Select Match Reviews: X Marks the Spot

Match from PCW Ultra Mutiny Episode 17
1.PCW UltraLight Title: Atlas(c) vs Xavier ***1/2

With more forward thinking, Mutiny could be an awesome show instead of the pieced-together series it is right now. Still, props to PCW Ultra for at least realizing the benefit of doing one at all. You'd be surprised at how many promotions misunderstand the basic concept...

Anyway, I'm catching up a bit on matches that seem interesting to me from the show since I do like the company and talent they book. This episode featured Cobb versus Joey Ryan too, for those interested in that.

This was fairly smooth, as expected, and another good reminder for me to be pissed that Atlas isn't being booked more around the globe.

Both worked hard enough here to get this into recommendation levels and the right guy won. If you like either worker, or their style, give this one a click.