DDT Ultimate Party Review

1.100 Plastic Case Match: Isami vs Sanshiro ***1/2
2.KO-D Ten-Man Titles: ASUKA,Dino,Trans Am,Ino vs Yamato,Jiro,Oishi,Sasadango,Yuna **3/4
3.Gauntlet: Nautilus vs BAKURETSU Sisters vs Brookes,Ito vs Hall,Naya vs Nakatsu,Yukio vs Iwasaki,Shuichiro ***
4.Independent World Jr HW Title: Ishii Keisuke(c) vs Fuminori Abe ***1/2
5.UWA World Trios Titles: Team BASARA(c) vs DAMNATION vs Ohka,Mongol,Yumehito ***1/4
6.Princess Tag Titles: NEO Biishiki-gun(c) vs Rika, Miu ***1/2
7.KO-D Tag Titles, HxC: DAMNATION(c) vs ALL OUT vs Sento Mizoku vs FUMA, Kubo ***1/2
8.Union Pro MAX Title: Sekine(c) vs Masahiro ***1/2
9.Princess of Princess Title: Shoko(c) vs Yuka ****
10.Omega, Riho vs Honda, Miyu ***1/2
11.KO-D Openweight Title, DDT Extreme Title: Takeshita(k) vs HARASHIMA (e) ****1/4

I really grew to love DDT this year, and this being their last big show of the year I figured I'd take a dive. The wide variety of content on this show alone just cemented my stance. The entire card had redeemable qualities, with a majority of it hitting recommendation levels, and nearly everyone stepping up big in their individual roles.

The last three, in particular, deserve extra attention, though.

The top prize of the DDT joshi fed, TJP, was on the line in the first of these three and Yuka and Shoko made it a memorable one. I loved the pacing in particular, and they ended up providing a fantastic title contest with a nice outcome. One of the best women's matches of the year.

The semi was a showcase match, with Kenny and Riho doing their tag thing against Honda and the ever-awesome, Miyu! It felt like a big deal to have Omega here at all because, well it was a big deal! Remember when Aries was holding top belts from several promotions? I kind of want that again but with Kenny. The AAA Mega Championship is already his, now add some random indie straps and then the KO-D Openweight sometime next year, and boom! This tag match was pure fun and it might have served as a pilot to Miyu in AEW so...win-win.

Main event time, with the ace, Takeshita defending against the talented, HARASHIMA. I actually wanted Take to retain, especially because I have a dream of seeing him and Kenny face off for the belt, but I get the call and at least the match was as good as it was. Really it was another fantastic contest involving one of the most underrated performers in the world.

In all, this was a great show and one of the best of the year. DDT is an umbrella, variety fed providing so many different tastes so well. Don't sleep on them just because some old dinosaurs do.

Overall Rating: 80/100%