proved this once more here. This one built slowly toward a climax that pushed it into four star range. Elgin and Okada had a fantastic clash here, and I strongly encourage you to go check it out.

Ranking the Silent Hill Video Games

Further expanding the blog's subject matter (wrestling will always be the highlight here, though), I wanted to start adding video game posts. Let's start with the ever-so-popular ranking format while looking at one of the best horror franchises of all time. While the future of the series might be in doubt, we at least have hours of entertainment to look back on. *Note that PT isn't included as it wasn't a full release. 9. Book of Memories I hate that this might be the last official SH release. They decided to make an isometric rpg set in the universe, for some reason. The biggest issue, other than the fact that it doesn't feel like it belongs in the same series, is that it's not even a good version of this type of game. It's just an average-at-best entry, and sincerely the worst thing they released under the Silent Hill moniker. Rating: ** 8. Origins Origins isn't a bad game, but it wasn't much more than a pitstop release. Released on the P