DDT God Bless DDT Digest Thoughts

Here's the card for this one.

It pains me a tad to see Endo, after doing so well as the top dog for a recent span, working a throwaway mid-card at Ultimate Party and then opening in a throwaway match here. It is what it is and the dude still finds ways to shine, at least in what looked like a fun cluster. A heavy touch of comedy and spectacle came next with an Iron Man Battle Royal and a Dino tag match. Not my thing but it existed. The joshi okibariyasu trial came off well in the follow up, with this serving as the first of seven for Saki Akai. The DDT women are just so good.

The rest of the show is where things really picked up.

Takeshita and Jiro took on, and defeated, the duo of Honda and Miyu. Maybe have them face Endo and Paulie with the winners getting a title shot? Wishful thinking.

The last two saw gold on the line, starting with DAMNATION surprisingly retaining against Brookes and Masahiro. Sasaki and Soma teased some issues here, but they made up before the win. Brookes still seems positioned for a title win in DDT soon, it seems, but the time was not right for the backstage brass.

To close things out, the new KO-D Openweight Champ successfully defended his strap against Yuki Ino in what looked like a great filler defense. HARASHIMA won't be dropping the belt anytime soon, but the matches on the way should at least prove to be enjoyable even in digest form.

I really grew to love DDT this year and decided after Ultimate Party that I'd at least watch the digest releases of smaller shows while continuing to check out the bigger things in full as applicable. If you enjoyed Ultimate Party and want to see the follow up, give this one a click.