Monday, November 4, 2019

Red's Devils Report #2

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Standings: 3-5-4

Since our last report, the Devils have won three games and lost four (one in OT and another in a shootout, at least). They've largely looked far more competitive and one of those victories was a 5-2 win over the Rangers, so if we're trying to be positive, that's something to cheer for.

Either way, we only have 10 points right now and sit at the bottom of the Metro so let's not get too happy. The blown leads and roller coaster of emotions are all here and the team still has a lot of work needed.

There is still enough here that a rebound is easily possible, or should be, but the confidence level needs to rise first or the rest of the season could continue a downward spiral.

The Devils play the Jets tomorrow with a chance to make up for the choke job that was the season opener.

Here's hoping...

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