Match from ECCW Ballroom Brawl E11even Night One 01/11:
1.Chase Owens vs Rey Horus ***3/4

Finishing up the calendar year, I realized I had seen very little content from Canada so here's the last pull from the Great White North. Watching Chase matches always leaves me wishing NWA Smoky Mountain was still a thing, by the way. Innovate hasn't been nearly as good.

This was a battle of underrated talents and a great match in general. I fear this will be ignored by too many largely because they simply didn't know it even existed. Check it out to avoid being part of that crowd.

I think all I have left is a few things from the DDTverse, maybe something NOAH related, and maybe one more thing from SMASH. My award posts will be out soon, too.

Thanks for everyone who's visited the blog this year!