Select Match Reviews: Underwhelming Death

Match from FREEDOMS Domsfest
1.Lightube Death Match: Violento Jack, Toru Sugiura vs Takeda Masashi, Kamui ***

I've slept on FREEDOMS more than intended this year, as they were one of my favorites in 2018, but I suppose that's just what happens when so many promotions are pumping out constant classics and everyone is stepping up big (other than WWE who largely remains complacent). Takeda, in particular, was a big deal last year but has fallen off the rails a lot since dropping the top prizes of FREEDOMS and Big Japan. I've waited all year for him to raise back up, but have largely been disappointed by the way he's actually just meandered around without doing much outside of a few spot matches. Last year was seemingly a breakout year where I thought he was going to help bridge death wrestling into the mainstream a bit more yet now he's more MIA than anything else. So, let's take a look at one of his latest outputs and see what's going on, shall we...

This one was good, but never truly felt must-see. Takeda in particular didn't standout much and the entire thing seemed to lack the energy I expected. I have no idea what's going on with Masashi, but this was ultimately just depressing as a result. Hopefully, whatever is going on will be fixed in 2020 and a fire will be lit up under his ass again. Until then, know you can safely skip this one as it was good, but not really worth the time to watch it.