Top 5 Classic Sci-Fi Series Gems on Hulu

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Hulu actually has a rather solid lineup of classics on their platform if you take the time to search for them, including Stargate, Star Trek, X-Files, Buffy, etc. But, if you want to look a bit deeper, you'll find some real gems that a lot of people seem to have either forgotten about or, perhaps, that just failed to transition to the next generations and are being lost to time.

So, here's my top five sci-fi series gems on Hulu. Let me know what you think.

5. Dollhouse
Made by Joss Whedon, Dollhouse is one of those many shows axed by Fox early in a run. Remember Eliza Dushku? Yea, she stars in this interesting series with a unique plot. At two seasons and less than 30 episodes, consider this one next time you're looking for something random to check out.

4. Roswell
Based off of a YA novel line called, Roswell High, this scifi meets teen soap was far better than it had any right to be and had a pretty rabid fanbase at the time. The show has been recently revived and reimagined, so maybe it's a good time to consider going back to check out the original.

3. Smallville
Like Roswell, Smallville was heavy on teen drama. Telling the origin story of Superman, Smallville did well to make you actually care about the characters and featured some pretty fun moments during the run. The style changed a few times over the years, but it still holds up rather well if you enjoy this kind of thing. Even with the recent awful news coming out about one of the main characters, it'd be a shame to never watch this one at least once!

2. The Outer Limits (90's)
I'm a sucker for shows like these, and the 90's revamp of Outer Limits is still the best. Better than Black Mirror, even, which is a big deal coming from me. If you want insane mini-movies each episode with a few fun cameo appearances mixed in, you have to give this one a chance.

1. Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Douglas Adams was a visionary. If you disagree, we can't be friends. That said, this 80's take on his work might only consist of six episodes, but they are six glorious episodes and each do pretty well to match the legend's writings and the radio shows.