Select Match Reviews: Underground Summit

Match from PCW Ultra Mutiny #20
1.PCW Ultra Title: Strickland(c) vs Mil Muertes ***

So, Mutiny continues to be strangely laid out and more a mix of random matches than anything else but the good news is that there have been some real gems here and there. Now, for context, Strickland was a focal point for several promotions before taking an NXT contract and PCW Ultra was one such promotion. This was his farewell match there and one of his final indie gigs in general so yea he does drop the belt here.

Yes, I suppose that could be seen as a spoiler but Mutiny was showing Mil Muertes as champ since the beginning of the show and is just now getting around to showing how he won it in the first place.

Anyway, Mesias has spent years playing a monster and he leans into that for this one. His mobility is shot these days, but they played it well enough and kept a decent enough flow here to keep it entertaining. I can't say this was good enough to recommend as a must-see encounter, but if you are missing Lucha Underground as much as I do perhaps give it a click anyway?