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Lucha Underground...RIP

With all of the nails being driven into the coffin that seems to house Lucha Underground's future lately, Executive Producer, Chris DeJoseph claiming that he thinks the show is dead is arguably the final one. Lucha Underground gave us four seasons of unique lucha libre/indie hybrid action, and despite the recent skeletons being dragged out of the closet and into the open, I thank them and the amazing talent involved for the entertainment.

More Talent Leave WWE

WWE has announced the release of Hideo (KENTA), Tye Dillinger, TJP, and Arn Anderson. This comes at the heels of Dean Ambrose being announced as not re-signing. Matt Hardy announced that his contract was ending soon, which would mean Jeff's would as well unless he re-signed.


CHIKARA PCAGG 554 1.Deppen vs Ophidian **3/4 Match from 7 Man Army Thoughts: We're back for another installment of CHIKARA's PCAGG series...Waylon Slithers edition. Truth be told, the quality dipped back and forth here but the overall entertainment level helped even things out a touch. Deppen's cheap heel move of getting a breather by harassing a child in attendance was funny and set up a cool moment where we saw the kiddo hand Ophidian his third point. The snake man was once again the star of the show, but don't worry about seeing this one unless you are super bored.

Select Match Reviews: WWE Matches of the Week

Matches from WWE Week 02/18/19 1.DIY vs The Revival ***1/2 2.Aleister vs Andrade ***1/4 3.DIY vs The Bar ***1/4 4.Kanellis vs Alexander *** 5.NXT North American Title: Gargano(c) vs Velveteen **** Thoughts: I'm going to try something new. We'll see if it lasts, but this format is the current plan going forward for WWE weekly content. There will be some exceptions and specials will remain separate. Red is Raw, Blue is Smackdown, Purple is 205, NXT is yellow, and NXT UK will be gold. Up first, we see Gargano and Ciampa's debut on Raw. They are teasing this move (also including Black and Ricochet) as fluid. They'll still represent NXT, it seems, but work Raw and Smackdown as needed. Seeing The Revival fall so quickly after winning the tag belts is a bit interesting. I refuse to care enough about main roster booking calls these days to get frustrated by them, but it's an interesting move at the very least. That crowd was shit but this was a pretty good match

Fire Pro World on Sale

Fire Pro World is currently on sale on Amazon , currently selling for under $40. This is a 22% discount on one of the best wrestling games on current gen systems. It is also worth noting that WWE 2K19 is currently under $30 on Amazon  for those who have been holding out.

Major ROH Title Defense Announced

ROH has made the following announcement: The ROH World Championship has been defended around the globe, and now for the first time the title will be on the line in Israel. On April 21 at Berale Club in Central Israel, ROH World Champion Jay Lethal is scheduled to defend the title against David Starr in the main event of the Israeli Pro Wrestling Association’s Passover Bash 2019. (If Lethal loses the title prior to the event, the new ROH World Champion will take his place in the match, the ROH Board of Directors said.) “It is a huge honor to get such approval from Ring of Honor to have its champ on our show,” said Gery Roif, the founder of the IPWA. Lethal, the record-holder for most combined days as ROH World Champion (662 as of Feb. 20), has always shown a willingness to put his title on the line anywhere in the world against the top competitors in the sport. In addition to his numerous defenses throughout the U.S., the two-time ROH World Champion has successfully defended the title

Select Match Reviews: The Hero We All Need

Matches from DDT Judgement 1.T-Hawk vs Akito ***1/4 2.KO-D Tag Titles:Moonlight Express(c) vs Shuten Dojo vs Strong Hearts ***1/2 3.KO-D Openweight Title: Daisuke(c) vs Takeshita **** Thoughts: DDT has already gotten me to watch more of its' material this year than all of last. Props to them for that. Up first, from their recent big show, included Wrestle-1 Champion, T-Hawk taking on ALL OUT's Akito. Fairly good contest, with decent leg work from the latter. The closing stretch helped end things on a nice note, and the right person won. I'm hoping that T-Hawk is one of the names CIMA brings with him to AEW for the Double or Nothing encounter with SCU. Our second pull saw MAO and Mike Bailey (Moonlight Express) defending their belts against Takanashi and Yukio as well as CIMA and Seiki. Stacked match, loaded with talent. I am a hug Strong Hearts fan, but I am very happy to see Moonlight win. As a team, they are one of my new favorites. This was a pretty good three

Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You Review

My daughter picked this one today. She has several plush Pokemon toys, but has yet to really see any of the shows or films. I had never seen this one. In fact, I haven't watched on of the shows or movies in years. I own basically every game, though. So, this was basically a alternative universe retelling of Ash's journeys. Instead of Brock and Misty we get Sorrel and Verity. Instead of Gary, the rival is Cross. I am unsure of these characters exist in the anime shows, but they were new to me. Most of the film is a series of quick events and jumps forward in time to get to the end point. We see some familiar moments retold, such as a new take of Ash getting a Charmander and him loosing Butterfree. The pace of the show makes some of these moments that were emotional to me as a child feel less, as there was little time to grow attached. Some of the attempts at evoking an emotional response were there, in a way, but for the most part this just felt like an experiment that di

Select Match Reviews: Chopping a Boar

Match from wXw Dead End XVIII 1.Veit Müller vs WALTER **** Thoughts: Brut lads battling, with Viet attempting to prove to the fans and wXw brass that he belongs in a match like this. That is the idea here, and Veit delivered big by staring down the barell and going toe to toe with the Austrian warhorse. WALTER showing respect after proves that there are big things in store for the Boar. wXw crowds are great, by the way. European fans are just swell. If you enjoy large men beating the shit out of each other, check this one out.

Impact Wrestling: Uncaged Review

Matches 1.Knockouts Title,Street Fighter: Taya(c) vs Tessa ***1/2 2.Willie Mack vs Ethan Page **1/2 3.World Cup, Elimination: Team AAA vs Team Impact ***1/4 4.Impact World Title: Johnny(c) vs Cage vs Kross vs Moose ***1/2 Thoughts: This is the conclusion of the Mexico taping episodes of Impact. These themed episodes are typically fun watches, and I still feel that Impact is one of the more underrated weekly wrestling programs. Years of negative word of mouth have left a stain on the company, despite how good they've been of late. In terms of sports entertainment style wrestling, I think Impact is a more enjoyable series than Raw or Smackdown more often than not. To each their own, though. We start with a street fight for the Knockouts belt. I love how these special episodes almost feel like mini-ppv's. The two worked hard, keeping a steady pace of violence throughout. Taya's attire was a nice touch here, given the location. Tessa played the dominating heel role w

Select Match Reviews: Wolves, Bastards, Assassins, & Pals

Matches from RevPro High Stakes 1.Team White Wolf vs Besties in the World ***1/4 2.PAC vs Ospreay **** Thoughts: Revolution Pro doesn't get as much love from me as they likely deserve, but I try to show respect and check out recommended matches no matter where they are from. It's not even that I dislike the company. They are, in many ways, the British Ring of Honor. It's just that I have never been inclined to check out more than I have to from them, for some reason. That said, these two matches were recommended to me so let's dig in. Up first from the two pulls, we have the White Wolf boys at it again this time against the Besties. Fun fact, but the guitarist of my high school band and one of the few people I care about is actually the sister of Vega.  The two teams put in for a good contest, though there were a few misteps. I hope to see A-Kid, especially, continue to show up randomly around the world like he has been. Lastly, we have the Open the Dream Ga

Select Match Reviews: Follow the Golden Brick Road

Matches from wXw Road to 16 Carat Gold in London 1.Ilja vs Lucky Kid vs Brookes vs Gunns vs Thatcher ***3/4 2.wXw Unified World Title: Absolute Andy(c) vs David Starr ***3/4 Thoughts: As wXw heads toward this year's big 16 Carat Gold tournament, they were nice enough to give us a little treat in these two matches. The first pull was made in the last minute. Kid Lykos' injury turned this from a six-man into a chaotic, five way cluster. In some promotions, this one would be a MOTY contender, but wXw can just throw them together on the random. Everyone got to look great, the crowd was hot, and the action was steady. Check that one out for sure. We close with Absolute Andy defending the top strap against the constant underdog and the always exquisite, David Starr. While Starr remains the bridesmaid, he looked great in defeat. Hopefully enough so, to the backstage brass, that he will have a better spot in the company going forward. In all, another defense worth checking o

MLW FUSION Episode 45 Review

Matches 1.Swann vs Ace **1/4 2.Hammerstone vs Ariel ** 3.MLW Middleweight Title:Teddy(c) vs MJF *1/2 Thoughts: The whole set of matches from this taping seem to have went badly. The opener was ok, but a shit finish ruined any momentum. Heel Swann seems like a decent idea, but it's hard to care much after a contest ends with a thud like that. The midcard was just a squash that ran longer than most squashes. The main event was a mess. The attack after from MJF and Holliday was one of the few moments this week that came off well at all. Skip this episode completely. Overall Rating: 50/100%

Giant Baba Memorial Results

As a tribute to the late Giant Baba, deceased 20 years now, a majority of Japan's promotions got together for a rare event showcasing their talent under one roof. Here are the results. 1.70 year old, Mitsuo Momota won the Battle Royal to start the show. 2.Nomura Naoya, Narita Ren, Tomoaki Honma, and Okabayashi Yuji defeated Hashimoto Daichi, Kazushi Miyamoto, Takuya Nomura, and Hashimoto Tomohiko 3.Kashin Kendo, Onita, Hosaka, and Hideki won a street fight death match against Kojika, Hikaru Sato, Nagai, and Ishikawa 4.Suzuki-gun members, Taichi, TAKA, and Kanemaru defeated Fuchi, Fujiwara, and Yuma 5.LIJ representatives, BUSHI and SANADA beat Sweeper team Jake Lee and Iwamoto and the team of Yoshida Ayato and Umino 6.Jinsei and Marufuji beat Mochizuki and student, Shun Skywalker 7.Burning Wild and Kea won a six-man against Osamu, Satoshi, and Nagata 8.Dos Cara and Mil Mascaras beat Kaz and NOSAWA 9.Sekimoto and Kento beat Tanahashi and Yoshitatsu

AAF Power Rankings After Week Two

8.Memphis Express (0-2) Once again, Memphis finds themselves in the basement. They finally put some points on the scoreboard and only lost the game against the Hotshots by 2, but the team just looks rough and the qb play has been terrible. 7.Atlanta Legends (0-2) Not a great start, but at least the Legends looked better in week 2 than they did in their debut.  6.Salt Lake Stallions (0-2) Salt Lake came close to winning their first game, but they just couldn't get it done and buckled in the second half. Neither of their three quarterbacks have looked good. 5.San Diego Fleet (1-1) The Fleet scored their first touchdown, taking nearly two full games to do so, but opened up completely in doing so. Leaning on the run game toward the end, they found their grove. Keep that up and they'll win a lot more games. 4.San Antonio Commanders (1-1) The Commanders and the Apollos put in for a great game, but San Antonio couldn't hold off the Orlando for four quarters. Looked v

CMLL Announcements

CMLL has announced that they are essentially replacing AAA on Televisa, starting March 2nd at 2PM. The show will feature matches from their Viernes shows, airing on a week delay. In a way, with AAA moving to Azteca, the shows are just trading networks. The Homenaje main event was announced, as expected, to be Ingobernables members, Bestia and Terrible, versus the brothers of Angel de Oro and Niebla Roja. The loosing team will have their head shaved. Lucha legend, Blue Demon, will be honored along with the usual Lutteroth. Lastly, Naito Tetsuya will be returning on March 29th.

Select Match Reviews: Top Shelf Imports

Match from Defiant Loaded episode 11 1. Aussie Open vs Team White Wolf ***1/4 Thoughts: Defiant revived their weekly show a few weeks back, but sadly the show has been pretty average most weeks. The good news is that every few weeks a nice little match airs that is worth checking out, and this was recommended as the most recent of such matches. Last year, the White Wolf crew won me over quickly. A-Kid in particular. As a result, I've found myself seeking out any content I can featuring them. This time, we have a very nice matchup with them against standout team, Aussie Open. Better crowd this time than usual, and a pretty fun match to go with it. Both pairs showed up nicely, and I hope this means more of WhiteWolf in Defiant. The iffy finish seems to suggest as much. I would have preferred a restart, as it ended right when it was picking up into something bigger, but as long as we get a rematch I'll be ok.

Select Match Reviews: Daniel Bryan & the Chamber of Eliminations

Matches from WWE Elimination Chamber 1.WWE Cruiserweight Title: Murphy(c) vs Tozawa ***3/4 2.WWE Women's Tag Titles,Elimination Chamber ***1/4 3.WWE Title, Elimination Chamber **** Thoughts: These are the three matches that were recommended to me. Three, which is a rarity for WWE ppvs. Up first, we have have the 205 cast showcased with another great kickoff show contest. The division might not get much respect from the company, but diehard wrestling fans know that 205Live has been one of the best weekly shows since they essentially rebooted it last year. Buddy Murphy's reign in particular has been one of the best in the business right now, and I look forward to his next defense. Our follow up is the decision match for the new tag belts. It seems that they are having the women be dual brand, or at least in part. It's a bit questionable, but logical seeing as they don't have enough women on the main roster to really warrant tag titles for both Raw and Smackdow

Select Match Reviews: Ungovernable Fog

Match from CMLL Viernes 02/15/2019 1.Universal Tournament Finals: Terrible vs Niebla Roja ***1/4 Thoughts: We arrive at the finals of this year's tournament of CMLL champs, to crown the 2019 Universal Champion, with a match that no one saw coming. A rivalry between fellow Ingobernable, Bestia, and Niebla Roja's brother, Angel de Oro, was worked in here. Both played seconds and Bestia actually cost Niebla the match. The match itself was a good conclusion to the tournament and an enjoyable contest overall. When CMLL announced that this year's Universal Tournament, it seemed like a set up to lead into the main event of the upcoming Homenaje a Dos Leyendas show. Sure enough, that is exactly what we got. If it'll be a rematch of this one, or a tag with Bestia and Angel is to be seen, but I can at least say that the two finalists and either of those main event options are surprises. Consider checking it out. Jump about 2 hours into the stream posted above.

Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie Review

While searching through Cruncyroll, I noticed the entire franchise of Cardcaptor, including a new series that I had actually not even known about, was available. I remembered enjoying the original show well enough, and my daughter seemed interested as well. As a result, since these days movies are easier for me to watch than starting a new series (or restarting and old one in this case), we decided to check this old gem out. It's worth noting that it has been so long for me that I only remembered the general plot of the show and that I had never actually seen this film before. Many anime films that are tie-ins with shows tend to feel like extended filler episodes. The opening minutes had me expecting the same, which is fine if I'm being honest. As the movie opened up, though, it became its own entity and actually did feel like a full feature within the universe instead. A mini arc, fleshed out enough that it was standalone yet fit into the overall series at the same time. I f

Select Match Reviews: Attitude Era Mexicana

Matches from AAA at Centro de Usos Multiples en Mazatlan 1.Laredo Kid vs Taurus **** 2.AAA Latin American Title: Drago(c) vs Evans vs Vikingo vs Flamita ***1/2 3.La Parka,Psyco Clown(,Jinetes del Aire) vs Kross,Escorpion ***1/4 Thoughts: Anyone who has asked me about AAA over the years can confirm that I tend to describe them as a mix of lucha libre and WWF Attitude Era insanity. This show is a perfect example of what I mean when I say that. We start this time with Laredo Kid taking on the massive bull of a man, Taurus. No story, literally thrown together at the last minute, and fantastic, nonstop action. Taurus is one of the best guys in AAA that they never know what to do with. Laredo is one of the best workers that no one has ever really known what to do with all of these years, but is in the middle of a drawn out push that comes and goes. The good news is that they killed it here. Check this one out for sure. Up next, we have Drago defending his Latin American Championsh

Takeshita Regains the KO-D Championship

DDT ace, Konosuke Takeshita, has regained the KO-D Championship after defeating Sasaki Daisuke at Judgement last night. Other noteworthy results from the show include HARASHIMA defeating Aoki for the DDT Extreme Championship, Moonlight Express retaining the KO-D Tag belts, and legendary Marufuji beating Endo in the semi-main. A special shoutout to Command Bolshoi as well, who won the PURE-J Openweight belt last night from Nakamori on a special Retirement Road match.