Select Match Reviews: Turkey Wrestling

Match from MLW Fusion Thanksgiving Special:
1.MLW World Title: Fatu(c) vs Ross Von Erich **

So, let's be honest and admit that Ross is a tag specialist at best. Giving the kid a title shot on a holiday special edition of Fusion is nice, but no one expected a title change and no one expected the match to really become much of anything. Despite that, I figured I'd at least see if I was wrong here to write the Von Erich brother off in his biggest match of his career so far.

I was not.

I mean, this wasn't bad, but it was far from bad and Fatu, who can be pretty good at times, had to work down here and Ross was still seemingly trying his hardest. The biggest takeaway is that Lawlor is now a heel which was also the only moment in the match I actually found myself caring much for.

Really, this was a perfectly average contest but don't worry about seeing it unless you are a longtime follower of everything involving the Von Erich family.