DDT D-OU Grand Prix in Yokohama 2 Days Digest Thoughts

Here are the matches covered this time around, all coming from the D-Ou Grand Prix Tournament:
1.Yukio vs Naomi
2.Soma vs Bull James
3.Chihiro vs Ueno
4.Endo vs Brookes
5.Takeshita vs Keisuke
6.Sasaki vs Tanaka

The winner of the tournament will challenge for the KO-D Openweight Championship at Judgement next year, which will see DDT trying to start the year off hot. Everything here looked pretty enjoyable, but I'm rooting for (trip-master) Endo to win the entire thing. Chihiro would be a nice backup option or a good finals opponent for Tatsuya, assuming DDT isn't ready for another Takeshita reign (something I'm always open for).

The reset following Ultimate Party is now complete, so if you care about DDT consider watching this one in preparation for Judgement. There are a few surprises and it's simply 20 minutes of fun!