WRESTLE-1 TV #136 + #137 Thoughts

The Tag League moves forward, and El Lindaman actually gets a W versus Soya here. Flash-pin or not, that's big. The champs, T-Hawk and Irie, and Kuma and Dupree also took home wins on the show, too. Inaba looked hurt after the main, and Soya wants to start teaming with El Lindaman, by the way. I'm pretty sure T-Hawk and Irie are going to win the tournament to set up a major title match. Skip this episode unless you really love the small show episodes.

This was one of those tiny crowd (~150 fans) house show style events that they fill the calendar out with. Nothing truly major happened, but everything seemed solid enough and it kept things moving in a forward direction, at least. If I had to mention anything, it'd be Kono and Alejandro picked up a win over Team 246 and the Enfants won their main event six-man against Soya, Doi, and Pantera. Skip this one, too if you aren't insistent on seeing each week's release.