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A Different Take with @andylirious79

Shout out to @andylirious79 for sharing a recent blog post of mine on Twitter. As a thank you, I sent him a few questions. If you are interested in being part of one of these in the future, let me know.

Here is what I asked and the replies I got back...

Name and Location: Andy Oryan, UK

Question One: What promotions do you follow? AEW, NXT, WWE, HOG, and NJPW.

Question Two: What do you think WWE most needs to fix? Be like NXT, in terms of stories and wrestling. No scripted promos and allow the stars to be themselves, ban Seth Rollins off of social media, and no more Jerry Springer stuff like the Lashley/Lana/Rusev angle.

Question Three: How has AEW done so far in your opinion? AEW has been a breathe of fresh air and I love it!

Question Four: What's your dream match? Shawn Michael versus Brock Lesnar or AJ Stlyes.

Question Five: Lastly, what's your favorite match of 2019 (so far)? Cole vs Gargano 2/3 falls.

answers edited for clarity


  1. Red it was my pleasure im a dad daughte r9yrs ol an dhusband to chinese wife , wrestling has been in life since 4 yrs old if not before on tv in health is critical a dialy fight but its worth ti daily,s thank you Red


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